“20/20” Uncovers an Instagram Model’s Relationship Turned Deadly

This week, ABC’s 20/20 uncovers how a Las Vegas based Instagram model’s relationship with an older man turned deadly.

What’s Happening:

  • Kelsey Turner seemed made for Las Vegas: an Instagram model with a Playboy past, her lavish lifestyle captivated her tens of thousands of social media followers. But behind the scenes, an unexpected figure was financing her life of luxury. Dr. Thomas Burchard, a 71-year-old child psychiatrist and well-respected community member, was doling out his life savings to support the flashy influencer. When Burchard was found dead in a car, abandoned in the desert, the illusion of this Instagram-worthy lifestyle comes quickly crashing down as investigators set their sights on Turner and her boyfriend, Jon Logan Kennison.

  • In a new 20/20, ABC News contributor Chris Connelly has an exclusive interview with Diana Peña, a first-hand witness to the crime who provides a shocking turn-by-turn account of the fatal day, the cover-up and days spent on the run.
  • The two-hour program also has exclusive interviews with Detective Mitchell Dosch and Detective Ryan Jaeger from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, who worked on the case, and friends of Turner, who provide insight into her lifestyle and personality.
  • In addition, 20/20 goes in-depth with Judy Earp, the longtime girlfriend of the victim, who unpacks the dynamics between Turner and Burchard and speaks to the lasting impact of the murder.
  • 20/20 airs Friday, February 24th (9:00-11:00 p.m. EST) on ABC, streaming the next day on Hulu.
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