Black Panther Makes a Surprise Appearance in “Rogue & Gambit #2” in April

Black Panther makes a guest appearance in the upcoming “Rogue & Gambit #2″ and he does not appear to be too happy with the two former X-Men. Marvel shared a first look at the new comic.

  • As if their day could not get any worse, Rogue and Gambit are about to receive an unexpected (and very unhappy) visitor.
  • In Stephanie Phillips and Carlos Gómez's “Rogue & Gambit #1,” Destiny convinced the eponymous couple to go to Manifold and persuade him to join Krakoa, but their mission quickly went sideways, leaving them both powerless and stranded in the desert.
  • Now, in “Rogue & Gambit #2,” they'll have to contend with an antagonist they never saw coming: the one and only Black Panther.
  • A special first look at “Rogue & Gambit #2″ finds Manifold trapped in a containment unit alongside Deathstrike and many, many others.
  • One page shows Black Panther encountering Rogue and Gambit at a bar, only for a fight to breakout between Black Panther and Gambit in another.
  • Finally, Rogue joins the fray when Gambit realizes his kinetic powers are still on the fritz – just in the nick of time.

  • What does Black Panther want with Rogue and Gambit? Find out in “Rogue & Gambit #2,” on sale April 5.