Lucasfilm Sued for Firing Producer Karyn McCarthy From “The Acolyte”

Lucasfilm has been hit with a breach of contract lawsuit over the upcoming The Acolyte, according to Deadline.

What's Happening:

  • Lucasfilm is being sued for reportedly firing producer Karyn McCarthy from the Star Wars series The Acolyte.
  • Karyn McCarthy has taken the company to court over being fired from the series after just a few weeks of work last year.
  • According to the suit, McCarthy had been pursued by Lucasfilm at the same time as she was being considered for a job on an Apple TV+ project.
  • The filing says: "Two weeks later, without explanation, without reason, without justification, Lucasfilm told McCarthy it wanted out of the deal. By this time, the Apple offer was gone – Apple had to move on and find another executive producer for Sugar. McCarthy now had neither deal."
  • McCarthy says she went to Lucasfilm and asked to get paid, but Lucasfilm denied that they even had an agreement even though they had made their offer, which contained all of the material deal points.
  • According to her, Lucasfilm did then offer to pay McCarthy $5,000 for a single day’s work. McCarthy claims she rejected Lucasfilm’s offer and called it insulting.
  • McCarthy’s attorneys Patty Glaser, Robert Allen, and Matthew W. Bernstein are asking for a wide range of unspecified damages for their client.