“20/20“ Reports On a Man Who Wakes Up to Find His Fiancée Dead and a Shocking Confession That Changes Everything

A new episode of 20/20 will feature an exclusive interview with Chris Johnson, a man who was found not guilty for the death of his fiancée, Andrea Cincotta.

What’s Happening:

  • By all accounts, Chris Johnson and Andrea Cincotta were the picture-perfect image of an engaged couple.
  • But everything changed one tragic night in August 1998, when Johnson found his fiancée lifeless in a closet in their shared apartment.
  • Police peg Johnson as the killer after he confesses during interrogations that spanned 28 hours over three days.
  • But when the details fail to add up, they are left asking: Who really killed Andrea Cincotta?
  • A new 20/20 reports on the twists and turns in the investigation; an exclusive interview with Johnson, who discusses his dealings with the police; what it was like to eventually stand trial for allegedly hiring the man who confessed to killing Cincotta; and how he has navigated a falling out with Kevin, Andrea’s son from a previous marriage, who still holds him responsible ― even after a jury found Johnson not guilty.  
  • The two-hour program also features an exclusive interview with Johnson’s wife, Ginnie Grevett, who walks through how the trial has impacted their lives.
  • In addition, 20/20 has interviews with friends and family of Johnson; Frank Salvato and Libbey Van Pelt, the attorneys who led the defense; James Trainum, a police interrogation expert who testified for the defense; and journalist Tom Jackman, who covered the trial for the Washington Post.
  • 20/20 airs Friday, March 10 (9:01-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC, next day on Hulu.