Photos / Videos: Take a Ride Aboard the Reimagined Chip ‘n’ Dale’s GADGETcoaster in Mickey’s Toontown

After getting a preview of the new Chip and Dale figures added to the renamed Chip ‘n’ Dale’s GADGETcoaster, today we got a chance to experience the reimagined attraction.

What’s Happening:

  • Go nuts on a one-of-a-kind, fun-sized coaster created by the resident tinkerer of Mickey’s Toontown, Gadget Hackwrench.
  • As young thrill seekers coast through the newly renamed Chip ‘n’ Dale’s GADGETcoaster, they’ll see a statue of Chip and Dale on either side of them.

  • Dale is holding a tea cup reminiscent of one from the Mad Tea Party, while Chip is ready to send Zipper the fly from Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers into the cup.

  • Despite the name change, the beloved characters of Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers are actually getting greater representation.
  • In addition to Zipper, Gadget’s presence will remain with a new figure added to the lift hill to make first time coaster riders more comfortable. As guests ascend the lift hill Gadget tells you of a few adjustments she’s made for “your maximum enjoyment and fun.”

Watch Full Chip ‘n’ Dale’s GADGETcoaster POV | Mickey's Toontown:

Watch Chip ‘n’ Dale’s GADGETcoaster (including Queue) | Mickey's Toontown:

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