Video: Indiana Jones Adventure Reopens at Disneyland Refreshed with New Digital Effects

The Indiana Jones Adventure has reopened at Disneyland fully restored and brought back to life, along with some brand-new effects.

What’s Happening:

  • After operating for a few years with quite a few effects not operating, the Indiana Jones Adventure reopened at Disneyland yesterday, following a 3-month refurbishment, looking better than ever!
  • Imagineering has “plussed up” the ride with two new digital effects scenes designed to demonstrate the power of Mara, the antagonist deity within the Temple of the Forbidden Eye at the center of the story unfolding in the attraction.
  • New projection mapping has been added to the stone face of Mara in the center of the lava pool.
  • A new electric chasing effect has been added to the hallway that was previously in complete darkness, prior to the “rat projection” scene.
  • Speaking of the “rat projection” scene – that has been replaced with new projection mapping of the temple collapsing, along with a few practical props.
  • Aside from the new additions, the attraction has been completely refreshed, with the props, animatronics and effects looking brand-new once again.
  • Disneyland stated that “every skull, mummy and snake” was cleaned during the refurbishment.
  • Additionally, the full pre-show featuring Sallah and the “Eye on the Globe” segments has returned, as a reduced version has played since Disneyland’s reopening in 2021.
  • See all the new changes for yourself in our POV below:

  • You can also check out the changes against the attraction before it closed for refurbishment in our side by side comparison video below.

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