Official Soundtrack For Hulu’s “Tiny Beautiful Things” To Debut Friday, April 7th

Coinciding with the release of the Hulu original series, the official soundtrack to Tiny Beautiful Things will be available on April 7th, with music composed (and some performed) by Ingrid Michaelson.

What’s Happening:

  1. “Horses”
  2. “Frankie”
  3. “Pediatric Intensive Care”
  4. “Tiny Beautiful Wedding”
  5. “Closer To Fine” (Ingrid Michelson cover of Indigo Girls song)
  6. “Surprise Pregnancy”
  7. “Tiny Beautiful Flashback”
  8. “Two Weeks”
  9. “Paper Roses” (Ellen Winter cover of Anita Bryant song)
  10. “Writer’s Block”
  11. “Tiny Beautiful Sequence”
  12. “River Runs Through It”
  13. “Graduation”
  14. “God Only Knows” (Ruby Amanfu cover of The Beach Boys song)
  15. “This Is The Place”
  16. “Thank You”
  17. “Divine Love”
  18. “Love Love Love”
  19. “Not Gone” (Original song from Ingrid Michaelson)


What They’re Saying:

  • Ingrid Michaelson: “Writing the score for Tiny Beautiful Things was one of the most fulfilling and scary experiences I’ve had. I didn’t think I had the skill set, but Gabe’s experience in this world mixed with my producer Juan’s understanding of my music and composition yielded such a lovely and rewarding experience.”



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Tony Betti
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