The Biggest Marvel Comics Saga of the Year Begins This July in “Marvel Zero”

The biggest Marvel Comics saga of the year will begin in a deluxe edition titled Marvel Zero, available this July.

What’s Happening:

  • On May 6th, readers can dive into some of the most monumental upcoming Marvel Comics stories with Free Comic Book Day: Avengers/X-Men and Free Comic Book Day: Spider-Man/Venom.
  • With essential lead-in tales for the X-Men’s Fall of X era, Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti’s G.O.D.S., and more, fans won’t dare to miss a single page, and luckily, they’ll have another chance to pick up both issues in July.
  • Both Free Comic Book Day Gold titles will return to shops in a deluxe edition titled Marvel Zero.
  • In addition to being jam packed with entry points into Spider-Man, X-Men, Venom, and more, this giant-sized one-shot will be bursting with never-before-seen bonus material including preview art, design sketches, and more.

What Fans Can Look Forward To:

  • Spidey faces a new villain, while two classic villains return, setting the stage for the explosive upcoming story arcs in Amazing Spider-Man.
  • If you thought you knew how Venom fit into the history of the Marvel Universe, prepare to be proved WRONG with a shocking story that sets up the next huge epic coming to Venom.
  • Fall of X begins! A new threat to mutantkind emerges while the X-Men’s Hellfire Gala is in full swing—one with a very familiar visage.
  • And with the world in disarray, the moment calls for a new alliance between heroes both mutant and otherwise—the all-new Uncanny Avengers.
  • Previews of Jonathan Hickman’s two new Marvel projects, Ultimate Invasion with Bryan Hitch and G.O.D.S. with Valerio Schiti.