“Ant-Man” Now Streaming on Disney+ with ASL Option

Ahead of National American Sign Language (ASL) Day on April 15, Disney+ has added a new option for Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man. Starting today, viewers can access ASL as an option when viewing Scott Lang’s first adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  • According to Marvel, the ASL Video service was created by Deluxe in partnership with Grupo Steno, with Delbert Whetter, of RespectAbility, joining the project as a daily consult on ASL best practices and to help build Creative Guidelines.
  • Additionally, Douglas Ridloff — who has previously worked on other Marvel Studios titles involving ASL, including Eternals and Hawkeye — joined to work with the ASL performer, Jac Cook.
  • To access the feature with ASL, find it under the Extras tab on the Ant-Man page on Disney+.

What they’re saying:

  • Delbert Whetter explained: “The Deaf creatives on the team, which include Douglas Ridloff and ASL performer, Jac Cook, exceeded expectations as they set out to communicate Ant-Man’s entertaining dialogue and sound effects in a manner befitting Marvel’s distinctive style, subversive humor, and high-velocity action.“
Mike Mack
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