Doctor Strange Beats Dormammu in Chess in First Look at “Doctor Strange #3”

Marvel has shared a first look at the upcoming “Doctor Strange #3″ and it looks like the Sorcerer Supreme will take on the dread Dormammu… in a game of chess.

  • Throughout the first few issues of “Doctor Strange (2023),” a series of violent crimes unfolded across the realms, with an ominous figure making their play to take mystical powerhouses off the board.
  • In the first issue, Lord Aggamon, Lord of the Purple Dimension, was struck down in his own kingdom. In this week’s “Doctor Strange #2,” Stephen and Clea Strange found Nightmare and his realm in utter disarray.
  •  Now, in “Doctor Strange #3,” the Master of the Mystic arts will face off with his archnemesis Dormammu once more. Does Stephen Strange have what it takes to stop the Lord of the Dark Dimension, or will this encounter go differently in light of these violent crimes?
  • This special first look at “Doctor Strange #3″ teases what’s in store when Doctor Strange and Dormammu come face-to-face once again.
  • On one page, Stephen enjoys some food as a suited Dormammu approaches him atop a New York City bridge. On another, they duel, sending spells and energy blasts flying in all directions. Doctor Strange and Dormammu then take their rivalry to a new playing field: the chess board.
  • “Doctor Strange #3″ also features a special story written by Amy Chu with art by Tokitokoro and colors by Fer Sifuentes-Suto to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month.
  • In this flashback story, relive the first encounter between Doctor Strange and Nico Minoru, Sister Grimm of the Runaways! The pair teams up against Dormammu in one of the pages of this story, as seen below.