Hutts, Rancors, Ewoks and More Featured on Star Wars x RSVLTS “Return of the Jedi” Collection

We’re three days into the month of May and that means tomorrow is Star Wars Day aka May the 4th. Fans around the world are celebrating all things Star Wars and our favorite pop culture brand RSVLTS (The Roosevelts) wanted to get in on the fun. This year they’re dropping a new series of Return of the Jedi styles that are designed to give your wardrobe a galactic boost.

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Whether you’re heading to Batuu this summer, taking your first cruise aboard the Halcyon or just hanging out at home and consuming everything Star Wars, RSVLTS has all the apparel you need to prove you’re a diehard Star Wars fan.

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi, RSVLTS is introducing five incredible designs that are dripping with nostalgia (OMG its the Rancor!) while keeping up with current style trends. It’s almost like they’ve brought balance to fandom fashion!

Since this Star Wars x RSVLTS collection celebrates a movie milestone, all apparel features a limited edition 40th Anniversary Return of the Jedi patch too. The assortment of designs span RSVLTS’ classic (unisex) and women’s style Kunuflex button-down shirts (each $70), with select items available in koozies ($6), preschool ($39) and hybrid shorts ($65).

The new collection will be available at starting May 4 at 4pm ET.

Trilogy’s End

Every story has to come to an end. RSVLTS honors the beloved Original Trilogy with a muted shirt that zeroes in on key players of the franchise as well as iconic moments (and weapons) vital to the fate of the galaxy. Available in classic, women’s, preschool, hybrid shorts and koozies.

Jabba’s Palace Pals

There’s nothing more interesting than a palace full of strange creatures, secrets and deadly rancors and Jabba’s abode has it all! This crazy shirt features the colorful assortment of aliens that work for, entertain, and hang out with the Hutt boss on Tatooine. Available in classic, women’s, preschool, hybrid shorts and koozies.

"It’s a Trap!"

You need more Admiral Ackbar in your life and RSVLTS is here to deliver! The Rebel leader is featured in a neon color palette and boy does he look good. Each image feels like it’s lifted right off the screen, or like a series of photos to be selected for his memoir. For added fun, his iconic phrase “It’s a trap!” is sprinkled throughout so you never forget he’s the one who figured it out. Available in classic, women’s, preschool, hybrid shorts and koozies

Ewok Warriors (green colorway)

The Ewoks truly saved the Rebellion, so it’s only fair they get a shirt depicting their bravery! From catapults and flying contraptions to showing off their percussion skills with some Stormtrooper helmets, this design gives us a full picture of life on Endor. Oh and R2-D2 and C-3PO make a cameo too. Available in classic and women’s style.

Rancor Rhapsody

We didn’t know him for very long, but his owner sure seemed upset when Luke defeated the Rancor. The massive creature gets the chance to shine on a RSVLTS shirt…and it looks like he’s got a living snack in hand in case he gets peckish! Available in classic.

The Star Wars x RSVLTS collection launches May 4th at 4pm ET. All items are available in classic (unisex) and women’s style Kunuflex (each $70) button-down shirts, with select items available in koozies ($6), preschool ($39) and hybrid shorts ($65).

Did You Know?:

  • Since 2012, RSVLTS has been bringing the best elements of pop culture to fans with awesome apparel and accessories inspired by dozens of favorite franchises. Their clothes are comfortable, super easy to care for and really cool!

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