Everyone’s An Archeologist with RSVLTS’ Exciting New “Indiana Jones” Collection

You’re going to want to keep your shirt on for this: RSVLTS (The Roosevelts) has teamed up with Lucasfilm for a brand new Indiana Jones collection that’s as epic as it sounds! This drop includes eight, yes EIGHT new patterns inspired by Dr. Jones’ documented adventures and you’re not going to want to miss this one.

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What’s Happening:

  • Indiana Jones is about to set off for another quest of some sort, something about a Dial of Destiny, but first he’s going to need to pack some shirts that can handle the demands of his thrilling lifestyle. Where’s he looking first? RSVLTS of course!
  • That’s right folks your favorite Americana, pop culture brand is back with eight incredibles styles showcasing Indiana Jones, the fertility idol, Doctor Henry Jones Sr., Short Round, Crystal Skulls, boulders, a Holy Grail and much more. Talk about treasure hunting!  
  • Whether your affinity is limited to certain movies in the series or you embrace them, interdimensional beings and all, you can find plenty of love about this collection.

  • Six shirt designs are traditional button down, made with KUNUFLEX stretch material and come in sizes XS-4XL for adults ($70). There’s also a Breakfast Balls polo ($70), and Roper button down ($72) with two breast pockets instead of the usual one.
  • Links to the individual items can be found below.

It Belongs in a Museum

Boulders, Snakes and Idols

Tikiana Jones

It's The Mileage

A Hero’s Glyphs

Choose Wisely

Dr Jones – Breakfast Balls Polo

Adventure Awaits

**The Roper short sleeve shirt is a pre-sale item that will not ship until June 5, 2023 (6/5/2023). This will not delay other items in your order, they will ship separately**

Did You Know?:

  • Since 2012, RSVLTS has been bringing the best elements of pop culture to fans with awesome apparel and accessories inspired by dozens of favorite franchises. Their clothes are comfortable, super easy to care for and really cool!