Photos, Video, Fun Details: Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida

Though Tribute Stores have become par for the course at Universal Studios Florida over the last few years, each one is immaculately themed and celebrates something different each season. This summer, guests visiting the park at the Universal Orlando Resort will get to go into a new tribute store, this time celebrating the 30th anniversary of the iconic Universal Studios film, Jurassic Park.

Before fans can even get into the store, they already know something is going on as the store is located in the Hollywood section of the park, and for some reason in Hollywood, there is a sick Triceratops taking up a good portion of the city street. Perhaps West Indian Lilac is native to fake-California in Florida…we’re not sure. The sick Triceratops prop out front makes for a great photo spot (when not surrounded by the queue that is in place to get into the store) and is a great taste of what lies inside for fans.

The store exits outside of the Williams of Hollywood facade, which was the former home of the prop shop that sold park artifacts in recent times.

In the video below, you can get a sense of how the store is laid out once you go inside. The first section is themed as the Pre-Production offices, followed by a trip into the darkness of Soundstage 28, followed by a journey through the Jurassic Park archway celebrating the release of the film. After the video, we’ll take a closer look at each of these sections.

Pre-Production Offices

The pre-production offices celebrate the first stage of planning for the iconic film, and even note the stop-motion animation roots of the film and other nods to the landmark groundbreaking visual effects. This location is full of concept art, sketches, molds, maquettes, and even full size dinosaur torsos hanging from the ceiling.

Fans of the movie (and those who love DVD Bonus Features) might recall the stop-motion roots of the film, before making the switch to do the movie in CGI. Animatics were still made using stop motion techniques, and a stop-motion set is included in the tribute store, alongside a vintage television playing the archival footage.

Eagle-eyed fans might notice a reference to Terminator 2: Judgment Day at one of the desk displays, as that film was such a groundbreaking film in computer-generated imagery, it is largely responsible for creating the systems and engines that drove the development and animation of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. Phil Tippett, whose studio was going to be responsible for the stop-motion animation in the film developed new rigs (similar to that displayed here) to help with the computer-input for how they would move. More about this reference in the tribute store can be found here.

This room is where the heft of the merchandise is located, including new items marking the 30th anniversary of the film. T-shirts, keychains, “toothpick holders” and more all feature the familiar Jurassic Park logo emblazoned with the film’s release date – June 11th, 1993.

Many of the items in the store have previously been seen in online retailers or other locations. The Jurassic Park tribute store carries many shirts and shorts from The Roosevelts, Funko Soda figures, and even home goods from Accompany. There is even a shelf that is sure to become a fan favorite, featuring a full collection of Ian Malcolm (played by the legendary Jeff Goldblum) themed items.

Fans can also get their hands on a wax mold of the Jurassic Park gates, one of two mold machines that are featured in this tribute store.

Along with logo gear, and the logo alongside a 30th anniversary banner, there is also a selection of anime-influenced memorabilia.

As well as some Mr. DNA items and InGen branded garb that you can already find in the park.

Character rubber duckies seemed to be a big hit, and by the time we took a look, only Ellie Sattler, Dennis Nedry, and Alan Grant-themed duckies were available.

Soundstage 28

From the pre-production offices, we head into Soundstage 28. For those fans of the film and of Universal Studios history, Stage 28 on the Universal backlot in Hollywood was home to some of the Jurassic Park sets, though most commonly known as the Phantom Stage for its use in the Universal Classic Monsters film, The Phantom of the Opera. The historic stage was demolished in 2014, however, but lives on now at the Jurassic Park Tribute Store.

This room features display cases with props (including those heavy and expensive night vision goggles) as well as merchandise akin to what you would find throughout the park, including light-up helmets and generic Jurassic Park t-shirts.  

More anime-influenced merchandise can be found, including a t-shirt that celebrates the classic scene featuring velociraptors in the kitchen.

The real draw to this room are several different photo spots, one of which features the Dilophosaurus that took out Dennis Nedry (and the accompanying East Dock sign he took out with his Jeep). The T-Rex takes up most of the room, but right beneath her you can take a seat on a prop toilet as the rain is projected from nearby to recreate the classic moment featuring the blood-sucking lawyer, Donald Genarro. You can hide on the ground in a faux-kitchen from a Velociraptor, or if you want another Raptor shot, head further into the room and you can recreate the control panel scene when Ellie Sattler reboots the park’s power grid only to be hunted by one of the ferocious creatures.

There is so much Raptor fun in this room, that this is where the second of two mold machines are, this one featuring a replica raptor claw.

Through The Archway

The last room takes us to 1993, where there is some merchandise from the UNIVRS label featuring park iconography and the year 93, including several athletic options and sleeveless shirts.

The real draw, in terms of retail, in this room is sure to be the candy counter where all kinds of Jurassic Park sweet treats can be found.

Along the far wall is a true treasure trove for Jurassic Park fans, featuring a wall of memorabilia behind glass from the original release of the film back in 1993. After the tribute store’s time is done, I will be championing an effort to ensure that remains a permanent installation somewhere at the Universal Orlando Resort. Peep those McDonald’s cups!

Just ahead of the exit doors, our time is coming to an end, but not before cashing out, having spent too much money, or getting our hands on some of those medallions that are becoming all the rage. Also, if you’re visiting, there is a trove of merchandise behind the registers as well, including replica park maps of those seen in the tour vehicles in the original film.

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