Anaheim City Council Votes to Consider Special Election for Hotel and Event Center Minimum Wage Initiative

The Anaheim City Council has voted to introduce a resolution to schedule a special election on September 12, 2023 for voters to decide on an initiative to raise the minimum wage for hotel and event center workers to $25 as well as provide other work restrictions.

What is Happening:

  • An initiative supported by the Unite Here Local 11 received enough signatures to qualify for the ballot.
  • The initiative would increase the minimum wage for hotel workers and event center workers to $25 which would increase by the greater of the Consumer Price Index or 3%.
  • It would also limit the square footage hotel maids can clean 4,000 square feet per day in 8 hours. If they are required to work more, they would be paid twice their hourly rate for their entire shift.
  • It would also require all rooms to be cleaned each night that they are occupied.
  • The City of Anaheim commissioned two economic studies to determine the economic impact of the proposal.
  • Baker Tilly examined the impact the initiative would have on the city owned Anaheim Convention Center.
  • Beacon Economics reviewed the impact to the city’s TOT (bed tax).
  • The city council voted 5-2, with Mayor Ashleigh Aitken and Council Member Carlos Leon voting no.
  • Mayor Aitken expressed a desire for the vote to occur on the next general election in November 2024 due to the reduced cost as well as to provide greater time to examine the economic impact.
  • This is despite that at the last meeting, Mayor Aitken voted to adopt the initiative immediately.
  • The City Council will have another vote on scheduling the special election at their June 27. 2023 meeting.
  • Disney has not publicly expressed any opinion on the initiative or the scheduling of the election.
  • Separately, the city council voted on a measure to improve hotel worker safety including requiring employers to provide employees with panic buttons.