Moon Knight Battles Black Spectre on Cover of “Moon Knight #29”

The clock is ticking down and the final hours of Moon Knight are upon us! Marvel has shared a first look at the cover of “Moon Knight #29.”

  • Over the last few years, Jed MacKay and Alessandro Cappuccio have revitalized the Moon Knight mythology, bless the character with profound new purpose, and made “Moon Knight” one of the hottest titles on stands!
  • Now, Marc Spector’s journey reaches a climactic end. Starting in October’s “Moon Knight #28,” witness the full scope of MacKay and Cappuccio’s vision for “Moon Knight” in an epic new three-part storyline that will serve as the culmination of Moon Knight’s current era and the beginning of his next chapter.
  • Today, fans can see the cover for “Moon Knight #29″ which features artwork by the series’ regular swing artist, Federico Sabbatini.
  • Arriving in November, the issue will see Moon Knight battle the Black Spectre for the fate of the city – and every step forward is paid for with blood.
  • Will Moon Knight and his allies thwart the Spectre’s scheme? And if they do, what will remain of them?
  • Check out issue #29’s cover now and stay tuned in the coming weeks for more news about “Moon Knight,” including exciting variant cover reveals.

What they’re saying:

  • Writer Jed MacKay: "Almost all the pieces are now on the board—on one side, Moon Knight and his allies in the Midnight Mission, and on the other, the Black Spectre, his creatures, and his plan for New York. We've been building towards this confrontation since #19, and starting with ‘Moon Knight #28,’ Moon Knight and the Black Spectre go to war. It's not just a question of victory, but survival itself. The Midnight Mission is already cloaked in the black of mourning…"
Mike Mack
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