Celebrate Halloween with Disney Themed Pop! and Bitty Pop! Figures from Funko

Are you ready for the Halloween season? No, we’re not talking about costumes, but rather spooky Disney Pop! figures from Funko! If your Halloween decor is missing that Disney touch, Funko’s Trick-or-Treat theme Pop!s will do; or you can opt for the adorable Bitty Pop! line (1-inch tall figures) themed to The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

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What’s Happening:

  • Hey collectors! Isn’t it time to breathe some new (and super colorful) life into your Funko display? Whether you’re on the hunt for standard Pop! figures or want to explore the world of Bitty Pop! there’s plenty of Disney-themed items to be discovered.

  • Mickey and his friends Minnie and Donald are excited for trick-or-treat and have donned some fascinating costumes: Minnie’s a Witch, Mickey a Jack-o-Lantern, and Donald a giant piece of Candy Corn.
  • There’s also a Hot Topic exclusive of Mickey who wanted to try the Candy Corn costume too. 

  • As for The Nightmare Before Christmas, the cult classic has 16 new collectibles in the Bitty Pop! line and we want them all.
  • There are a total of four 4-pack that come with 1-inch tall Bitty Pop!s, each packaged in a hard acrylic case with detachable bottom lid.

  • Three figures are known, while one remains a mystery until you open it! The mystery chase variants are:
    • Mayor (smiling) – Hyper Rare (1/6)
    • Snowman Jack – Hyper Rare (1/6)
    • Oogie Boogie (with bugs) – Rare (1/3)
    • Harlequin Demon – Rare (1/3)
  • Fans can find the Disney inspired Pop! and Bitty Pop! collectibles available now directly through Funko.

Bitty Pop!

Your favorite Pops! have been shrunk into Bitty Pops! Expand your The Nightmare Before Christmas collection with this assortment of Bitty Pop! figures featuring your most beloved Halloween Town residents!

Bitty POP: Oogie Boogie 4PK – $15.00

  • Oogie Boogie, Lock, Shock, and a mystery Bitty Pop! figure

Bitty POP: Pumpkin Jack 4PK – $15.00

  • Pumpkin King, Mayor (frowning), Barrel, and a mystery Bitty Pop! figure

Bitty POP:  Sally 4PK – $15.00

  • Sally, Jack Skellington, Zero, and a mystery Bitty Pop! figure

Bitty POP: Santa Jack 4PK – $15.00

  • Santa Jack, Sandy Claws, Vampire Teddy with Duck, and a mystery Bitty Pop! figure

Funko Pop!

POP Disney: Mickey (Candy Corn) – $15.90

  • Hot Topic Exclusive

POP Disney: Minnie Trick or Treat – $12.00

POP Disney: Donald Trick or Treat – $12.00

POP Disney: Mickey Trick or Treat – $12.00

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