Sally at Hot Topic – The “Nightmare Before Christmas” Queen Stars on Apparel, Accessories and More

We all know Hot Topic has a very specific look and feel, but along with some of their edgier products are plenty of awesome Disney items too. In fact their website is so full of Disney goodies that we’re breaking things down a bit into some of our favorite characters and movies. Today, we’re looking at The Nightmare Before Christmas items featuring Sally.

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On any given day you can find us browsing the internet for Disney themed merchandise, sales and other shopping opportunities. Over at Hot Topic guests will discover a wide selection of items themed to The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I’ve been into Hot Topic stores many times, and have seen some fun Disney items, but I didn’t realize there was so much more online! Today we’re taking a look at the charming and sweet rag doll, Sally who’s featured on new, exclusive, clearance and sale items you’ll adore. We found 13 items that seemed like fun to share starting with dresses, sweatpants, and button up shirts that look just like her signature patchwork dress.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Patchwork Jagged Dress Plus Size

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Split Girls Sweatpants

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Girls Woven Button-Up

Take your Sally cosplay to the next level with a red yarn wig that looks like the rag doll’s hair. You can pair with an outfit that matches her appearance in the film, or create an all new style for her off screen adventures.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Yarn Wig

If you don’t want to dress like Sally, but want to feature her in your wardrobe, a cutout slouchy sweatshirt featuring her portrait will be a big hit. Another favorite is a graphic tee of Sally with some bats and a black cat that reads “Sweet Like Deadly Nightshade.”

Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Cutout Girls Slouchy Sweatshirt – GREY

Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Sweet Like Deadly Nightshade Extra Soft T-Shirt – BLACK

Bring on the accessories! Jack and Sally are quite the couple and you can celebrate their eternal love in your daily look. Broken heart silver cufflinks feature Jack on one side and Sally on the other, but if you want to keep them together, there's a mini backpack of the duo standing in front of a bright white moon.

Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally Simply Meant to Be Cufflinks

Her Universe The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally Eternally Yours Mini Backpack

Halloween is on its way meaning many fans are looking for interesting decorations for their homes. If your yard is in need of fun designs, the Sally Airblown feature is a great choice. Then for the indoors, entertain your guests with a delicious beverage served in a Sally tiki mug; then complete your aesthetic with a holiday version of Sally in the form of a Funko Soda figure.

Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Airblown

Geeki Tikis The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Mug

Funko The Nightmare Before Christmas Soda Sally Vinyl Figure

Finally, keep practicing good self care by staying hydrated and helping your skin to glow. The uniquely shaped milk carton water bottle will satisfy your daily water requirements, and a vitamin-rich peach extract face mask is essential for nourishing your skin.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally Forever Milk Carton Water Bottle

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Face Mask

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