“Rogers: The Musical” Cast Album Now Available

I can do this all day! And by “this,” I mean listen to the music of Rogers: The Musical from Disney California Adventure. At least, that will be the case when a cast recording album hits digital retailers and streaming services on Friday, September 15th.

UPDATE: The album is now streaming:


  • Billboard has reported that Marvel fans will soon be able to hear all the musical from the limited-run show at Disney California Adventure in Disneyland Resort.
  • The album will consist of 12 tracks from the production, which held its final show on August 31st at the park’s Hyperion Theater.
  • Rogers: The Musical featured a talented cast of singers and dancers telling the story of Steve Rogers – Captain America – joined by Peggy Carter, Nick Fury and select members of the Avengers. The musical takes the audience on a journey from Steve’s humble beginnings during World War II to becoming Captain America, leading the Avengers and beyond. It’s a classic tale of heroes, time travel, and romance, oh … and Nick Fury sings!
  • The Rogers: The Musical cast album will be available digitally on Friday and there is currently no word on whether or not there will be a physical release in the future.
  • Watch the full Rogers: The Musical from Disney California Adventure in the video below:

Rogers: The Musical Tracklist:

  • “U.S. Opening Night,” Bella Hicks, Krystle Rose’ Simmons, Alex Karukas, Matthew P. Selby, Rogers: The Musical – Cast
  • “I Want You,” Josey Montana McCoy
  • “Star-Spangled Man,” Bella Hicks, Krystle Rose’ Simmons, Rogers: The Musical – Cast
  • “Just One Dance (Preprise 1),” Luke Monday, Rachel Wirtz
  • “Star-Spangled Man (Reprise)/Just One Dance (Preprise 2),” Luke Monday, Rachel Wirtz
  • “What You Missed,” Jay Donnell, Bella Hicks, Krystle Rose’ Simmons, Luke Monday
  • “Save the City,” Bella Hicks, Andrew Hubert, Luke Monday, Alex Karukas, Rogers: The Musical – Cast
  • “Save the City (Playoff),” Luke Monday, Rogers: The Musical – Cast
  • “End of the Line,” Luke Monday, Josey Montana McCoy
  • “Just One Dance,” Rachel Wirtz, Luke Monday
  • “Rogers: The Musical Finale/Save the City (Reprise),” Luke Monday, Rachel Wirtz, Josey Montana McCoy, Jay Donnell, Andrew Huber, Bella Hicks, Krystle Rose’ Simmons, Alex Karukas
  • “Rogers: The Musical (Playoff),” Christopher Lennertz, Alex Karukas
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