“Kingdom Hearts'” Sora to Get “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” amiibo in 2024

Nintendo Switch is giving some love to Kingdom Hearts though not in the form of a new game, but rather with their amiibos. KH’s main character Sora is about to be transformed into a powerful figure for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate making so all of the game’s fighters have their own amiibo.  

What’s Happening:

  • It’s the day gamers have been waiting for: Nintendo Direct and fans around the world tuned in to learn more about the games and amiibos that will be available for the Nintendo Switch in the coming year.
  • Just like the excitement that surrounds Apple’s big events, the recent Nintendo news was full of awesome surprises about new games, downloadable content (DLC), online features, and even some handy collectibles.

  • Fans of Kingdom Hearts won’t be getting a new game, but the story’s human hero Sora, is getting his own amiibo!
  • In 2024, Sora’s amiibo will be available as part of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and his addition means that all of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters will have their own amiibo figures!
  • Sora’s joining the amiibo line is extra exciting because he’s not a standard character in the Smash Bros. universe, but rather part of the DLC expansions (2021).
  • The Sora amiibo is dressed in a red shorts jumpsuit and a black, white and blue jacket. He wears oversized yellow sneakers and his overall aesthetic is that of Mickey Mouse. Sora also holds a giant key with a Mickey Mouse chain attached on the back and crown-shaped tines/teeth on the front. He’s secured to a dark grey base.

  • At this time, Nintendo hasn’t revealed any information on what powers or protections Sora will bring to Smash Bros. Ultimate, but we’re certain they’ll be awesome.  
  • The Sora amiibo will be available in 2024.

What’s an amiibo?

  • amiibos are small non-articulated figures that are attached to a round base making them perfect for display. However, their real magic comes when activated on the Nintendo Switch!
  • Players tap the compatible figure’s base to the controller for special in-game power ups like extra lives, health, invincibility, unique outfits, or extra rewards and rare items.