America’s Funniest Home Videos - Guide

Original Series
Studio: ABC

Hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro, “America’s Funniest Home Videos” is the longest-running prime-time entertainment show in the history of ABC. Each week, the AFV team evaluates thousands of user-submitted home videos to bring you America’s real-life funny moments captured on video.

America’s Funniest Home Videos Episode List

Season 30

19/29/2019Episode 1

Season 29

225/19/2019Grand Prize Spectacular, Transportation Problems, and Cheerleader FailsThe highly anticipated season finale features cheerleading fails, people scared of animals – including a couple who tries to get a bat out of their home – and the two $100,000 winners of the season competing for a trip for four to Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa in Ko Olina, Hawaii
215/12/2019Snow-dacious, Cuddly Toys, and Kid VidsIn this momentous episode of “AFV,” nine winning videos compete for the ultimate cash prize of $100,000! Also included is a music montage featuring mishaps with toys and blunders taking place in the snow.
205/5/2019Twins, Dramatic Exits, and Kids Getting Upset for Dumb ReasonsIt’s people who are stumped by a simple riddle, a toddler confused by his mom and her identical twin, unique and funny wedding proposals, and a music montage featuring treadmill mishaps.
194/28/2019Winter Takes All, Hoop There It Is, and I Got Some Fear Right HereDon’t miss a woman learning she is going to be a grandma by finding a bun in the oven, a drone getting stuck in a woman’s hair, a woman being pranked by her family with a whoopee cushion, and a grandma getting very excited when she is gifted with tickets to “Dancing with the Stars.”
184/7/2019The Easter Funny, Hoverboards, and a Bevy of BoneheadsCatch funny Easter-themed videos, a wild racoon finding its way into an office and scaring workers, a dog wanting to join a family in the process of making pizza and a gender-reveal balloon sailing away before the reveal.
173/31/2019The Joys of Parenting, Literal Kids, and BowlingDon’t miss people blowing their dogs’ minds with the “What the Fluff” challenge; a musical montage featuring the sometimes-antagonistic relationship between cats and dogs; a little boy confessing to eating his brother’s cookie after his mom says his nose is growing; and a segment dedicated to the joys of parenting.
163/10/2019Pranks a Lot, Kid Vids, and Whoopee CushionsTune in to see people surprised by Whoopee Cushions; people getting pranked, including a woman who gets scared by an inflatable alien; and funny mishaps at work.
153/3/2019Recovery Room Ramblers, Kids Say, and the Ladies of AFVDon’t miss kids saying funny things, including a little girl who claims her dog turned into a human and colored the rug, a teen recovering from dental surgery who thinks his ice pack is a juice box and a music montage featuring people who get scared in the funniest ways.
142/17/2019Sneezes, Boneheads, and What The Fluff?Catch funny and unusual sneezes, dogs who are stupefied by the “What-the-Fluff” challenge and a chocolate-covered tot who tries to blame the dog.
131/27/2019Young Love, Slime, and Animal TwinsDogs that can say “I love you,” a moon-gazing little girl who is terribly upset she can’t play with the ball in the sky and mishaps with kids who make their own slime.
121/13/2019I’m a Fanimal of Animals, Riddles, and Tantrum Lip-SyncsKids are pranked by their parents into eating caramel-covered onions, and a mailman climbs up a pole to escape a dog who chases him. Kids say funny things, including one who thinks gravy is a vegetable, and parents lip-synch to their kids’ tantrums.
111/6/2019Bonehead Brigade, Chickens, and Frightening in a BottleThis week’s videos include a music montage featuring people terrified while on amusement park rides and people saying funny things while under anesthesia.
1012/2/2018Christmas Follies, What are the Odds?, and the Invisible Kid ChallengeAFV celebrates the holidays with Christmas-themed clips, including kids excited by their gifts; mishaps with kids driving their new toy cars in the house; dogs destroying ornaments; and people surprised by sweet holiday homecomings.
911/25/2018Bad Places to Sit, Fishing, and StumblebumsStumblebums, fishing mishaps and pranks, including a remote-controlled fake alligator that goes after a woman lounging in a river.
811/18/2018Baseball, Pools, and Things that Rhyme with ThanksgivingThis week’s episode celebrates Thanksgiving with segments including “Things that Rhyme with Thanksgiving” and “Things We’re Thankful For.” Catch a tribute to baseball that includes a little leaguer who moves the T-ball stand to slide into home base, and another who stops short of the base and is dragged to it by his coach. Plus, two girls excited about their first day of school miss their bus, on an all-new episode.
711/11/2018Water Slides, Weddings, and the Teen CommandmentsThis episode features wedding fails, including a groom who gets a phone call at the altar; a man who pranks his girlfriend into thinking motorcycles have seatbelts; and a mom who challenges her son to eat a spoonful of horseradish.
611/4/2018Employee of the Month, Birds, and Alfonso’s Rhyme TimeIt’s work mishaps including a forklift operator who runs into a boat, a girl who runs for cover as seagulls swarm her on the beach, plus people who are scared by small animals.
510/28/2018Halloween, Busted, and Bonehead BrigadeAmerica’s Funniest Home Videos celebrates Halloween with people being scared by Halloween costumes, costume malfunctions and a music montage featuring pumpkin mishaps.
410/21/2018Dads, #NotTrending, and Bad Hair DayA dog steals a delivery man’s package and a game of chase ensues; a camel steals a bag of snacks from a shocked little girl’s hand; a woman gets stuck trying to climb into a house through the window; and a man doesn’t react well to getting his nose hair waxed.
310/14/2018Moms, Horses, and Seniors Who Can Laugh at ThemselvesA woman doing the “Whisper Challenge” finds out she’s going to be a grandma, a little boy who wants more money tears two dollar bills in half to make four, a young boy cuts his hair and glues it to his armpits to be more like dad, and senior citizens who aren’t afraid to laughs at themselves.
210/7/2018Ladies Night, The Pressures of Being a Teen, and Dog PranksKids stumped by payphones, dogs reacting to disappearing owners who play the “What the Fluff” prank on them, soccer mishaps and party fails.
19/30/2018Winter Blunderland, Prank You Very Much, and #NotTrendingFunny pranks, a musical tribute to cats and a deer who steals the carrot-nose from a snowman.

Season 28

225/20/2018Grand Prize Spectacular, Alfonso’s Funny Videos, and Family TimeTwo $100,000 winners compete for a Walt Disney World Resort vacation. Plus, highlights include a collection of host Alfonso Ribeiro’s funniest home videos; a little girl who is so enthralled with her new whoopee cushion she doesn’t want to open any more Christmas presents; and a compilation of the hazards of winter featuring people falling on icy porches.
215/13/2018Alfonso’s Flubs, Kid Vids, and Exercise Your Right to Fall DownNine finalists put their funny videos on the line for a $100,000 prize.
205/6/2018Kids Breaking into Phones, People Fainting, and Wisdom Teeth FolliesA little girl asks Siri for the passcode to her dad’s phone, people fainting during special occasions, whale watchers are surprised by a whale that gets too close, and people who just got their wisdom teeth removed think they’ve lost their tongue.
194/29/2018Kids Dropping New Phones, Dad Pranks, and Funny FacesKids drop their new phones right out of the package, a dad pranks his teenager with a stuffed raccoon hiding in a pantry and kids make funny faces after eating sour foods.
184/22/2018The Teen Commandments, Twins, and Second Guy Bites ItA dog obeys the sit and stay command but finds a clever way to get closer to a treat; a camel frightens a woman when it sticks its head through her car window; a family is shocked when an old chimney smashes against the house.
174/15/2018Snow Far So Good, Mr. Coordinated, and Kids SayIt’s a winter-themed episode full of blunders involving snow skiing, sledding and snow angel mishaps, basketball tricks, and a bear walking into a house to steal a bottle of ammonia.
163/25/2018Easter, Oblivious Easter Egg Hunters, and Kids in Slo-MoChildren afraid of the Easter Bunny, egg hunts and birthday mishaps including a dog who makes off with a mouthful of cash his owner just received.
153/18/2018People Scared Senseless, and Parents Lip-Synching to their Kids’ TantrumsAn excited dog tackles a boy; a bird refuses to leave a car’s hood; parents lip sync to their kids’ tantrums.
143/11/2018What the Teens are into, Football Follies, and 2nd Guy Bites ItHilarious football follies; adorable hamsters; curious bears.
132/18/2018Siblings, Snow, and Animals with Zippers Versus People with ZappersAnnoyed siblings; dogs in slow motion; a girl believes dad’s laser pointer is Tinkerbell.
122/11/2018Fathers and Sons, Birthdays, and GoatsA young girl thinks a photo of George Washington is her Aunt Marsha; a young boy tries to command music to be played from a non-existing device; a baby accidentally orders $900 concert tickets from his aunt’s phone; goats caught on camera.
111/21/2018Superheroes, Seniors, and Dog ParkTen finalists compete for a $100,000 prize; wind blows homework out of a backpack; a toddler refuses vegetables; a mom discovers a huge mess; a dog gets excited by a dog puppet; a woman tests a bug zapper; a man sings Christmas carols in his car.
101/14/2018The Scratchin’ Post, Failure is an Option, and Practical JokesA cat tries to drink a man’s coffee; a cat curbs its appetite by stealing an entire bag of meat; the crazy antics of cats and other pets.
91/7/2018Talking Animals, Dogs Trying to Steal Food, and Squirrely BehaviorA boy describes his girlfriend as being a bit prehistoric; a dog jumps off a boat to swim with a dolphin; a squirrel struggles to climb the pole to a bird feeder.
812/10/2017Christmas Calamities, Stumblebums, and Let’s Hear it for DadHoliday-themed clips include the following: an ugly Christmas sweater causes trouble, a toddler tries to jump on the photo of a trampoline, a little boy obliviously walks around his Christmas gift, and a dog causes calamity in the kitchen.
712/3/2017Cats, Animal Crack-Ups, and BirthdaysA girl misplaces her lollipop; a kid gets a fish stuck in his shorts; parents turn their child’s tantrum into a lip-syncing contest; a girl plans to live a lavish life.
611/26/2017Summer Fun, On the Job, and Literal KidsA delivery man forgets to put the brakes on his truck; a chicken surprises a woman; a raccoon tries to pass for a household pet; a person only paying attention to their phone has an encounter with a full table of food.
511/12/2017A Bit of Bad Luck, Mind Blowing Magic, and Not So MachoA man’s tire rolls and knocks down a neighbor’s mailbox; a car sunroof that leaks during a drive-through car wash; kids amazed by magic tricks; a macho guy encounters bats.
411/5/2017Skate Park, Siblings, and Daddy Daughter TimeA birthday girl wishes for a better cake; teen sisters interrupt piano practice with their funny dance interpretation; mishaps between dads and their daughters; a daughter helps wax her dad’s stomach.
310/22/2017Halloween, Animal Crack-Ups, and Pool TimeKids react to scary Halloween decorations; pets in costumes; a monkey at the zoo gets jealous watching a couple kiss.
210/15/2017Cats Being Cats, Kids Say, and Winter BlunderlandA little boy believes he got his dimples from the library; a little girl prefers the drug store to an amusement park; montage of people wearing virtual reality goggles; winter mishaps montage; cats.
110/8/2017Dorky Dads, Dinosaurs, and Mistakes on the LakeA music montage featuring dinosaurs; mishaps in the great outdoors; a passing jet skier pranks a sunbather; dogs saying “I love you.”

Season 27

225/21/2017Episode 22The season’s two $100,000 winners battle it out for three breath-taking Disney vacations to family destinations around the world.
215/7/2017Episode 21Nine finalists battle it out for a $100,000 prize and the chance to compete against the season’s first $100,000 prize winner for the grand prize. The videos include “Sedated and Elated,” a sedated man reveals his emotional side after his father reminds him he has a mother, sisters and a dog; “Bee Sting Surprise,” a wife gets a stinging surprise when she thinks a swarm of bees might attack her husband while he’s mowing the lawn; “Dancing with the Cars,” two brothers dance to the rhythm of a car alarm in a parking lot; “Anesthesia Amnesia,” a woman recovering from dental surgery is shocked when she learns that she doesn’t like her daughters’ initials; “Pizza Pilfering Pooch,” a woman scolds her guilty dog when she discovers it has eaten several slices of pizza from an unattended box; “Thanksgagging Dinner,” a Thanksgiving dinner hostess gags as she prepares a turkey for her family; “Canine Counter Intelligence,” a Labrador Retriever dog is caught on camera reaching far with his paw to steal food from the kitchen counter; “From Baptism to Claptism,” a baby boy starts clapping along with the congregation at his dedication ceremony, “ and “Egg Cracking Cranium,” a 3-year-old boy can’t open his surprise Easter egg, so his big brother comes to the rescue and slams it against his own head.
204/30/2017Episode 20This week’s video highlights features a hilarious series of Face Swaps; snow-related mishaps, including a girl who makes a snow angel only to realize a moment too late that a dog had just been in the same spot; a little girl who is devastated when she learns that Pluto is no longer a planet; a driver who attempts to get cows to move out of the road, much to the cows’ amusement; and a toddler who is left with a very wet face after being overcome by 14 puppies.
194/23/2017Episode 19This week’s video highlights features “Dad Fails” segments and includes one dad who got a toy train stuck in his hair, people reacting in funny ways while wearing virtual reality goggles, a man proposing to his girlfriend on the side of the road being heckled by passing cars, a babysitter who finds herself being chased by a milk-spitting toddler, and a little girl who is overcome with love for her sister while singing “Happy Birthday” to her.
184/9/2017Episode 18This week’s video highlights feature Easter-themed videos of kids’ hilarious Easter egg hunts, which include a little girl so focused on finding eggs that she overlooks the big basket of candy right in front of her, and another who has an adverse reaction when she spots the Easter Bunny. Also, a dog who thinks his shadow belongs to another dog and a barking war ensues, a boy’s toy drone gets caught in his mother’s hair, and a musical salute to hamsters eating.
173/19/2017Episode 17This week’s video highlights feature workforce practical jokes, including one played on a woman in a medical office who’s confronted by a hanging skeleton, a big bucket of curry stew overturns in the trunk of a man’s car and he tries to spoon it out with a ladle, an ostrich at a safari park grabs and swallows an air freshener from a car, and a grandma faces her fear of sharks in the most hilarious way during a virtual reality experience
163/12/2017Episode 16This week’s video highlights feature hilarious wedding moments that include a best man who faints and takes the entire wedding arch down with him, unique fails for people attempting the “Mannequin Challenge,” a young magician who pouts when his sister tells the audience how he performed his trick, and a little boy who is very proud of the haircut he gave himself, but his disapproving mom is unable to share in his pride.
153/5/2017Episode 15This week’s video highlights include people startled in funny ways, including a practical joke of a shocked delivery room nurse discovering a prop Medusa doll under the blanket of a woman about to give birth; amusing statements from kids, including a little girl who frets about having children because they “are so exhausting”; a wife captures her husband laughing hysterically in his sleep; and “Animals Stealing Hats Versus Stilts.”
142/19/2017Episode 14This week’s video highlights include an amusing package of dogs in slow motion; a woman catches a bird in her house then releases it outdoors, only to see it fly right back into her home; a music montage featuring funny things involving teeth, including inventive ways kids pull out loose teeth; and parents try to take pictures with their four kids while crammed into a photo booth with hysterical results.
132/12/2017Episode 13This week’s video highlights include the always fun and hilarious face filters, a very brave but tiny puppy trying to keep a much larger Great Dane dog away from his food; a video package of funny cats causing chaos, a brother and sister accidentally dropping their dad’s birthday cake and blaming each other; a little girl searching for her missing bike helmet not realizing she’s been wearing it all along, and a group of dogs barking at the shadow of one of their own on a fence, thinking it is another dog.
121/15/2017Episode 12This week’s video highlights include women in a car understandably horrified when buffaloes try to get their food, a little boy’s sticky encounter with a llama, a brother who can’t hide his displeasure at his sister’s first music recital, a youngster denying he has eaten any candy despite the trail of chocolate all over his face, and a toddler who gets very nervous when dad borrows the corn cob he is eating.
111/8/2017Episode 11Ten finalists compete for the first $100,000 prize of the season. The videos include “Bacon Begging Beagle,” a beagle shakes and whimpers when his owner brings out the bacon; “Cell Phone Siesta,” a man is caught having fallen asleep while on the phone with his talkative brother; “Amusement Park Pass Out,” a boy terrified of roller coasters finally accepts his little brother’s dare to ride one; “Funny-Walking Fetcher,” a Frisbee-fetching dog’s view is obstructed, causing him to zig-zag across the grass; “Llama Said There’s Be Days Like This,” two men feed llamas in a safari park but the hungry llamas misbehave badly; “Cranky Choir Kid,” a young boy has an attitude change at a Mother’s Day church play; “Centerfield Samba,” a little boy can’t stop dancing in the outfield, unaware of the baseball whizzing past him; “Sentimental School Send-Off,” an emotional boy can’t hold back the tears when it’s time to graduate from elementary school; “Candle Supply Surprise,” a woman unknowingly drives her car off a loading dock but has no idea what happened, even though her car is smoking; “Pop’s Non-Stop Face Swap,” a man answers “AFV”’s Assignment America call to send in face swapping videos with hilarious results.
101/1/2017Episode 10This week’s video highlights include babies who look like emojis, a little boy who is discovered hiding under a chair devouring chocolate treats, a dad who discovers his toddler has recreated a snowstorm in her room using baby powder, and a husband who surprises his wife with breakfast in bed for her birthday, causing balloons to get caught in their ceiling fan. Other fun packages include magic tricks gone wrong, featuring a magician’s little brother who crawls out of the back of a box in full view of the audience
912/11/2016Episode 9This week’s Christmas-themed video highlights include a woman who is really disappointed when she receives bacon-scented dryer sheets for Christmas, a little girl who is thrilled to receive an onion, staples and tape for Christmas, a resourceful tot who sneakily uses a broom handle to knock a candy cane off the Christmas tree and then hides it for later, a segment titled “Kids Breaking Christmas Ornaments Versus Santas Falling Down Stairs,” and other fun packages including squirrels causing mayhem and babies who laugh hysterically at the silliest things.
812/4/2016Episode 8This week’s video highlights include a kitten who is spooked by a rubber snake, a dog who is afraid of a laundry basket, a boy who uses a remote controlled helicopter to pull out his loose tooth, a package involving funny sneezes including twin babies who sneeze repeatedly as if choreographed, a wild snapping turtle who steals a ball from a dog and escapes into a river, and “Name That Sound.”
711/20/2016Episode 7This week’s video highlights include a woman who tries to order hotel room service from a lamp, a teenager who gets a new phone for her birthday and immediately drops it, a package of funny faces in slo-mo, an oblivious who man vacuums but doesn’t realize the hose isn’t attached, and remote-controlled cars that send a cat jumping sky high when it moves.
611/13/2016Episode 6This week’s video highlights include a reluctant skier who gets a helpful push from his sister, a man who tries to kill a bug on a window with a baseball bat, funny face swaps, a little outfielder who can’t stop dancing during baseball practice, and a segment called “Great Moments in Bad Ideas.”
511/6/2016Episode 5This week’s video highlights include kids who break open a piñata at a party only to discover it is full of vegetables and get very upset, a very finicky bulldog who will only eat nacho cheese-flavored chips, a music montage featuring very funny goats and a bridesmaid’s hilarious reaction when she realizes that she forgot to bring the rings to the altar.
410/30/2016Episode 4AFV celebrates Halloween with hilarious video highlights, including two kids whose top-heavy costumes cause them to topple over, leaving them unable to get back up; a kid who has trouble keeping up with his friends, because his costume is too bulky; a boy who finds a creative way to eat dinner while wearing a big mask; and other themed clips such as “Dog Park” featuring a dog who decides he wants to hitch a ride with a random passerby, on “America’s Funniest Home Videos.
310/16/2016Episode 3This week’s video highlights include a cat nipping its owner in the behind during a game of leap frog, a segment featuring kids giving hilarious commentary, people reacting to funny social media filters and a workplace evacuation caused by a man who burned his bagel in the toaster.
210/9/2016Episode 2This week’s video highlights feature a series of pranks, including a mom who gives her kids special lollipops made out of broccoli, a music montage starring cats causing chaos, a package of slo-mo mishaps, a man who loses his pants while being chased by a goose, and a little girl who denies eating cotton candy even though she has pieces of it in her hair
110/2/2016Episode 1This week’s video highlights include a teenager recovering from dental surgery who is convinced one of her nurses was Hilary Clinton; a woman in labor tries to distract herself by dancing hip hop in the delivery room; a boy tries to do a good deed by returning his neighbor’s garbage can which was blown into his yard, only to be challenged by fierce winds; a music montage featuring Hover Board mishaps and a package of hilarious face-swapping videos.

Season 26

225/22/2016Episode 22The grand prize winner is awarded.
215/8/2016Episode 21Nine finalists compete; videos include a man’s frantic fear of spiders; butterfly vs. a hungry bird.
205/1/2016Episode 20A bear tries to break into a convertible through the soft roof; animals sit like people.
194/24/2016Episode 19A little boy swipes treats off a dog’s nose.
184/10/2016Episode 18A dog obeys sit and stay but finds a clever way to get closer to a treat; a camel frightens a woman.
174/3/2016Episode 17Funny pregnancy announcements; kids argue over who gets to apologize first.
163/20/2016Easter Funny, Hover Board, Ice Buckets Vs Baby FailsClips include a little girl who makes a run for it when the Easter Bunny joins her for a photo at the mall, a Chihuahua who is perplexed by his owner who is wearing an Easter Bunny head, a woman who catches her husband laughing hysterically in his sleep, a package of electric skateboard mishaps, and Alfonso plays “Pick the Real Video.”
153/13/2016Felines, Dog Park, Snackin’ Rodents vs People Crashing Into ShedsClips include a segment called “Snackin’ Rodents Versus People Crashing into Sheds”, a woman trying to catch a rat while her cat watches intently, a man who tricks his mother with a fake turkey leg for Thanksgiving dinner, a music montage of things going wrong at the playground, and Alfonso plays “Who’s Makin’ That Racket?”
142/21/2016Episode 14An enthusiastic sports fan gets angry; astonishing basketball trick shots.
132/14/2016Episode 13A boy makes a surprising and hilarious birthday wish; a surprise during a driving lesson.
121/17/2016Episode 12Girls who get their hair caught in things.
111/10/2016Episode 11Ten finalists vie for the first $100,000 prize of the season; a kid has trouble with karate.
101/3/2016Episode 10Alfonso plays the game “Who’s Makin’ That Racket?”
912/13/2015Episode 9Christmas-themed videos include tree-trimming fails.
812/6/2015Episode 8A monkey refuses to give up a toy; workplace pranks; a girl who’s afraid of her own shadow.
711/22/2015Episode 7Feast on hilarious Thanksgiving-themed videos.
611/15/2015Episode 6Furry friends with unexpected talents.
511/8/2015Episode 5The “AFV” debut of host Alfonso Ribeiro’s famous “Carlton” dance.
411/1/2015Episode 4A dog trying to sneak away without getting busted for trashing the kitchen.
310/25/2015Halloween, Frights, and Tricks and/or TreatsThis week’s Halloween-themed episode includes a trick-or-treating tot who walks into a neighbor’s house, another trick-or-treater who dislikes a dancing skeleton, a little boy who interrupts the pastor during service to ask where the candy is, a fisherman who gets spooked by a rubber shark, and a dog who is frightened by a lone bird feather.
210/18/2015The Teen Commandments, It Coulda Been Worse, and SquirrelsClips include a woman who gets her wrist stuck in the freezer door handle at the market, a montage of funny faces babies make when they are pooping, an emotional Christmas morning proposal, a teen receiving his diploma on stage trips and falls down the steps, and a wife who plays a practical joke on her husband by filling his “cream donut” with mayonnaise.
110/11/2015Blessed are the Mess Makers, Animal Encounters, and Ladies Who FallNew host Alfonso Ribeiro kicks off a new season with a package of “Animal Encounters” complete with an affectionate seal who jumps into a man’s kayak to snuggle, a dolphin who gives a woman climbing into a boat a playful nudge, a sneaky raccoon is caught on camera climbing into the house through a doggy door to steal the dog’s food, a woman finds a possum underneath her bed, and a practical joke is played on a group of teens who bite into caramel onions rather than apples.

Season 24

225/18/2014May 18, 2014One of the season’s funniest videos — including funny pranks, a dog with a slobbering problem and a teen in shock over a new car — wins the grand prize.
215/11/2014Episode 21Ten finalists vie for a $100,000 prize.
205/4/2014Episode 20A boy is upset to learn he’s getting a sister instead of a brother; animals scratching themselves; a moth frightens a man; dogs licking peanut butter; a girl finds a worm in her salad.
194/27/2014April 27, 2014A musical tribute to basketball failures; a man takes hilarious falls during his first time ice skating; parents play a prank.
184/13/2014April 13, 2014A woman scares her mother when she surprises her on Christmas; animals dressed in clothes; a teen pranks his brother.
174/6/2014April 6, 2014A girl scares her grandmother with a fake iguana; a soldier surprises his cheerleader daughter during half-time; a hamster eating peanut butter; a dog tries to steal a snow shovel.
163/30/2014Episode 16A salute to hopping dogs; mishaps on the farm; kids and Christmas gifts; capturing a lizard; “Nice Face.”
153/23/2014Episode 15Kids saying funny things; blue paint is spilled and dragged all over a house; head, gut or groin; hysteria over a pregnancy.
143/16/2014Episode 14Destroying snowmen in unusual ways; a squirrel steals a man’s cell phone; a toddler navigates a child-proof lock.
131/26/2014January 26, 2014A musical montage features rivalry between dogs and cats; trick basketball shots; a dog who cheats at exercising.
121/12/2014Episode 12
111/5/2014Episode 11Ten prize-winning finalists compete for $100,000; videos include a girl telling her father a big secret, a teen girl being pranked by her brother, three toddlers tipping over in bulky snowsuits and a boy having trouble with a cookie.
1012/15/2013Episode 10Christmas-themed videos; kids putting makeup on their dads; a dog gets tangled in window blinds.
912/8/2013December 8, 2013A boy accidentally shaves his hair; a woman finds her dog has gotten into a can of paint; an ostrich harasses zoo goers.
812/1/2013December 1, 2013Monkeys cause trouble; a parody starring pugs; gymnastic mishaps; dog videos.
711/24/2013November 24, 2013A bullfrog latches onto a woman’s fingers; a prank involving an air horn; a tiny dog determined to carry a large object; a musical tribute to baseball.
611/17/2013Episode 6A man scares a woman with a snake; treadmill mishaps; a soldier surprises his mom with his homecoming.
511/10/2013Episode 5People failing at magic tricks; a man discovers that his daughters have thrown their belongings out a window; a passenger in a race car with humorous facial expressions; a wedding photographer falls while trying to capture a shot.
411/3/2013November 3, 2013A man flies a remote-controlled airplane into his head; a golf ball dispenser goes haywire; a bulldog licks his lips and chews while sleeping.
310/27/2013October 27, 2013A ticklish man laughs uncontrollably during a pedicure; funny felines; Halloween videos include a dog in costume.
210/20/2013Episode 2Kids saying funny things; a llama at a drive-through zoo gives a family a surprise; a woman plays a prank on her mother; a man lets his daughter give him a makeover.
110/6/2013America’s Funniest Home Videos Season 24 Episode 1

Season 23

225/19/2013May 19, 2013The makers of this season’s funniest video win a vacation for four.
215/12/2013May 12, 2013A boy sneaks food while pretending to pray; a girl asks if a pregnant woman ate the baby; a girl makes animal faces and sounds; two men try to catch a spider; a tired toddler tries to stay awake.
205/5/2013May 5, 2013Sisters react when their mom reveals she’s pregnant; funny dog videos; inventive wedding proposal.
194/28/2013April 28, 2013A soldier surprises his girlfriend; a Marine with an unusual way of cutting cake at his wedding; dogs eating with human hands.
184/21/2013April 21, 2013Funny signs; people on crutches; a dog reacts to wearing little booties.
173/24/2013March 24, 2013A boy confesses to lying to get out of school; a family discovers its new hamster has babies; people getting sprayed by a kitchen sink hose.
163/10/2013March 10, 2013Videos include a dog who calls his owner by name, dogs walking on two legs, funny babies and a marathon runner who has a surprise for his girlfriend.
153/3/2013March 3, 2013A beach wedding proposal, “Name That Sound,” a dog’s reaction to a ring and things at the zoo.
142/17/2013February 17, 2013A woman reacts to news that she is going to be a grandmother; a girl thinks she is talking to Santa on the phone; sisters record a video for their dad; a man scares his son; a girl rewrites a nursery rhyme.
132/10/2013February 10, 2013A teenager attempts a handspring; cats and dogs make mischief; a doctor fools around in a wheelchair.
121/20/2013January 20, 2013A teen waxes her lip for the first time; a dog gets into the garbage despite his owner’s best efforts; cooking mishaps.
111/13/2013January 13, 2013A dog stares at an aquarium; a man finds a squirrel has filled his golf bag with nuts; kids react to learning they have a sibling on the way.
1012/9/2012December 9, 2012A family finds the missing remote control in a wrapped Christmas gift; kids get excited when they realize they’re on their way to the beach; a snake loose in a living room.
912/2/2012December 2, 2012Wet willies; Name That Sound; a bear breaks into a parked car; Too Far, Too Short, Just Right.
811/25/2012November 25, 2012Cranky dogs; practical jokes gone wrong; dancing animals; special guest Carrie Ann Inaba.
711/18/2012November 18, 2012Six former winners compete for $100,000; videos include a dog who howls with a toilet paper roll in his mouth: a 14-month-old boy who has been hiding his father’s credit cards, a boy who scares his younger brother with a mask.
611/11/2012November 11, 2012Celebrating the show’s 500th episode; highlights include a woman finding half a $20 bill in her dog’s mouth, wedding mishaps and a teen talking after dental surgery.
511/4/2012November 4, 2012People dressed as superheroes; people learn loved ones are pregnant; talking pets; Pick the Real Video.
410/28/2012October 28, 2012A Halloween-themed episode includes a montage of dogs in costumes.
310/21/2012October 21, 2012Family members do embarrassing things not realizing they’re being taped; a hen tries to hatch light bulbs; dog park.
210/14/2012October 14, 2012Kids saying funny things; a bride and groom knock their cake over; a kid removes his tooth by tying it to an anvil.
110/7/2012October 7, 2012A boy flushes the toilet too soon during a goldfish funeral; animal make strange sounds; frightened people on amusement park rides.

Season 22

235/20/2012The grand prize winner is announced.The grand prize winner is announced.
225/13/2012A countdown beginsThe beginning of a countdown that will determine this season’s winner of the $100,000 grand prize
215/6/2012A kid tries kumquats for the first timeA 4-year-old tries kumquats for the first time; a man slaps his sleeping friend with a slipper; a dog does sit-ups; a girl uses a hula hoop; a family fears a chip bag contains a mouse.
204/29/2012A gassy baby; kids say funny thingsA gassy baby, kids saying funny things, an upset boy who misses George Washington; a child reacts to an amusement park ride.
194/29/2012Kids say funny thingsKids say funny things; a boy’s reaction to getting socks for Christmas; “What Would Geezer Do?”
183/25/2012Mishaps involving Easter eggsMishaps involving easter eggs and children; a flower girl throws a tantrum halfway down the aisle; a model has a difficult time walking in heels.
173/18/2012Pranking a co-workerDropping hundreds of ping-pong balls on a co-worker; a groom removing his wife’s garter is met with a big surprise; a man messes with a squirrel against his wife’s advice.
163/11/2012Pranks that backfireA musical montage featuring dogs and cats who do not get along; guys play a trick on their roommate; pranks that backfire.
153/4/2012A baby cheers while sleepingA girl makes funny comments while disoriented from surgery; a girl puts a pregnancy test in her mouth, thinking it a thermometer, a baby cheers while sleeping; a dog responds to his name with a funny sound.
142/19/2012A toddler reacts to a phone ringingA toddler reacts to a phone ringing; friends put a lobster on a sleeping woman; Pick the Real Video.
132/12/2012Mishaps caught on cameraA boy hides toys in his pajamas; mishaps caught on camera; angry deer.
121/29/2012Animals on the attackAnimals on the attack; weddings gone wrong; a girl’s hair gets caught in an electric mixer.
111/22/2012Football mishaps; Shark encountersSeniors; football mishaps; shark encounters; Dog Park; Pick the Real Video.
101/15/2012A little boy’s take on plumber pantsA little boy’s take on plumber pants, things that go wrong at work; baseball mishaps.
91/8/2012Kids say funny thingsKids say funny things; guys with burning pants; dogs with itchy rear ends; people get frightened; a dog gets his head stuck in a container of snacks.
812/8/2011Christmas SpectacularClassic Christmas videos and new clips that include a child reacting to a disappointing gift, mayhem during a recital, kids saying funny things to Santa, and mischievous pets investigating gifts and decorations.
712/4/2011A bride laughs during her ceromonyVideos contending for the seasons first $100,000 prize include a laser pointer prank, a bride laughing during her ceremony, a woman fainting at a surprise party and two boys talking about their fathers.
611/27/2011Dogs; A man tries to catch a spiderA woman in labor gets held up by a train on the way to the hospital; funny dogs; a man tries to catch a spider; a fake snake wakes a woman; Kid, Kat or Canine?
511/13/2011A toddler fears his own reflectionA toddler in a costume fears his own reflection; dance montage; Halloweeners versus wieners; Too Far? Too Short? Just Right?
410/23/2011A dog steals a birthday
310/16/2011A man wrestles with a giant fishA woman accidentally cheers for a girl that is not her daughter during a swim meet; a man wrestlers with a giant fish; naughty cats.
210/9/2011Cats attackCat attacks; kids pull out their loose teeth in unusual ways; a woman faints at her surprise party.
110/2/2011A man teases an alligatorA man teases an alligator; homemade rocket disasters; a poodle doesn’t want to take a bath; a man reacts to lizards crawling on him; a package of frogs causes chaos.

Season 21

245/22/2011The grand-prize winner is revealedBeginning the countdown to this year’s grand-prize winner.
235/15/2011Counting down to the grand-prize winnerBeginning the countdown to this year’s grand-prize winner.
225/8/2011The $100,000 winner is chosenA teenager learns she used her dog’s rectal thermometer; a man has his chest waxed; a kid loses his camera; a girl can’t pronounce a word; a boy tries to read; a girl believes a rainbow means treasure at her grandma’s house; a balloon won’t pop.
215/1/2011A marriage proposal goes wrongA marriage proposal goes wrong; a girl sneaks up on her father with a hose.
204/17/2011A child makes a mess dyeing Easter eggsA child makes a mess dyeing Easter eggs; primate music montage.
194/3/2011Snow mishaps; funny kidsSnow mishaps; funny kids; a dog runs onto a football field during a game.
183/27/2011A Thanksgiving turkey goes up in flames.
173/13/2011Cheerleading gone wrongCheerleading gone wrong; a girl pulls out her sister’s tooth by tying it to a baseball; men bite into caramel onions thinking that they are apples.
163/6/2011Golf cart mishapsgirl gets a scooter for Christmas; golf cart mishaps; a kid eats a ball bearing; a baby bites his mom.
152/20/2011Workplace mishapsA kangaroo goes after a woman in an animal park; workplace mishaps; a candle disrupts a Christmas video greeting.
142/13/2011A woman interrogates her dogsA boy dumps cold water on his sunbathing father; kids saying funny things; a football player runs in the wrong direction.
131/30/2011A boy dumps cold water over his fatherThe canine stars of “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2” visit Tom; a chihuahua shows a German Shepherd who’s boss; backyard birds bother a cat; animals
121/23/2011Backyard birds bother a catA man scares his wife by putting a mouse in a trash can; trick basketball shots; a curious zebra.
111/9/2011Trick basketball shotsA wedding proposal does not go as planned; a man tries to catch a runaway snowmobile; bridesmaids with trick bouquets.
101/2/2011Bridesmaids with trick bouquetsChristmas-theme clips include a man using a gift to play a prank on his son; and a clumsy Santa. Also: a salute to Pennsylvania.
912/5/2010Christmas morning pranksClips include Thanksgiving mishaps, including a flaming turkey in the oven; golfers chasing a runaway cart; a nosy bear at an animal park; and a woman having trouble with her car door in the snow. Also: a salute to New York.
811/21/2010A turkey catches fire in the ovenClips competing for the first $100,000 prize of the season include a woman who passes out on a roller coaster; a game that involves swallowing a spoonful of cinnamon; a child with a vibrating toy in his pants; and a toddler exploring a hotel bathroom.
711/14/2010A woman passes outClips competing for the first $100,000 prize of the season include a woman who passes out on a roller coaster; a game that involves swallowing a spoonful of cinnamon; a child with a vibrating toy in his pants; and a toddler exploring a hotel bathroom.
611/7/2010Trick or treat mishapsClips include dads changing diapers; a woman’s wild roller-coaster ride; trick-or-treating mishaps; and a little boy’s prayer for tastier meals at dinnertime. Also: a salute to Kentucky.
510/31/2010A woman on a roller coasterClips include dogs that talk; a man who frightens his neighbors with a fake snake in his yard; and a prank involving a car’s horn and brakes. Also: a salute to Mississippi.
410/24/2010Dogs that talk; a man scares neighborsClips include a man’s encounter with a squirrel in his chimney; a woman fainting at her surprise party; a bride’s veil on fire; and a child who almost eats a ladybug. Also: a salute to Oklahoma.
310/17/2010A man has a run-in with a squirrelClips include a dog perplexed by a flatulence machine; kids who mistake caramelized onions for apples; and a musical montage of cats. Also: a salute to Iowa.
210/10/2010Musical cat montage; videos from IowaClips include a bulldog that sloppily covets a man’s sandwich; a montage of men getting waxed; a new motorcycle owner’s embarrassing ride; and siblings comparing “AFHV” host Tom Bergeron with his predecessor, Bob Saget.
110/3/2010A bulldog drools in a carA bulldog drools in a car; a musical montage featuring men getting waxed; siblings argue.

Season 20

245/16/2010The strangest video is revealedThe strangest video in the show’s 20-year history is revealed.
235/9/2010Funny and unique videosA selection of the funniest and most unique videos the show has received.
225/2/2010Season 20, Episode 22The season’s three $100,000 winners compete for the grand prize; featured videos include a dog and child who are both obsessed with a laser pointer, a baby rocking out with a musical doll, and a dog leading an escape.
214/25/2010Season 20, Episode 21Two kids stage a battle scene from their favorite movie; a child with a cute plea for candy; a baby imitates a dancing doll.
204/11/2010A dog chases a mountain lion up a treeA dog chases a mountain lion up a tree; sparring cats and dogs; the smell of sausage awakens a snoring bulldog; a woman dances at a restaurant.
193/28/2010Season 20, Episode 19A collection of Easter mishaps includes an elk that finds Easter eggs.
183/14/2010Season 20, Episode 18People get excited over fake lottery tickets; pet pranks; kids chase their father with a dead bat.
172/28/2010Skydiving accidentsA man is scared by a fake bug; dogs making unusual noises; skydiving accidents.
162/21/2010Season 20, Episode 16A dog tears apart a child’s Halloween costume; a firefighter pulls a prank on a colleague; a fake rat in a kitchen cabinet; a woman says funny things after a trip to the dentist.
152/14/2010Season 20, Episode 15Kids say funny things; a puppy runs in its sleep; fishing mishaps.
142/14/2010Season 20, Episode 14Six previous winning videos compete for the $100,000 prize.
131/31/2010Season 20, Episode 13A bear tries to steal a fisherman’s catch; a montage of people being attacked by birds; a cat gives a dog a massage.
121/17/2010A boy makes a funny toast at a weddingA boy makes a funny toast at a wedding; reactions of people learning their loved ones are pregnant; a whale tries to get a boy’s cookie; practical jokes.
111/10/2010Season 20, Episode 11A dog eats a girl’s homework; wedding mishaps; kitchen disasters; a canine tries to find a cat whose image is on a computer screen; features appearances from the Muppets, including Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog.
101/3/2010Season 20, Episode 10Unusual sneezes; golf mishaps; a cat attacks a freshly baked cake.
912/13/2009Season 20, Episode 9A boy recites a seemingly endless Christmas list to a department store Santa; a boy steals Christmas cookies left for Santa.
811/29/2009Season 20, Episode 8Former host Bob Saget makes an appearance.
711/15/2009Season 20, Episode 7Videos contending for the season’s first $100,000 prize involve a car alarm prank, a little girl with a big vocabulary, a baseball fan catching a ball and a dog chasing a laser pointer.
611/8/2009Season 20, Episode 6A squirrel picks a fight with a deer; exercise mishaps; babies have funny reactions to food.
511/1/2009Season 20, Episode 5Pint-sized pooches; wedding mishaps; talking animals; funny things kids say; clips submitted from Texas.
410/25/2009A man pulls a prank on his girlfriendA man pulls a prank on his girlfriend with a phony proposal; people who sleep in unusual ways; videos submitted by Kentucky residents.
310/18/2009Daredevils’ stunts go awryDaredevils’ stunts go awry; a mother discovers that her children have painted themselves; people wake each other up in unusual ways.
210/11/2009A music montage features catsA musical montage features cats; a dog’s funny reaction to taking a bath; mishaps due to not-so-bright ideas; a teenager has his eyebrows plucked.
110/4/2009A dog steals bread from a toasterA dog steals bread from a toaster; an office prank involves a remote-control spider; a man cuts down a tree that lands on his house; a faucet prank leaves people with wet faces.

Season 19

255/15/2005Three compete for the grand prize (2)Three winners from this season compete for the grand prize.
245/15/2009Grand Prize SpectacularThree winners from this season compete for the grand prize.
235/10/2009May 10, 2009A boy gets a plastic building block stuck on his tooth; a prank involving a fake lottery ticket; a boy names the presidents and their famous quotes; saving a squirrel stuck in a tree.
225/3/2009May 3, 2009A dog learns to break into the refrigerator; a dog balances a pizza on its head; a woman comes home to a house wrecked by dogs; a mother plays a trick on her twin sons.
214/26/2009April 26, 2009Talking pets; a dog rings a bell to let his owner know when he needs to go out; a woman with too much numbing medication after a dentist visit; people with funny laughs.
204/19/2009April 19, 2009A woman rescues a squirrel stuck in a tree; a teen gets the ride of his life at an amusement park; creative marriage proposals; a dog is determined to escape.
193/29/2009March 29, 2009Clips include babies overly amused by their toys, a kid who does impressions of Presidents, and a man who can catch food in his mouth.
183/22/2009March 22, 2009A fake lottery ticket prank convinces a young man that he has won $20,000.
173/15/2009March 15, 2009Clips include toddlers singing “Sweet Caroline,” a trash can prank, and a dog who is unsure whether a screen door is still there or not.
163/8/2009March 8, 2009Videos include clips of kids pulling out their own loose teeth, a man scaring his girlfriend with a crab on the beach, what happens when a boy makes a homemade volcano and it erupts all over the ceiling, and a montage of baseball mishaps.
153/1/2009Show 445A little girl thinks a radish is an apple; a dog with unusual bathroom habits; a man who talks to animals; a boy steals the show in a holiday pageant; a toddler escapes from his crib; one video maker wins $100,000.
142/8/2009Show 444Parents are stunned by their babies’ first words; high-school students react to seeing a video on childbirth in health class; a dog that does an impression of E.T.
131/25/2009January 25, 2009Clips include a dad who scares his wife and kids with a fake spider, comical footage of a dog caught raiding the fridge, kids saying funny things and a puppy that gets slapped around by a cat.
121/18/2009Show 442Funny bulldogs; people scared by an e-mail prank; kids name their choices for president; a woman throws a bowling ball into the ceiling of a bowling alley.
111/11/2009Show 441A dog that can smile on command; quadruplet infants show a preference for country music; a man has his unibrow waxed; basketball mishaps.
101/4/2009Show 440A woman discovers her dog has trashed her kitchen; trampoline accidents; animal escapes.
912/14/2008Show 439A cat resists a bath; a toddler makes a break from his crib; a hula-hoop challenges a 3-year-old; a 4-year-old does a musical tribute to Barry Manilow.
812/9/2008Show 438A boy gives an unusual performance during a school recital; Santa Claus trips down the stairs; a boy is upset with his Christmas presents; a pug steals a cat’s treats.
711/30/2008Show 437Football mishaps; a woman wearing a face mask startles her child; a man accidentally sticks his hand in a ceiling fan.
611/9/2008Show 436Baseball mishaps; practical jokes; a man is startled by firecrackers set off by his co-workers; a woman finds a mouse in her cupboard; an alligator tries to wrest a fisherman’s catch away.
511/2/2008Show 435A montage of crazy dancers; a boy who sleeps standing up; brothers sabotage their sister’s performance; a man exits a restroom with a paper trail.
410/26/2008Show 434Mayhem ensues when a couple try to capture the squirrel that has invaded their house; birthday cake mishaps; funny dogs and cats; a musical montage.
310/19/2008Show 433Parents discover their daughter has been hiding food; people react to the news that a loved one is pregnant; wedding mishaps include a groom who drops his bride in the aisle.
210/12/2008Show 432A boy tries to free his father, whose arm is stuck in a car’s power window; medical students play practical jokes on their instructor; a man becomes the target of a bird.
110/5/2008October 5, 2008Men get their hair waxed; a little boy gets unwanted assistance in jumping from a diving board; a puppy goes to extremes to avoid a bath; a deer kicks a man in the head.

Season 18

235/16/2008May 16, 2008 (2)The three finalists compete for the grand prize.
225/16/2008May 16, 2008 (1)
215/11/2008May 11, 2008This marked the 400th episode of the series, making it the longest running show in ABC’s history.
205/4/2008May 4, 2008 (400th Episode)
194/13/2008April 13, 2008
184/6/2008April 6, 2008
173/16/2008March 16, 2008
163/9/2008March 9, 2008
153/2/2008March 2, 2008
142/17/2008February 17, 2008
132/10/2008Top 10 Practical Joke Countdown
121/27/2008January 27, 2008
111/13/2008January 13, 2008
101/6/2008January 6, 2008Football mishaps; a little girl gets a green bean stuck in her nose.
912/16/2007December 16, 2007Holiday-themed clips include a montage of Santa mishaps, a boy who unwraps a gift with his mouth, and kitchen snafus.
812/9/2007December 9, 2007Finalists from around the country compete for the first $100,000 prize of the season.
712/2/2007December 2, 2007A girl wears an unusual face mask, and another spills hot chocolate on her brother.
611/11/2007November 11, 2007
511/4/2007November 4, 2007Footage of cats and dogs who do not get along; cake mishaps; a man spews champagne out of his nose; a crab grasps someone’s ear.
410/28/2007October 28, 2007Ghoulish costumes scare people silly.
310/21/2007October 21, 2007Clips include workplace woes: children making messes; and a parrot with harsh words for a cat.
210/14/2007October 14, 2007This episodes clips include a look at wacky dogs, birthday cake mayhem, a man who opens his door while in a car wash and mishaps at the playground.
110/7/2007October 7, 2007In this episode, an unsuspecting individual bites into a hamburger that has a fake bug inside it. This video and many more in this episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Season 17

255/18/2007Grand Prize Spectacular
245/13/2007May 13, 2007 (1)
235/6/2007May 6, 2007
224/29/2007April 29, 2007
214/22/2007April 22, 2007
204/15/2007April 15, 2007
194/1/2007April 1, 2007
183/25/2007March 25, 2007
173/11/2007March 11, 2007
163/4/2007March 4, 2007
152/18/2007February 18, 2007
141/28/2007January 28, 2007
131/21/2007January 21, 2007
121/14/2007Episode No. 1712A kneeboarder skids onto shore; a sea gull quickly eats four hot dogs; a squirrel does a handstand; a man flies off a personal watercraft.
111/7/2007New Years CelebrationA boy pushes a girl down a slide and into a pool; a boy sits on his birthday cake; a woman dances on a cooler; a drunken raccoon stumbles around.
1012/10/2006Christmas EditionA Santa performer falls down stairs and off the stage; Christmas lights fall off a house as they turn on; a Christmas tree topples a dinner table.
911/26/2006Episode No. 1709Animal mishaps.
811/19/2006Happy ThanksgivingThanksgiving-themed clips include a turkey catching fire, a football player losing his pants and a montage of snowy mishaps.
711/12/2006100.000 Dollar Show
611/5/2006Yankee Doodle DorksA homemade rocket shoots a man in the groin; an enlisted man reacts to learning his wife is expecting twins; a montage of baseball goofs; a baby laughs each time mom says the word “peas.
510/29/2006HalloweeniesHalloween videos; people in frightening costumes scare unsuspecting people.
410/22/2006Episode No. 1704
310/15/2006Episode No. 1703Tennis and pingpong mishaps; a pastor passes out during a wedding ceremony; a baby’s funny reaction to oatmeal; kids wax their father’s back.
210/8/2006Episode No. 1702Wedding bloopers; a lightning bug gets stuck in a belly button; a dog catches a fish in a river.
110/1/2006Episode No. 1701A dog opens his own food can; a cat montage, set to music; a skydiver freaks out before his leap; Tom’s Home Movies.

Season 16

265/19/2006May 19, 2006 (2)
255/19/2006May 19, 2006 (1)
245/14/2006May 14, 2006
235/7/2006May 7, 2006
224/23/2006April 23, 2006
214/16/2006April 16, 2006
204/9/2006April 9, 2006
193/26/2006March 26, 2006
183/17/2006March 17, 2006
173/3/2006March 3, 2006
162/26/2006February 26, 2006
152/24/2005February 24, 2005 (2)
142/24/2006February 24, 2006 (1)
132/19/2006February 19, 2006
121/29/2006January 29, 2006
111/22/2006Episode No. 1611A body comes back to life, frightening a hospital orderly; a garbageman gets more than he bargained for; firefighters lose control of a high-powered hose; a little boy finds his mom’s mascara.
101/8/2006January 8, 2006School mishaps; canine capers; a dog and crab face-off; poolside pranks; a little boy’s flight response.
912/11/2005December 11, 2005A $100,000 prize is awarded to the funniest video; a viewer who votes for a video online is selected at random to receive a cruise vacation for four.
812/4/2005December 4, 2005Practical jokes; a woman waxes a sleeping man’s chest; snake gift; comical canine clips.
712/2/2005Christmas SpecialUnusual reactions from children opening gifts; chaotic Christmas pageants; a poodle runs amok during a nativity play; a boy barters with Santa.
611/20/2005November 20, 2005A montage of football follies; a bride and groom’s food fight; sneaky animals; a prom night stumble.
511/13/2005November 13, 2005A child scratches a monkey’s head; a seagull swoops down into someone’s ice cream; a lion swipes at a car in a safari park; swing-set mishaps.
410/30/2005October 30, 2005Magicians and magic gone wrong; an employee frightens co-workers with a scary costume; Chicken Little visits.
310/23/2005October 23, 2005
210/9/2005October 9, 2005Geese attack wedding groomsmen; a raccoon sneaks into a house through the dog’s door; a toddler gets a toilet seat stuck around his head; a tree falls on a man in a hammock.
110/2/2005Show 341A close encounter during a whale-watching expedition; funny footage of animals caught stealing; a little boy cooks up a flour fiasco; a boy reacts to his sister’s musical tribute to him.

Season 15

245/13/2005Competing for the grand prize (2)
235/13/2005Competing for the grand prize (1)This is the season finale. The three winners will compete to win a trip to Disney – not just one Disney Park put all the Disney parks in the world.
225/8/2005Muppets EpisodeThis Episode Will Be Hosted By The Muppets To Show Muppet Clips
214/29/2005Show 338 Season FinaleAgain it’s the AFV 100,000 buck grand prize finale.

there are the best vids of the season that compete for the grand prize!

204/17/2005April 17, 2005
194/3/2005April 3, 2005
183/27/2005March 27, 2005
173/6/2005March 6, 2005
162/25/2005The show offers its own awards (2)
152/25/2005The show offers the “Homie Awards” (1)
142/20/2005February 20, 2005
131/30/2005January 30, 2005
121/25/2005A lazy dog; people at amusement parks
111/9/2005January 9, 2005
1012/19/2004December 19, 2004
912/12/2004December 12, 2004
811/28/2004November 28, 2004
712/20/2004November 21, 2004
612/12/2004December 12, 2004
510/31/2004October 31, 2004
410/17/2004Show 321Clips of people snoring; a man tries to cook a stubborn lobster; dogs causing trouble.
310/10/2004Show 320Hello robin
210/3/2004Show 319Teens play a practical joke on a friend; a little boy gives the dishes a special shine; a man discovers a live opossum in his barbecue grill.
19/26/2004Show 318Odd things people get stuck in their hair; gymnastic goofs; a cranky cat; a little boy gets a big surprise when he pretends to break a guitar.

Season 14

225/23/2004May 23, 2004Some of the most hilarious clips of the season are in the running for the $100,000 grand prize, including “”Bike Yikes,”” where a little boy’s bike stunt hits him where it really hurts; “”Captain Cardboard,”” silly home movies that chronicle the adventures of “”Super Nerd””; “”Their Cup is Half Full,”” where two young little leaguers ponder the real reason for their protective cups; and “”Solo Screamer,”” where a previously shy kid finds his voice big time in the middle of a Christmas concert.
215/16/2004No Brain, No PainA “”No Brain, No Pain”” episode salutes knuckleheads everywhere, including one overwhelmed bride who forgets her new husband’s name; groomsmen with a big surprise for a bride and groom at their reception when they drop their drawers; a woman who pulls a practical joke on her boss by dressing in a bear costume; and what happens when raccoons decide to take over one lady’s patio.
205/2/2004Dads react to diaper changesHilarious clips from the world of parenting highlight this episode, including dads’ reactions when they’re forced to do the dirty work – changing diapers; siblings’ surprise when they find out there’s going to be a new addition to the family; and kids doing the craziest things, including a teenager beside herself when she gets a cell phone for Christmas, and a little boy who decides to decorate his house with whipped cream.
194/18/2004Basketball shots; skateboarding mishapsClips of great basketball shots and funny skateboarding feats; a package of hilarious wedding moments, including a groom who yawns during his own nuptials; and a husband and wife bickering over just how to work the video camera are all highlights.
184/11/2004April 11, 2004Video highlights include surveillance camera footage that captures what happens when the roof really does falls in; kittens doing the funniest things; a montage of would-be winners’ reactions to prank lotto tickets; hilarious pet tricks, including a canine thief who likes his bread fresh from the oven; and “”Tom’s Home Movies.””
173/28/2004March 28, 2004Funny practical jokes, including one woman giving her hubby a chilly wake up call; canines doing the craziest things, including a bulldog who skateboards like a pro; gaseous kids; unsuccessful aviation; “”Tom’s Home Videos””; big misses; would-be lumberjacks who have a close encounter with a tree; jumping heart rates; and roller skating mishaps.
163/21/2004March 21, 2004What bored kids do; learning can be painful; a boy who’s not pleased when he learns he’s getting a little sister; people who lack even one good idea; the perils of weightlifting; the top reasons why cats really are better than dogs; padding the résumé; “”Kids Sneezing Into Baked Goods VS. Men Who Scream Like Girls””; water accidents; a cat teaches a dog to roll over; a clever mouse makes an amazing escape from a trap; a mouse chases a cat; special mice and hamsters; “”AFV Video Dictionary””; “”The Naughty File””; and soccer fun. Finalists: ‘Captain Cardboard’ (Winner), ‘Bikini Biter’ (2nd Place), and ‘Keyboard Bungle’ (3rd place).
153/14/2004March 14, 2004Something scares everyone; troubled animals; a scary bear; payback; underwear; Monday mishaps; wedding clips; slow motion; a prank on a firefighter; man vs. duck in slow motion; a tricked office worker.
143/7/2004March 7, 2004Teeth removal; zooming in; bike acciddents; weather conditions; “”23 Wake Ups In 40 Seconds””; messy children; wedding proposals; animal escapes; baseball . Finalists: ‘Tooth From a Youth’ (Winner), ‘Little Runaway’ (2nd Place), and ‘Flower Child’ (3rd place).
132/22/2004Grand prize winner is selectedVideos of a cat who sings duets with his owner, a little boy who stuffs an amazing amount of spaghetti up his nose, a piñata party gone amok and a mouthy little old lady minister who has the last word at a noisy wedding are among the finalists for the $100,000 grand prize. For the first time ever, votes for the grand prize will also be taken from viewers who logged on to, as well as members of the “”America’s Funniest Home Videos”” studio audience.
122/15/2004Videos of disastrous home repairsHunky carpenter Ty Pennington of “”Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”” and “”Trading Spaces”” guest stars on a “”home deconstruction”” episode that will include videos of home repairs gone horribly wrong. Ty will also build a special trophy for the winner of that week’s show. Videos include slow motion defeats; construction destruction; “”Name That Sound””; bike riding accidents; attempts at flight; reactions to positive pregnancy tests; “”Naughty Files””; and the best of the trampolines. Finalists: ‘Gifted Child’ (Winner), ‘Pain in the Brass’ (2nd Place), and ‘Ring-A-Ding Dog’ (3rd place).
112/7/2004All Animal ExtravaganzaIt’s an “”All Animal Extravaganza,”” as a special edition of America’s Funniest Home Videos goes to the dogs, the cats and just about every critter in-between for a collection of hilarious videos. Guest stars from the San Diego Zoo, including a cheetah and an anteater, join host Tom Bergeron in the studio. Videos include talking cats; wild dogs; animals at play; why dogs are better than cats; “”Tom’s Home Movies”” involving animals; “”Featured Creatures””; a montage of birds on the attack; fish bites; “”Babies Goosing Dogs VS. Cats Running Into Walls””; bugs; “”The Naughty File;”” on safari. Finalists: ‘Smitten with a Kitten’ (Winner), ‘Pumpkin-Headed Pooch’ (2nd Place), and ‘Cat on the Attack’ (3rd place).
101/25/2004January 25, 2004Weddings gone wrong; babies doing the darndest things; funny signs; a teenage boy having a really bad hair day after his buddies decide to give him a haircut.
91/11/2004January 11, 2004Clips of animals causing chaos at home; “”Nincompoop Corner””; a man who goes for a boat ride and loses his dentures along the way; sports mishaps; Fake Dinosaurs VS. Dudes In Drag; Innocent Bystaners; “”Thanks for Helping, Now Stop””; a boy who goes bowling and ends up dropping the ball on his dad’s foot; and a firefighter who loses control of a high powered hose; “”What’s In His Shirt””; running into things; pole vaulting accidents; sleeping on the ‘job’; “”The Naughty Files””; and “”The Best of the Babies.”” Finalists: ‘Sonic Youth’ (Winner), ‘Piñata Pirate’ (2nd Place), and ‘Flush With Success’ (3rd place).
812/7/2003December 7, 2003Fake lotto tickets; “”Not So Wise Men””; People who display their emotions well; A school Christmas performance featuring kids who can’t spell; People who need to take a Christmas refresher course; “”Wet Nosed Wonders””; 34 Sneezes In 26 Seconds; Santa Claus VS. The Easter Bunny; People shooting a video with the intention of getting on AFV; People in costumes making fools of themselves; Losing a shoe; A woman who gets her arm caught in a common kitchen appliance; Christmas morning chaos; Snowy and icy accidents; A bear steals campers’ food; “”Merry Christmas from Our Staff””; “”Naughty Files””; and “”Classic Nincompoops.”” Finalists: ‘Back to the Belfry’ (Winner), ‘Caught on Tape’ (2nd Place), and ‘Treadmill Trauma’ (3rd place).
711/30/2003November 30, 2003Bad luck magnets; friendly accidents; jumps; “”Nincompoop Corner””; a man grapples with a bee hive; the difference between man and animal; “”26 Spritzes In 24 Seconds””; the first time curiosity ever cleaned the cat; funny accidents in slow motion, with a play-by-play by host Tom Bergeron about just what went wrong; “”The Flame Game””; cats and dogs; in a low-cost production of The Wizard of Oz, a dog refuses to cooperate as Toto on stage; wild sports videos set to music; poise; threesomes; and “”Naughty File.”” Finalists: ‘Toddler Roulette’ (Winner), ‘Toto Recall’ (2nd Place), and ‘Macaw Guffaw’ (3rd place).
611/9/2003November 9, 2003Ladies clips; “”Kitten Kaboodle””, the classic cat clips; More “”Greatest Groin Clips””; Wedding faints; Kids that should be listened to; “”Tom’s Home Movies””; Bathroom humor; Sara Rue and Andy Dick from Less Than Perfect tell everyone what their favorite kinds of videos are; Practical jokes; “”Critter Titters””; “”Then and Now””; Abusement Parks; “”The Barking Lot””; “”Kitchen Klutzes””; Raven-Symone from That’s So Raven wishes AFV a happy 300th episode; “”Rugrat Roundup””; A recap of past winners; Montage of classic rollers; The naughtiest clips from over a decade; The “”Greatest Groin Hit”” is revealed; and Tom Bergeron and the rest of the AFV crew thank Vin DiBona for his hard work on the show over all the years. “”Greatest Groin Hits”” Winner: ‘Pool Fool’.
511/2/2003November 2, 2003Clips from over a decade of embarrassing moments; Boneheads from the past; “”The Greatest Groin Hits””; Ice/snow hits, falls, and rolls; Jim Belushi and Courtney Thorne-Smith from According To Jim wish AFV a haapy 300th episode; Dizzy Clips; past hosts including Bob Saget, Daisy Fuentes and John Fugelsang; “”Tom’s Home Videos””; “”Then and Now”” with winning videos from past years including “”Astigma-Tizzy”” and “”Towel Butt Baby””; Jennifer Garner and Ron Rifkin appear; “”Mini Men””; “”30 Points In 40 Seconds””; “”Those Disgusting Animals””; Classic Nincompoops; The women from the View; Brides On Fire VS. Trees Crushing Cars; “”Little Women””; “”‘I Do’ Don’ts””; and the Best of the “”Naughty Files””.
410/19/2003October 19, 2003People pull scary practical jokes; Stage mess-ups and stage falls; Things animals shouldn’t be allowed to do; A grizzly bear sucks on a passifier that was dropped into his tank; Parents who are were proud of their kids; An insect plagues a bride; Marrying into the wrong gene pool; Tom tests the new set, which reacts to his feelings by changing color; The dog who will never have fleas; Halloween antics; A guy who learns the principle ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie’ the hard way; Funny babies; A musical montage of people getting hit by fling objects to music from the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still; A dog holding a tennis ball in the air with his front paws; A dog who needs to work on his stage presense; Strange abilities of the body; and “”Naughty Files””. Finalists: ‘Mouthy Minister’ (Winner), ‘I Do. . .Who?’ (2nd Place), and ‘Skeleton In Closet’ (3rd place).
310/12/2003October 12, 2003People who don’t focus; Low-tech accidents; Wacky animals to the sound of ‘Not Unusual’ by Tom Jones; “”Tom’s Home Movies””; A human and a bear have a stand-off over who’s going to get the pickup truck; People reliving their childhoods; Annoying kids; “”Thought Bubble Theater””; A cat playing with a mouse who is “”digging”” into a shoe; A track-and-field cheater; Unpredictable videos; A montage of destruction to the music from the opera ‘Carmen’; Abnormal dog behavior; “”AFV’s Guide to Fishing””; People who need to practice their skill a bit more; and in “”Naughty Files,”” a baby pees on its brother upon the mentioning of the word ‘bath’. Finalists: ‘Dynamite Kids’ (Winner), ‘Feathered Freak Out’ (2nd Place), and ‘The Fast and the Fuzziest’ (3rd place).
210/5/2003October 5, 2003People being surprised; the world’s largest third grader; a montage of people falling to “”Jump Jive An’ Wail””; a limousine driver who needs to go back to driving school; sibling rivarly, including a little girl trying to box up her brother and mail him; people who are doomed from the start; whipped Cream surprises; Part 1 of “”The AFV Art Section””; rude interruptions; the ongoing battle between cats and kids; rolling (things, animals … and people) to the musical sound of Mistro; the fastest way to wash a bike; “”The Book of Why”” humorously answers some of life’s most compelling questions, such as “”Why mom is having a bad hair day””, “”Why animal testing isn’t all bad””, “”Why the driveway isn’t finished””, and “”Why the price of wheat is skyrocketing””; toasts gone bad; a hungry kid who just can’t wait until the cookies are done; and a man who frightens his wife by giving their baby a pacifier that looks like a rat. Finalists: ‘Linguini Greedy’ (Winner), ‘The Mom that Roared’ (2nd Place), a
19/28/2003September 28, 2003The 14th-season premiere introduces “”Thought Bubble Theater,”” where videos are paused and pop-up bubbles reveal participants’ thoughts. Also: a man’s attempt to uproot a tree by tying it to his car; “”31 Trampoline Mishaps In 34 Seconds””; talking dogs; a musical montage of cats. George Lopez does the “”Celebrity Pick of the Week.”” Finalists: ‘The Collision Kid’ (Winner), ‘Canine Chaos’ (2nd Place), and ‘Ramp Champ’ (3rd place).

Season 13

255/9/2003Finalists vie for the prizeThe $100,000 grand-prize winner is named in this two-hour episode, which includes clips of a young girl’s reaction to a boy’s sneeze at a recital; and a bulldog attacking a pair of slippers.
245/2/2003May 2, 2003 (2)Special “”home movies””; sporting accidents; man with a “”weight”” problem.
235/2/2003May 2, 2003 (1)Children at play; animal mishaps; funny female moments. Host: Tom Bergeron.
224/25/2003April 25, 2003A squirrel takes a ride on a spinning bird feeder; a child takes a spill on Easter; people do comical things while sleeping.
214/4/2003April 4, 2003A montage of funny pinata accidents; yo-yo attacks; a man gets the surprise of his life when he views his wife’s ultrasound.
203/28/2003March 28, 2003Sports blunders; a woman blowing out her birthday candles loses her dentures; funny reactions to fabricated lottery tickets.
193/7/2003March 7, 2003Videos featuring goofy children, canines and screaming amusement park ride patrons. Host: Tom Bergeron.
183/21/2003February 21, 2003 (2)Sports blunders; children’s follies; cats vs. dogs. Host: Tom Bergeron..
172/21/2003February 21, 2003 (1)Videos featuring nincompoops, sleeping disasters and children’s mishaps.
162/14/2003February 14, 2003Videos celebrate love, weddings and babies for St. Valentine’s Day.
152/7/2003February 7, 2003Performers blunder on stage; animal mishaps.
141/31/2003January 31, 2002 (2)The $100,000 grand-prize winner.
131/31/2003January 31, 2003 (1)Football mishaps and blunders are the catch of the day, as videos featuring a player knocking over a referee and a deer interrupting a game; a sleeping man getting shaving-creamed; clips of amazing dog tricks; football kids; a drunk raccoon; “”Nincompoop Corner””; people falling between the boat and the dock; Dizzy Bats VS. Dogs Swinging On Ropes; “”You Do the Intro””; baby clips; “”Greetings from France””; and “”Naughty Files.”” Finalists: ‘Monster’s Ick’ (Winner), ‘Flower-Power Protest’ (2nd Place), and ‘Big-Knuckle Bride’ (3rd place).
121/24/2003January 24, 2003A dog breaks through a wall; A fish tries to jump into a little boy’s mouth; Sports-themed mishaps; Keeping your inner-child; D-fence!; Persistence; Property damage; A flower girl stomps a bug on the bride’s dress; Turtles Through Doors VS. Downhill Skiing; Funny animals; Musical montage of people who can’t dance; “”Slowing Things Down””; A boy with no pain threshold; “”The Video Calibrator,”” where videos are measured on a cuteness scale; Adolescence; Snowmobiling . . . or just no-mobiling; A graduation ceremony gets drenched when sprinklers turn on unexpectedly; A fake advertisement for interesting pet ideas; Cat tricks; Old folks, including an old man who pulls off a refrigerator door; “”The Naughty Files””; and Hysterical laughter. Finalists: ‘Rover Rescue’ (Winner), ‘Stocking Stuffer’ (2nd Place), and ‘Snowmobonehead’ (3rd place).
111/10/2002January 10, 2003A Christmas-themed episode includes mishaps involving Santa; kids’ reactions to gifts; a Santa who falls asleep as kids give him their gift lists; a toy glider hitting someone in the head. Also: a parachutist lands near a seal.
1012/13/2002December 13, 2002
911/22/2002November 22, 2002Thanksgiving Day blunders; a cake spontaneously combusts; a baby shows disgust over some food.
811/15/2002November 15, 2002A minister receives a cell-phone call during a wedding ceremony; man in a bear costume; cats and dogs.
711/8/2002November 8, 2002A man scares his wife with a stuffed squirrel; girls are embarrassed when caught dancing and singing; a nude man sleds in snow. Also: wedding mishaps.
611/1/2002November 1, 2002Videos featuring karate cut-ups, husband-and-wife mishaps and close encounters with dinosaurs.
510/25/2002October 25, 2002A squirrel trapped inside a house–with a dog chasing it; Things about kids that their parents aren’t proud of; Falls in the water; People acting like the costumes they’re wearing; A ferret who throws himself out; Toilet humor; Blockheads; Costumed animal; “”Naughty Files””; A Halloween theme includes a trick-or-treater chased away by a Daschund, a little girl dressed as a witch scared by her own reflection, and a man in costume scaring trick-or-treaters at the front door; and a music montage of people being scared silly. Finalists: ‘Home-Wrecking Rodent’ (Winner), ‘Lightning Dolt’ (2nd Place), and ‘The Caped Evader’ (3rd place).
410/18/2002October 18, 2002A chimpanzee admires a monkey mask; fishing mishaps; comical babies.
310/11/2002October 11, 2002A boy blows out his birthday candles with a party noisemaker; pets undergo treatments at a spa. Also: a music montage of aerial mishaps. Host: Tom Bergeron.
210/4/2002October 4, 2002Videos featuring a monkey stealing a man’s watch, a funeral for a fish and wedding day blunders will all be seen on the hilarious comedy-reality series.
19/27/2002September 27, 2002People have bumbling brushes with nature; a wedding day practical joke; a grandpa’s sleepy surprise. Host: Tom Bergeron.

Season 12

255/24/2002Show 272
24 Show 271
23 Show 270
22 Show 269
21 Show 268
20 Show 267
19 Show 266
18 Show 265
17 Show 264
16 Show 263
155/17/2002May 17, 2002The $100,000 grand prize winner is chosen from among five finalists.
145/10/2002May 10, 2002Videos featuring golfing mishaps, a tot’s impression of a president and Mother Nature striking back. Host: Tom Bergeron.
135/2/2002The Battle of the Best (2)Celebrity panelists pick their favorite home videos from the past 12 seasons, then the audience chooses one video that will collect the grand prize; host Tom Bergeron.
125/2/2002The Battle of the Best (1)
114/26/2002April 26, 2002
104/19/2002April 19, 2002
94/12/2002April 12, 2002
84/5/2002April 5, 2002Videos featuring football follies, a man’s emotional reaction to a gift and creative ways to pour milk.
73/29/2002March 29, 2002Previous $10,000 winners compete for $100,000 grand prize.
63/22/2002March 22, 2002 (2)Vacation follies; wedding proposal in an operating room; diaper-changing adventure.
53/22/2002March 22, 2002 (1)Dog-show etiquette; surprise party; precarious situations.
43/15/2002March 15, 2002Hockey blunders; party surprises; tribute to movies.
33/8/2002March 8, 2002Troublesome camels; a woman encounters a crocodile; musical tribute to motorcycles.
23/1/2002March 1, 2002A man snowboards nude; dogs chase runners.
12/15/2002February 15, 2002Ice-skating follies; giggling babies; parrot.

Season 11

172/8/2002Athletic supportersIt’s the agony of defeat for not-so-athletic people caught on video in sports ranging from skiing to football and golf.
161/25/2002January 25, 2002Votes are tabulated to determine the $100,000 grand prize winner from among 14 finalists whose funny or unusual videos were shown during the season.
151/4/2002January 4, 2002Movie parodies; amusement park bungee jumpers have fun with aerial milkshakes; a dad has an unfortunate trampoline adventure.
1412/7/2001December 7, 2001A sneezing canine; a crocodile gets a little too close to a handler; a toddler’s golfing Cinderella story.
1311/30/2001November 30, 2001Vacation blunders; a swimmer faces off against an angry swan; rodeo antics.
1211/23/2001The Greatest Videos of All Time, Vol. 1An 11-season compilation of the best videos ever featured. With appearances by Whoopi Goldberg and Regis Philbin.
1110/27/2001October 27, 2001Classic Halloween clips; clumsy and not-so-clever acts caught on tape.
1010/19/2001October 19, 2001A grizzly bear scratches an itch; people react to amusement-park rides; a boy crashes his sister’s singing solo.
98/31/2001August 31, 2001
88/24/2001August 24, 2001
78/17/2001August 17, 2001
68/10/2001August 10, 2001
58/3/2001August 3, 2001
47/27/2001July 27, 2001
37/20/2001July 20, 2001
12/3/2001Matrimony ManiaCommon household accidents; a dog catches hockey pucks; a woman deals with the cameraman who woke her.

Season 10

235/15/1999Wedding reception; pig in poolNo one at the reception knows the groom’s name; collegian’s awakening; pig paddles in pool.
224/29/1999Tot reacts to sneezing horseMen eat hot peppers; marbles fill medicine cabinet; tot reacts to sneezing horse.
214/29/1999Cat protects his turfCat protects his turf; organ player’s monkey monitors tips; kitty and open door.
204/22/1999Boy encounters loaded envelopeBoy encounters loaded envelope; dog attacks laser light; girl’s Christmas toy wish.
194/15/1999April 15, 1999Little girl fakes tantrum; boy howls at the moon; person hides from parakeet.
184/8/1999Baby uses treadmill; parrot talksBaby uses treadmill; parrot talks to two cats; woman milks a goat.
173/25/1999Man picks up food; hot-tub handstandMan picks up food; hot-tub handstand; disgruntled “talking” ants.
163/18/1999Child samples Santa’s cookieChild samples Santa’s cookie; hill halts motorcyclist; family’s video portrait.
153/18/1999Finalists vie for $100,000 grand prizeSix finalists vie for the $100,000 grand prize.
143/11/1999Dog exits without a dog doorDog exits without a dog door; grandmother goes over waterfall; dog eats ice cream.
133/4/1998Man white-water canoes in poolMan white-water canoes in pool; forklift exterminates VW Bug; man’s story sickens dog.
123/4/1999Stir-crazy hamster; scooterStir-crazy hamster; snake plays dead; scooter-riding etiquette.
111/30/1999Show 228White-water canoeing in pool; forklift exterminates a VW Bug; song sickens dog.
101/30/1999Boy rips duct tape off grandmaBoy rips duct tape off his grandma; bird pecks at bikini; dog eats from toaster oven.
912/19/1998December 19, 1998A woman waxes a man’s eyebrows; hurdle-jumper; a little girl collects frogs.
812/12/1998Man is trapped in portable toiletWoman gets stuck between dryer and a hard place; man is trapped in portable toilet; wind-swept family reunion.
712/12/1998Audience picks grand-prize winnerAudience selects $100,000 grand-prize winner.
611/14/1998Music-hating toddlerMusic-hating toddler; boy’s parakeet flies the coop.
511/7/1998Cocky raccoon; an out-of-control RVCocky raccoon; an out-of-control recreational vehicle.
410/24/1998October 24, 1998Cocky raccoon; out-of-control recreational vehicle; generous elephant; skier without skis.
310/17/1998Pregnant woman sports watermelonMan flies in a harness; woman tries to remove facial mask; duck is obsessed with his owner; pregnant woman sports a watermelon.
210/10/1998October 10, 1998Expectant father faints in delivery room; baby has a goatee; fish wrestles with a fisherman; cockatoo dances.
110/3/1998Ten compete to win a $100,000Ten contestants vie to win a $100,000 grand prize.

Season 9

205/4/1998Man eats corn; cyclist; bowling
194/27/1998Man hangs from a tree in his underwear
184/25/1998Birds and bees; lunch-box surpriseMan eats corn-on-the-cob without using his hands; child shoots baskets while riding a bicycle; bowler doesn’t release his ball.
174/20/1998Hammock spin; boy’s birthday cake
164/10/1998April 10, 1998
153/30/1998Houdini wannabe; back-flipping groom
143/26/1998Snoring snorkeler; dog snoozes in tub
133/16/1998Couple rides bucking bronco; cats
123/9/1998Snake attach; dog; caterpillars; wasp
113/2/1998March 2, 1998
102/16/1998Poodle brooch; abusive parrot
92/9/1998Finalists vie for $100,000
82/2/1998February 2, 1998
71/25/1998Kids and animals (2)
61/25/1998Kids and animals (1)
51/19/1998Jackie Chan wannabes; simian dentistry
41/12/1998Gift-giving elephant; ski-less skier
31/11/1998Salute to Boneheads (2)
21/11/1998Salute to Boneheads (1)Jokesters at work; scared people; dad’s in charge; dainty boneheads; divot heads; Mr. Pitiful.
11/5/1998Animal antics; airplane comes apartMoose goes door-to-door; rat uses a toilet as a hot tub; duck named Fido; airplane comes apart at the seams.

Season 8

305/18/1997Finalists vie for $100,000Finalists compete for the grand prize of $100,000.
295/9/1997‘Full House’ cast members reunite
285/4/1997Social blunders; belching boySocial blunders; belching boy; man drills ceiling; seasick groom.
275/4/1997Woman gives birth to a puppyWoman gives birth to a puppy; crop-dusted man; woman flosses; toe bikini.
264/27/1997Animals; llama spits on grandmaAnimals; polar bear charges tourist; llama spits on grandma; turtle bites diver.
254/27/1997In-line skaters; bad driverDaredevil in-line skaters; bad driver; stuffed bunny explodes.
244/13/1997Cats and dogsCats and dogs.
233/23/1997Health clubs; basketball bozosEmbarrassing health club incidents; March Madness Basketball Bozos.
223/3/1997Toddlers mess with makeupToddlers mess with mom’s makeup; “As the Videos Roll,” a soap-opera parody.
212/23/1997Pillow fight; bikini tuxedo
202/23/1997Finalists vie for $100,000International home videos; giraffe licks tourists in car at theme park; siblings scared by Easter Bunny.
192/16/1997Animals and cages; bathroom surprisesAstonishing animals; bathroom surprises. Host: Bob Saget.
182/9/1997Weddings; macho men; guest Joely FisherEmbarrassing bride and groom moments with newlywed Joely Fisher; a tribute to America’s macho men. Host: Bob Saget.
172/2/1997Football foibles; bonehead bowlClips featuring football at its worst; the Bonehead Bowl. Host: Bob Saget. Guests: Al Michaels, Dan Dierdorf and Frank Gifford.
161/12/1997Woman rides ‘flying fox’; hungry dogWoman rides “flying fox”; hungry dog; wedding mishap; child’s recitation.
151/5/1997Birthday blunders; child’s ‘Hamlet’Birthday blunders; child recites “Hamlet”; bored snake; Christmas morning.
1412/15/1996Children speak on Christmas morningChristmas Boneheads; children’s Christmas morning comments; “Twas the Night Before Christmas”; features Santa’s elves.
1312/8/1996President Clinton; iguana-kissing womanPresident Clinton greets puppet; iguana-kissing woman; baby’s workout; goofy animals.
1212/1/1996Coifed cockatoo; fearful turtlesA coifed cockatoo; fearful turtles; a bride dunks her groom in a lake.
1111/24/1996Infant escapes; military mishapsAn infant’s crib escape; a cat’s fear of its own reflection; a toddler’s first ride on a snowmobile. Host: Bob Saget.
1011/17/1996Finalists compete for $100,000Nine finalists compete for the $100,000 grand prize.
911/17/1996Comic canines; psychic grandmaTree-climbing Chihuahua; boxing dachshund; psychic grandma; popping egg.
811/10/1996Kerri Strug; gymnastics; shed fallsGuest Kerri Strug; gymnastics; shed collapses; swimmers race; female impersonator.
711/10/1996Music chairs; babies’ hairdosMusical chairs; babies’ hairdos; horseplay; birthday surprises.
610/26/1996Puppy escapes; rodeo tumbleA tiny puppy’s great escape; a tumble at the rodeo; a beer belly pregnancy; a state-of-the-art baby feeder.
510/13/1996Wet toddler; rocketA man’s close encounter with a toilet seat; a toddler has a run-in with a watering can; a failed amateur rocket launch.
410/6/1996Pool fun; dancer gets diplomaSwimming-pool bowling; girl misses pool; dancer gets diploma; groom faints.
39/29/1996Family wears antlers; spinning boyA family dons reindeer antlers for dinner; a snowboarding daredevil tumbles on some rocks; a skinny man adopts bodybuilder poses.
29/22/1996Helicopter drops car; skydiverA helicopter drops a car; first-time sky diver; a tractor rolls into the ocean; a preacher breaks his podium.
19/22/1996Summer; wild animals; sportsSummertime fun; wild animal antics; outrageous sports highlights; weather mishaps; vacation memories.

Season 7

225/19/1996Five finalists compete for $100,000Five finalists vie for the grand prize of $100,000.
215/5/1996Household hints; canine capersBob Saget hosts the $100,000 1996 Season Finale.
204/28/1996Costumed pets; weddings; outdoor anticsPets in costume; wedding mishaps; outdoor antics.
193/24/1996A dizzy grandma; a belching manWild and funny animals; a dizzy grandma; baby antics; a belching man.
183/10/1996Kids at large; sports; animalsChildren at large; sports mania; animals unleashed; automotive follies.
172/25/1996Camera-hating grandma; FabioCamera-hating grandmother; sleeping habits; dog antics; Marine-drill toddler; guest Fabio.
162/18/1996Seven finalists vie for the grand prizeSeven finalists compete for the $100,000 grand prize.
152/11/1996Bears; wedding mishapsTrouble with bears; wedding mishaps; a hospital proposal; birthday antics.
141/21/1996Cat in a tub; truck splitsA cat in a tub; a dump truck splits; a giant grasshopper; wrestlers pin a referee.
131/14/1996Seaplane somersault; children’s anticsSeaplane somersault; children’s antics; heavy metal proposal; weightlifter.
121/7/1996Sibling rivalries; brawling babiesSibling rivalries; brawling babies; theme-park screamer; sports shorts.
1112/17/1995Christmas themeChristmas wishes; Santa mishaps; a girl performs a Christmas song; guest model Bobbie Brown.
1012/3/1995Feisty fish; patty-cake catsA stomach laughs; fish hits fisherman; patty-cake cats; a bikini man; a lizard catcher.
911/26/1995Leisure-time antics; birthday funLeisure-time antics; birthday fun; sports clips; a winter preview; kids caught in the act.
811/19/1995Seven finalists vie for $100,000 grand prizeSeven finalists vie for $100,000 grand prize.
711/12/1995Animal antics; child escapadesAnimals on parade; child escapades; sports; a salute to senior citizens.
611/5/1995Faulty catapult; squirrel steals sweetsFaulty catapult; squirrel steals sweets; science experiment; pesky rodents.
510/22/1995Hippie nuptials; Halloween anticsA hippie bride and groom; Halloween antics; a sneezing dog; a curious cat; a fight between a sheep and a goose.
410/15/1995Kids and food; trampolineChildren and food; reluctant driver; trampolines; funny signs; Saget’s dance school.
310/1/1995Human hummingbird feeder; cat capersHuman hummingbird feeder; cat capers; gelatin dropping grandma; birthdays; video dictionary.
29/24/1995Canines; post- nuptial havoc; announcersCanine capers; post-nuptial havoc; annoying announcers.
19/17/1995Backyard foibles; vacationsAFV Looks at Kids and Animals. Here is a recipe for laughter. Candid kiddy capers mix with outrageous animal antics and a generous amount of Bob Saget to cook up a thousand guaranteed laughs.

Season 6

245/21/1995Six finalists vie for the grand prizeSix finalists compete for the grand prize.
235/7/1995Police pursuit; a bored wrestlerPolice pursuit; animal antics; a bored wrestler; kids at play; men at work.
224/30/1995Weddings; children’s jokesWeddings; children’s jokes; animal antics with food; audience surprises.
213/26/1995Vacation woes; dog trails horseVacation woes; new “Gilligan’s Island” theme song; dog trails horse; snake charmer; zucchini-hating dog.
203/12/1995Elvis impersonator; raccoon; piñataElvis impersonator; raccoon; pinata; cats.
193/5/1995Children at weddings; kayaker gaffeMen break logs with their bodies; children at weddings; kayaker gaffe.
182/26/1995San Diego Charger Stan HumphriesSan Diego Chargers quarterback Stan Humphries presents football home movies.
172/19/1995A grand-prize winner is chosenA $100,000 grand-prize winner is chosen; guest Rodney Dangerfield.
162/12/1995Valentines day; office anticsKenny Rogers in a Valentine’s Day salute; workplace laughs.
151/22/1995Parasailing; dogs play baseballParasailing problems; dogs play baseball; tossing salad; praying mantis attacks computer.
141/18/1995Resolutions; marriage proposal; gorillaNew Year’s resolutions; unusual marriage proposal; gorilla scares singer.
1312/18/1992Holiday happenings; fainting groomHoliday happenings; fainting groom; barking bird; barking bride; video horoscope.
1212/11/1994December 11, 1994Winter preview; rodents; troubles with gravity.
1111/27/1994Dog cheatsDog cheats in race; bird watches television; turkey reporter; gluttonous pig.
1011/20/1994November 20, 1994Halloween clips; cats; salutes to fathers and dogs.
911/13/1994A $100,000 grand prize is awardedA $100,000 grand prize is awarded; with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.
811/6/1994Cat vs. fishCat vs. fish; toy trouble; pet parade; salute to the military; Kenny Rogers.
710/30/1994October 30, 1994
610/23/1994A hot-air balloon; dogs; babyA hot-air balloon’s descent; dogs with “jobs”; baby flushes flashlight.
510/16/1994October 16, 1994Bowling ball; raccoon on tightrope; aircraft; food fight.
410/9/1994Summer vacation; swan mocks speakerBob Saget’s summer vacation; swan appears to mock public speaker.
310/2/1994Wrestlers; egg-crackers; bronco-bustingWrestlers; egg-crackers; man practices bronco-busting; bowlers use cannonball.
29/25/1994Big lizard; cats; children; aliensBig lizard surprises campers; cats; neighborhood children; aliens.
19/18/1994Tree; golf; billiards; baby; dogsTree surgeon; golf instructor; billiards; baby; dogs; vacations.

Season 5

225/22/1994Five finalists vie for the grand prizeFive finalists vie for a $100,000 grand prize.
215/1/1994Mother in drain: disrespectMother in drain; oven as a musical instrument; canine disrespect for the president.
203/27/1994Cockatiels; grandmother tends barCockatiels fight; grandmother tends bar at wedding; Candace Cameron.
193/13/1994Cats affectionCat’s affection for pot-bellied pig; bunnies and brides; practical jokes.
182/27/1994Patriot; karate kickYoung patriot pretends to be Thomas Jefferson; mother’s china meets son’s karate kick.
172/13/1994February 13, 1994Valentine’s Day salute; girl sings like broken record.
162/6/1994Finalists vie for the grand prizeSix finalists vie for the grand prize; “”backward classics””; animal videos.
151/23/1994January 23, 1994Limbo dancer; hungry parrot; duck towing service.
141/9/1994Bicyclist; Dracula; cat; egg-crackingDetermined bicyclist; Dracula seems to bite man; cat on drums; creative egg-cracking.
131/2/1994Unhappy birthdayUnhappy birthday boy; startled Hawaiian visitor; dog gets wet.
1212/12/1993December 12, 1993Children who don’t like Christmas; cracking eggs.
1111/28/1993Thanksgiving; boy; birdThanksgiving salute; boy regrets mimicking sister; bird watches television.
1011/21/1993Retrospective on memorable clipsThe show’s 100th episode is a retrospective of memorable video clips.
911/21/1993Retrospective on the first 100 showsThe show’s 100th episode is a retrospective of memorable video clips.
811/14/1993Seven videos vie for $100,000 prizeSeven videos vie for the $100,000 grand award.
711/7/1993Cat attacks dog; sister; pilotCat attacks stuffed dog; scene-stealing little sister; backyard pilot.
610/31/1993Biting turtle; mother caught in tireHalloween scares; Biting turtle; mother is caught in tire; raft becomes airborne.
510/17/1993World Series; showering horseWorld Series salute; showering horse; dogs brush their teeth.
410/10/2003Ocean wave interrupts video tapingOcean wave soaks guitarist during taping of video; skater loses wheels.
310/3/1993Tot interview at beauty pageantTot is interviewed during beauty pageant; parakeet wears toilet-paper tube.
29/26/1993Bloody nose interrupts speech“”Crazy Cats””; graduation clips, including a bloody nose that interrupts a valedictorian’s speech; goat mugs for hunters.
19/19/1993Toy dizzies tot; dog sees reflectionToy car dizzies tot; Rottweiler snarls at reflection.

Season 4

255/16/1993Seven finalists vie for $100,000Seven finalists compete for the $100,000 grand prize.
245/9/1993Kids bad haircut; ill-fitting gownChild has a bad haircut; bride has an ill-fitting gown; Mother’s Day tribute.
235/2/1993Kindergarten singer; an agile catKitten limbo; dog at a wedding; children share lunch; dog chases its tail; personal grooming.
224/18/1993Sleeping baby; dog jumps through screenBaby sleeping; dog jumps through screen door; firefighter.
213/28/1993Bribe flubs vows; tot streaksBride flubs vows; tot streaks; trooper has uniform problems.
203/21/1993Tot sinks putt; girls first braBoy, 3, sinks putt; girl gets her first bra for Christmas; domino puzzle.
193/14/1993Rocking-horse race; bug scares girlA man and son vie in rocking-horse race; praying mantis scares girl; infant actor.
182/28/1993Toddlers perch atop washerToddlers perch atop washer; boy gets his head stuck; surprise Christmas presents.
172/21/1993Nine vie for the $100,000 prizeNine videos vie for the $100,000 grand prize.
162/14/1993Beachcomber; distracted performerBeachcomber; insect distracts performer; tot applies icing to face.
151/24/1993Crab on sunbather; tot teaches babyCrab on sunbather; tot tries to teach newborn tricks; lyrical raccoon.
141/10/1993Owner plays with chihuahuaOwner plays with chihuahua’s tail; Army shaving-cream prank.
131/3/1993Performer perseveresPerformer, 6, perseveres after costume fails; 5-year-old sneezes on cake.
1212/20/1992Child tells mother he saw SantaChild tries to convince mother he saw Santa; Santa at birthday party.
1112/13/1992Bride plays drum at receptionBride plays drums at reception; bald guy parodies hair ads.
1011/29/1992Child’s hidden-camera trick goes awryChild’s hidden-camera trick goes awry; tot rides vacuum.
911/22/1992November 22, 1992Football hero overshoots huddle; nun plays baseball; landscaped marriage proposal.
811/15/1992Cranky baby; tot’s descriptionCranky baby responds to music; tot describes loss of bandage.
711/8/1992November 8, 1992Six finalists vie for a $100,000 grand prize.
611/1/1992Mothers barnyard sounds soothe babyMother’s barnyard sounds soothe baby; retiring dean’s speech; Halloween surprise.
510/25/1992Child dumps ice water; dogs chase stickChild dumps ice water down classmate’s pants; four dogs chase one stick.
410/18/1992Ice cream truck passes by toddlersYoung batter needs time-out; ice cream truck passes by toddlers; persistent woodpecker; duckling walks on treadmill.
310/4/1992Dogs; goat; kindergarten graduationCherubs take bubble bath; car bucks driver; puppy sleeps through concerto.
29/27/1992Bath; car bucks driver; puppy sleepsCarload of dogs; goat hits the skids; kindergarten graduation.
19/20/1992September 20, 1992Baby goat does tricks; video-game whiz; cat dominates dog.

Season 3

25 Show 66Seven finalists vie for a $100,000 grand prize.
245/10/1992Show 65Performers’ gaffes; boy mimics grandfather.
235/3/1992Show 64Dancers; gymnast flops; children in how-to clips.
225/17/1992The $100,000 grand prize is awardedClips of basketball players; man vs. dog; giant baby confronts dinosaur.
215/10/1992May 10, 1992Toddlers look for Easter eggs; cat bloopers; boxer and punching bag.
205/3/1992May 3, 1992
194/26/1992Basketball; man vs. dog
184/5/1992Toddler looks for Easter eggs
173/15/1992Father puts hat on babyThe $100,000 grand prize is awarded.
163/1/1992March 1, 1992Wedding guests rate newlyweds’ first kiss; hot-air-balloon mishap; firefighters; homemade ninja baby.
152/2/1992Girl makes mess blowing out candlesGirl makes mess blowing out candles; tent-pitchers brave wind.
141/19/1992January 19, 1992Horses take the plunge; cat capers; slippery football.
131/5/1992Children react to Christmas giftsChildren react to Christmas gifts; hogs infiltrate picnic table.
1212/22/1991High jump; water-skier; breathHigh jump; water-skier proposes; girl comments on friend’s breath.
1112/8/1991December 8, 1991ong-jumper; man falls for broom trick; cat and skater.
1011/24/1991Jumping horse; bat; cat plays golfJumping horse prefers to walk; bat swallows ball; cat plays golf.
911/17/1991$100,000 grand prize awardedThe $100,000 grand prize is awarded to one of eight finalists.
811/10/1991Baths; rabbit; swimmingChildren and baths; rabbit with a human’s foot; troops go swimming.
711/3/1991Man vs. goat; reflection; TV-adMan vs. goat; tot intrigued by reflection; TV-ad marriage proposal.
610/27/1991Davy Crockett cap; dragon; dancingBoy with a Davy Crockett cap; dragon that falls apart; dancing faces and belly.
510/20/1991Bicyclists exchange vows; dogs; waitersHigh-wire bicyclists exchange wedding vows; dog rescues dog; waiter race.
410/13/1991Bride and groom; horses; partygoerBride and groom in a shower; horses vs. riders; partygoer misses chair.
310/6/1991October 6, 1991Dancing blunders; dogs upstage owners; willing guitarist.
29/29/1991September 29, 1991Oddball clarinetist; canoe in rapids; human aerosol can.
19/22/1991September 22, 1991Amateur baseball gaffes; owner/pet look-alikes.

Season 2

255/12/1991Grand-prize winner is announcedGrand-prize winner is announced.
245/5/1991Wedding funGirl throws away money; stuck boat owner; wedding gaffes.
234/28/1991April 28, 1991Tug-of-war between teens and an elephant; military antics.
224/7/1991Toddler helps; dog; hamsterToddler helps mother clean; dog surprises owner; hamster calisthenics.
213/17/1991March 17, 1991Canine exploits; rubber hamburgers; dancing janitor.
203/10/1991Mount muleRider can’t mount mule; bridegrooms flub vows; cat escapades.
192/24/1991Primping; wrestling; punching bagTeen primping; wrestler in trouble; little girl and big punching bag.
182/17/1991Cat climbs; dog: resemblanceCat climbs wall; dog goes through wall; owner/pet resemblance.
172/10/1991Karate; dog; birthday candlesKarate master; zealous Frisbee-catching dog; blowing out birthday candles.
162/3/1991Finalists vie for the grand prizeFinalists vie for the grand prize.
151/20/1991January 20, 1991Tricks with a cue stick; stripper salesman.
141/13/1991Martial-artists; golfers; dogOverzealous martial-artists; erratic golfers; sleigh-riding dog.
131/6/1991January 6, 1991Track and field competitors; bullfighter’s costume change.
1212/16/1990December 16, 1990Girl fishes without tackle; holiday gaffes; musical pets; a man plays amateur matador; a boy makes sure he’s heard at a school assembly; and a family is prevented from gobbling Thanksgiving dinner when their plates go flying.
1112/2/1990December 2, 1990Marriage proposal at a public meeting; monkey antics; contentious cats compete to eat; a lizard in a VCR puts on a show for its unwitting host; a vacation’s a snore for two snoozing husbands; and golf goof-ups.
1011/25/1990November 25, 1990Monkey antics; a girl gives lots of thanks at a holiday dinner; a video inspired by the horror film “”Psycho”” that features a pseudo Saget; shy boy; monkey business in a wild-animal park; and doggy disguises.
911/18/1990Boxers; stuffing chicken; BatmanBoxers knock each other out; a dog shoots hoops; stuffing a chicken; a juggler spins pot tops; young “”Batman.””
811/11/1990Finalists vie for prize; past showsSeven finalists vie for the grand prize; clips from past shows, including a toddler who touts his knowledge of the Presidents, a girl who’s caught hiding her carrots, and blundering brothers.
711/4/1990November 4, 1990Canine mechanic; birthday surprises; an overwhelmed groom.
610/28/1990Sky divers; landings; cats; dancingSky divers; near-miss landings; cat bloopers; ballroom dancing.
510/14/1990October 14, 1990Springboard daredevils; golf gaffes; wall-walking baby.
410/7/1990Dog hoses a man down; “singing” horseDog hoses a man down; “”singing”” horse.
39/30/1990Violin; canoe; felines; toddlers eatingViolin player; canoe goes under; feline follies; toddlers eating.
29/23/1990Bride reconsiders; man and beached boat.Bride reconsiders; man and beached boat.
19/16/1990Belly-flop: back-flips; lizardsGraceful belly-flop; bodybuilder back-flips; lizards as earrings.

Season 1

165/20/1990Grand-prize winner
155/20/1990May 20, 1990The grand prize winner is selected. Possible winners include a boy dealing with trick candles; a dog that says “”mama””; kids sledding into their houses; and a woman caught in a dishwasher.
145/13/1990May 13, 1990Kissing bridegroom; parasailing; a cat, a canary and a fish.
135/6/1990May 6, 1990A ballerina gets wrapped up in her work . . . and the stage curtain; basketball plays, including donkey basketball; young entertainers; toddlers talk; the ups and downs of yo-yoing.
124/29/1990April 29, 1990Talking 3-month-old; do-it-yourself disasters; baseball bloopers; a man who messes up the National Anthem; animals taking revenge on their owners; rodeo mishaps. Finalists: ‘Love Bird’ (Winner), ‘Baby Who Says I Love You’ (2nd Place), and ‘Man Who Sings the National Anthem’ (3rd place).
114/15/1990April 15, 1990Dog bowling; Easter egg hunt; baby’s first haircut; Birthday bloopers.
104/8/1990April 8, 1990Auto mishaps in snow; astronauts.
94/1/1990April 1, 1990Stagestruck children; golf gaffes.
83/18/1990March 18, 1990Oddball sports; people who don’t watch where they’re going.
73/11/1990March 11, 1990Practical jokes; bicyclists; “”dueling”” earlobes.
63/4/1990March 4, 1990Do-it-yourselfers; water skiers; amateur magicians.
52/18/1990February 18, 1990Dog pulls master’s “”tail””; equestrian accidents; dog plays piano; boy tries to flee his shadow.
42/11/1990February 11, 1990Bride interrupts ceremony to go to rest room; wrestling kittens; people suddenly losing their clothes.
32/4/1990February 4, 1990A man recruiting fellow airplane passengers to help him propose to a woman waiting to greet him in the terminal; a sky diver who leaps with a lawn chair; skiing a flooded street; entries featuring babies’ first tastes of different foods.
21/21/1990WeddingsBlowing out birthday candles; baby plays the drums.
11/14/1990PilotSwimming pool collapse; water-skiing mishaps. This was the first episode in which people got to vote for the winner.

Season 0

3 AFV Looks at Kids and Animals
2 AFV’s Guide to Parenting
1 America’s Funniest Home Videos – Uncensored

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