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“Yakko, Wakko and Dot return for an all-new season of this iconic, family-friendly series with something for everyone: pop culture parodies, musical showstoppers, takedowns of historical baddies and even some important safety tips. Join the Warners and Pinky and the Brain as they wreak havoc everywhere they go, from the Warner Bros. lot to an international beauty pageant, even all the way into outer space. Keep an eye out for season one favorites Starbox and Cindy, as well as some rejected Animaniacs characters that were left on the cutting room floor.”

Animaniacs Episode List

Season 2
Episode Date Title Description
44 11/5/2021 23 and WB The Warners take a DNA test, only to find out they’re related to the CEO.
43 11/5/2021 All About the Benjamin The Warners work as Benjamin Franklin’s apprentices.
42 11/5/2021 80’s Cats The Warners take on a Thundercats look.
41 11/5/2021 The Warner’s Vault The Warners revisit some archival footage.
40 11/5/2021 Narf Over Troubled Water Pinky & Brain try to take over the world with music in the 60s.
39 11/5/2021 The Apology The Warners apologize to their viewers.
38 11/5/2021 Warner’s Ark The Warners pick up a bunch of stranded, mythical creatures before a flood.
37 11/5/2021 Math-terpiece Theatre: Beachballs Dot gives a dramatic math lesson about beach balls.
36 11/5/2021 The Prisoner’s Dilemma Pinky and Brain are mousenapped by another supervillain.
35 11/5/2021 The Incredible Gnome In People’s Mouths: “Gerard” Gerard has a gnome in his mouth.
34 11/5/2021 A Brief History of History Yakko explains the history of the world.
33 11/5/2021 Starbox and Cindy Starbox fails to escape Cindy during bath time.
32 11/5/2021 Targeted Ads The Warners cue up some targeted ads.
31 11/5/2021 Reichenbrain Falls Brain’s plan to take over the ISS is foiled by an old aversary.
30 11/5/2021 Cold Open: Exercise Minute The Warners lead a mandatory exercise break.
29 11/5/2021 Fake Medicines The Warners review a prescription medication.
28 11/5/2021 Christopher Columbusted The Warners question Christopher Columbus’ discoveries.
27 11/5/2021 Mouse Madness Brain rigs a college basketball tournament.
26 11/5/2021 What Is That? The Warners don’t know what something is.
25 11/5/2021 Wakkiver Twist (2) The Warners parody Oliver Twist.
24 11/5/2021 Plight of Hand Pinky’s hands have a mind of their own.
23 11/5/2021 Wakkiver Twist (1) The Warners parody Oliver Twist.
22 11/5/2021 Magna Cartoon The Warners sing a song about the Magna Carta.
21 11/5/2021 Happy Narfday Brain is forced to celebrate Pinky’s birthday.
20 11/5/2021 The Longest Word The Warners fight over who knows the longest word.
19 11/5/2021 Yakko Amakko Yakko goes head-to-head with an animator.
18 11/5/2021 Rejected Animaniac Characters The Warners revisit some rejected Animaniacs characters.
17 11/5/2021 Mouse Congeniality Pinky participates in a “Miss Universe” pageant.
16 11/5/2021 Yakko’s Big Idea Yakko has a new idea for an invention.
15 11/5/2021 Know Your Scroll The Warners try to find something to watch on a streaming service.
14 11/5/2021 The Pinktator Brain wants to become a dictator.
13 11/5/2021 The Warners Are Present The Warners heckle an artist at a museum.
12 11/5/2021 How to Brain Takes Over the World Pinky makes a how-to video about taking over the world.
11 11/5/2021 My Super Sour Sweet Sixteen The Warners ruin a super sweet 16 party.
10 11/5/2021 Ralph World Ralph stars in a parody of Westworld in the opening.
9 11/5/2021 The Hamburg Tickler Scratchansniff tries to teach the Warners a lesson about lying.
8 11/5/2021 Run Pinky Run Pinky needs to get money to save Brain, and fast.
7 11/5/2021 Rug of War The Warners go inside the Bayeux Tapestry.
6 11/5/2021 Everyday Safety The Warners give safety advice.
5 11/5/2021 The Flawed Couple Nora must fill the segment time by airing failed, never-before-seen ‘Pinky & the Brain’ pilots.
4 11/5/2021 Please Submit The Warners are harassed by spam.
3 11/5/2021 Wakko’s Short Shorts: Now Loading Wakko waits for his new game to load.
2 11/5/2021 Backwards Pinky Brain and Pinky accidentally become conjoined.
1 11/5/2021 Rome Sweet Rome The Warners deal with Nero.
Season 1
Episode Date Title Description
42 11/20/2020 FLOTUS, FLOTUS, What Do You Know About Us? Dot sings about all the First Ladies.
41 11/20/2020 Roadent Trip Brain builds a driverless car.
40 11/20/2020 Hindenburg Cola The Warners go on a quest for Dr. Scratchansniff.
39 11/20/2020 Manny Manspreader A man lacks a sense of personal space.
38 11/20/2020 1001 Narfs Pinky & the Brian entertain a Sultana.
37 11/20/2020 A Zit! Dot has a zit on her face.
36 11/20/2020 Things That Go Bump in the Night Spooky monsters get claustrophobic.
35 11/20/2020 Bride of Pinky Brain frightens a whole village into submission.
34 11/20/2020 Fear and Laughter in Burbank The Warners encounter a scary clown.
33 11/20/2020 Phantomaniacs The Warners haunt a television set in a parody of Poltergeist.
32 11/20/2020 The Warner’s Press Conference The Warners give their thoughts about the episode.
31 11/20/2020 Babysitter’s Flub Brain battles a toddler for a meteorite.
30 11/20/2020 Anima-Nyet The Warners discover an unauthorized version of their show in Russia.
29 11/20/2020 The Incredible Gnome In People’s Mouths A gnome helps people by saying what they really mean.
28 11/20/2020 Future Brain Brain is humbled by his future self.
27 11/20/2020 That’s Not the Issue The Warners argue with a talk show host about what’s the issue.
26 11/20/2020 Here Comes Treble The Warners butt heads with a conductor.
25 11/20/2020 Starbox and Cindy Starbox fails to escape Cindy’s adoring grasp.
24 11/20/2020 Mousechurian Candidate Brain creates the perfect FLOTUS in order to become the President.
23 11/20/2020 WhoDonut The Warners hunt a donut thief.
22 11/20/2020 Gift Rapper Yakko channels Shakespeare to save hip-hop.
21 11/20/2020 France France Revolution Hungry and wanting food, the Warners accidentally start the French Revolution.
20 11/20/2020 Warner She Wrote Celebrated detective Hercule Yakko investigates a dognapping.
19 11/20/2020 Equal Time Yakko, Wakko, and Dot host the Animaniacs 2020 Election Special.
18 11/20/2020 Close Encounters of the Worst Kind Aliens don’t share Brain’s goals.
17 11/20/2020 The Cutening Dot discovers a recipe for cuteness.
16 11/20/2020 Ralph Cam Ralph falls asleep.
15 11/20/2020 No Brainer Pinky & the Brain break into the NSA.
14 11/20/2020 Good Warner Hunting The Warners are stalked by a hunter.
13 11/20/2020 Bloopf A new app is born.
12 11/20/2020 Ex-Mousina Brain’s robot “son” turns on him.
11 11/20/2020 Bun Control The Warners fight a rabbit infestation.
10 11/20/2020 Math-terpiece Theater: Apples Dot gives a dramatic math lesson.
9 11/20/2020 Pinko and the Brain Brain gets busted time-travelling.
8 11/20/2020 Gold Meddlers The Warners compete in games of skill.
7 11/20/2020 Suffragette City Dot learns that cartoons don’t have the right to vote.
6 11/20/2020 How to Brain Your Dragon Pinky & the Brain try using a dragon to rule the world.
5 11/20/2020 Warners Unbound The Warners vacation in Ancient Greece.
4 11/20/2020 Suspended Animation (2) Yakko sings about Hollywood reboots.
3 11/20/2020 Of Mice and Memes Brain’s meme fails to achieve world domination.
2 11/20/2020 Suspended Animation (1) Yakko, Wakko, and Dot return home and learn about the modern world after being rebooted.
1 11/20/2020 Jurassic Lark In a spoof of Jurassic Park, a crew uncovers Yakko, Wakko, and Dot in the wilderness.

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