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Studio: Disney Channel

Hot rod diggity dog! Mickey and the Roadster Racers has a brand new name! Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures is a madcap car-racing adventure featuring Disney’s No. 1 star, Mickey Mouse, and his pals Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Daisy and Donald. The new season takes Mickey and the gang along with friends Chip & Dale on zany adventures all around Hot Dog Hills in fun locales including Mickey’s new gadget-filled house, the Mixed-Up Motor Lab at Mickey’s Garage and Minnie, Daisy and Cuckoo Loca’s Happy Helpers office. 

Mickey Mouse Mixed Up Adventures Episode List

Season 2

2510/12/2018Hi, Jinx! & Pete’s Junkyard Helpers
2410/5/2018Goof Quest & Llama Drama
239/28/2018Super-Charged Two Close Friends & Mr. Bigby’s Big Night
229/21/2018Super-Charged Donald’s Roadster Round-Up & The Daisy Dance!
219/14/2018Mickey’s Fun-tastical Field Day & Clarabelle on the Mooo-ve!
209/7/2018Mickey’s Spring Grand Prix & My Little Daisy
198/31/2018You Quack Me Up & Tree House Trouble
188/24/2018Super-Charged – The Big Cheesy & Shenannygans!
178/24/2018Ski Trippin’! & My Fair Pete
168/17/2018Snow-Go with the Flow & Happy Helpers on Ice!
158/17/2018Mickey’s Big Surprise & Meet the Beagles!
148/3/2018Goofy’s Drive-In & The Iron Mouse
138/3/2018Pluto and the Pup & Trouble at Floochi’s
127/20/2018Daisy’s Photo Finish & Super-Charged Daisy’s Grande Goal
117/20/2018Goof Mansion & A Doozy Night of Mystery
106/29/2018Mickey’s Ukulele Jam & Grandpa vs. Grandpa
96/29/2018Super-Charged – Pop Star Helpers & The Chip N’ Dale 500
86/22/2018Super-Charged! & Super-Charged – Mickey Monster Rally
76/22/2018Phantom of the Café & Cuckoo in Paris
66/8/2018The Roadsterettes! & Oh Happy Day
56/8/2018The Goofy Race! & Cuckoo for Cuckoo Clocks!
45/4/2018Racing Rivals & The Hapless Helpers
35/4/2018Donald’s Stinky Day & The Hiking Honeybees
24/13/2018Stop Lazlo! & The Hot Diggity Dog Show
14/13/2018The Biggest Heist Ever & Thrillin’ Hilda

Season 1

1051/16/2017Egg-xasperating!The Happy Helpers are charged with watching Clara Cluck’s egg.
1031/16/2017Roaming around RomeThe Happy Helpers cover for a sick friend by giving a tour of Rome to a travel critic.
1021/15/2017Little Big ApeThe Happy Helpers try to capture a gorilla that’s loose in Clarabelle’s house.
1011/15/2017Sittin’ KittyMinnie and Daisy search all over Hot Dog Hills for a cat.
523/23/2018Safari, So GoodThe Happy Helpers become safari guides for the day.
513/23/2018Rockin’ Roadsters!The gang is invited to compete in Billy B’s Hot Rod Switcheroo!
502/19/2018Cuckoo La-LaWhen designer Cuckoo La-La enlists the Happy Helpers to help her out, Minnie and Daisy are thrilled to help out.
492/19/2018The Grand Food Truck RallyThe Great Food Truck Rally is today as it will require the best road speed and kitchen skills to win it.
481/15/2018Super Sweet HelpersMrs. Sweetums hires the Happy Helpers to look after her candy store and factory while she goes to a candy convention in Bedford. Mayor McBeagle wants the Happy Helpers to fill a ginormous Hot Dog shape piñata for a Suprise Summer Celebration party for the citizens of Hot Dog Hills but Kaos breaks out as the candy making machines go haywire but in the process invented a new candy that is the hit of the party.
471/15/2018Hot Dog Daze AfternoonMickey Mouse takes a day off from his garage to take Pluto out to lunch and to the park. However, certain incidents cause him to be called back to the garage for him to handle.
4612/1/2017Happy Holiday Helpers!
4512/1/2017Happy Hot Diggity Dog Holiday!
4411/17/2017Alarm On The FarmWhen Clara Cluck and her chicks go out of town for two days, the Happy Helpers agree to watch over her farm as farmworkers. During this time, the Happy Helpers have to milk the cow, feed the pigs, collect the eggs from the chickens, and have them ready for Clara Cluck’s stand at the farmers’ market.
4311/17/2017Pit Stop And GoAt the first “Pit Stop and Go” rally that is attended by Gordon Gear and Danni Sue, pit crews compete against each other to see who is the fastest and most efficient pit crew while avoiding obstacles in the race. Mickey has Donald, Chip, and Dale as his pit crew, Minnie, Daisy, and Cuckoo Loca are paired up with Danni Sue, and Goofy and Pluto are paired up with Gordon Gear.
4211/5/2017Diner Dog RescueThe Happy Helpers help a TV chef rescue the Hot Dog Diner.
4111/5/2017Billy Beagle’s Tip-Top GarageBilly Beagle films the garage crew as they try to turn a junker into a winning roadster in one day
409/15/2017Pete’s Ghostly GalaThe Happy Helpers help Pete for his Halloween Party.
399/15/2017The Haunted Hot RodMickey decorates his roadster for Halloween.
388/25/2017Camp Happy HelpersThe Happy Helpers fill in as counselors for the day at a summer camp.
378/25/2017Garage AloneWhen a thief is on the loose, Goofy and Pluto try to protect the garage.
368/11/2017Figaro’s New Friend!The Happy Helpers look after Pluto, and Figaro gets jealous.
358/11/2017Ready, Get Pet… Go Pluto!Famous racer Danni Sue and her dog Dallas enter Hot Dog Hills’ first Pets and Pistons Race,
347/28/2018Artful HelpersThe Happy Helpers are asked to guard a valuable painting at the Hot Dog Hills’ Fancy Art Museum.
337/28/2018Donald’s GarageDonald is left in charge while Mickey is away and he tries to improve the garage.
327/14/2018Grandpa Beagle’s Day OutThe Happy Helpers help Grandpa Beagle and Billy Beagle have family time.
317/14/2018Mouse Vs. Machine!Mickey and the gang are split up for a pit crew competition but Donald’s team loses because he wasn’t cooperating.
306/10/2017Lights! Camera! Help!
296/10/2017Stop That Heist!
285/11/2017The Big Broadcast
275/11/2017Daredevil Goofy!Goofy gets a chance to compete against the movie hero Morty McCool in a daredevil race.
265/11/2017Adventures in Buddysitting!The Happy Helpers help the babysit kids and a goat named Buddy when the Hot Dog Hills Play Center is closed.
255/11/2017Smarty GoofGoofy and Mickey compete with the Hot Dog Hills Invention Competition with the help of Professor Von Drake.
245/10/2017The Happiest Helpers Cruise!The Happy Helpers work as a cruise directors and help the cruise janitor Emmy Lou to win the disco dance contest.
235/10/2017The Impossible RaceCuckoo Loca participates in her first ever roadster event.
225/10/2017Teed Off!The Happy Helpers work as a caddies for the big golf tournament.
215/10/2017Goof Luck CharmGoofy credits the good luck to his rubber duck and Daisy decides to borrow it.
203/10/2017Gone Fishin’!Mickey and Goofy try to go fishing but the rest of the gang interrupts them.
193/10/2017Going Upppppppppp!Mickey and the gang compete in the first Hot Dog Hills Hot Air Balloon Roadster Race!
182/24/2017Breakfast and BungledThe Happy Helpers help run a bed and breakfast but Clarabelle’s eagerness creates problems.
172/24/2017Guru GoofyGoofy tries to teach Donald mindfulness in order to calm down for the Roadster Games.
162/10/2017Happy Birthday Helpers!The Happy Helpers go on a wild ride as they chase down a wagon carrying a birthday cake.
152/10/2017Abra-ka-Goof!Goofy thinks he’s used his magician skills to turn Gordon Gear into a rabbit.
142/3/2017Tea Time Trouble!The Happy Helpers are invited to tea with the Queen.
132/3/2017Ye Olde Royal HeistMickey and Minnie are celebrating their “raceversary” in London but Mickey forgot to get Minnie a gift!
121/27/2017Happy Hula Helpers!The Happy Helpers teach a hula dance for a birthday celebration.
111/27/2017It’s Wiki Wiki TimeDonald’s Hawaiian vacation is interrupted when the gang arrives for a relay race.
101/20/2017Running of the Roadsters!Minnie and Daisy make a bet with Mickey and Donald over who will win the race.
51/16/2017Agent Double-O-GoofGoofy is mistaken for a secret agent as the Queen comes for tea.
41/20/2017Mickey’s Perfecto DayMickey plans a perfect day for Minnie.
31/16/2017Race for the Rigatoni RibbonMickey and the gang compete against cheatin’ Piston Pietro in Rome.
21/15/2017Goofy Gas!Goofy invents fuel to make the roadsters go faster.
11/15/2017Mickey’s Wild Tire!Mickey tries to surprise racing champion Jiminy Johnson

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