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Almost 30 years after the Muppet Babies first won the hearts of kids and families around the world, Disney Junior’s reimagined television series chronicles the hilarious playroom antics of a young Kermit the Frog, Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo and Animal – plus a brand-new Muppet Baby, Summer Penguin. Under the watchful eye of Miss Nanny, the Muppet Babies use their imaginations to embark on countless adventures that take them to the farthest corners of the universe and demonstrate to young viewers the power and potential of imaginative play.

Muppet Babies Episode List

Season 3
Episode Date Title Description
58 1/14/2022 My Best Toy’s Wedding Summer and Gonzo’s best toys are getting married.
57 1/14/2022 Happy Villain-tine’s Day Gonzo turns into his alter-ego, Dr. Meanzo, when he thinks nobody made him a valentine.
56 11/28/2021 Winter Sport-a-thon Gonzo and Skeeter decide to hold a Winter-Sport-a-Thon.
55 11/28/2021 Mitzvah for Miss Nanny When Miss Nanny tells the Muppet Babies that she’s going to be doing mitzvahs for Hanukkah, they decide to do mitzvahs of their own.
54 11/27/2021 A Merry Litter Christmas When one of Bunsen and Beaker’s new creations goes awry, they end up causing a huge mess on Planet Gonzo, so the Muppet Babies must come up with a plan to save Gonzonian Christmas.
53 11/27/2021 It’s a Wonderful Elf-bot The Muppet Babies try to use Bunsen and Beaker’s newest invention, the Elf-Bot, to make Christmas gifts for Mr. Statler and Mr. Waldorf but they get so caught up in making gifts for themselves that they run out of supplies.
52 11/12/2021 Rizzo’s Space Race Rizzo gets himself into trouble with Patch.
51 11/12/2021 Eagle in the Middle It’s scribble screen time and the gang can’t agree on what to watch.
50 10/15/2021 Muppet Newsflash Piggy starts a news show, but the news in the backyard isn’t exciting, so they exaggerate their stories.
49 10/15/2021 Moon Muffins The gang bakes Moon Muffins, but Rizzo would rather relax than bake.
48 10/1/2021 The Curse of the Wereanimal When Animal gobbles down too much candy without eating lunch first, he turns into the Wereanimal.
47 10/1/2021 Oh My Gourd The pumpkin Kermit planted for Halloween is tiny.
46 9/24/2021 Kermit Gets the Grumpies Bunsen and Beaker remove Kermit’s grumpies using their new invention.
45 9/24/2021 Kitchen Catastrophe Chef is convinced Gonzo’s cooking is yucky and refuses to try anything he makes.
44 9/17/2021 Rizzo for Mayor The Muppet Babies hold an election for Mayor of the Playroom.
43 9/17/2021 Scooter MVP Scooter and the Muppet Babies come up with a plan to secretly let Skeeter win a sports game.
42 8/27/2021 Tarzanimal
41 8/27/2021 Phantom of the Dollhouse
40 8/13/2021 The Trouble with Chickies
39 8/13/2021 Rootin’ Tootin’ Sheriff Showdown
38 7/23/2021 Summer’s Car Trouble
37 7/23/2021 Gonzo-rella
36 7/9/2021 Fozzie and the Fairy Tea Party
35 7/9/2021 Robin Digs Deep
34 7/2/2021 Muppets of the Caribbean
33 7/2/2021 Rozzie and the Big Bad Sound
32 6/25/2021 Animal Too Loud
31 6/25/2021 Sam and the Skyscraper
30 5/14/2021 No Takesies Backsies
29 5/14/2021 Best in Chicken Show
28 5/7/2021 Dueling Harmonicas
27 5/7/2021 It’s Not Easy Being Greeny
26 4/30/2021 Boo Boo Bamboozle
25 4/30/2021 A Very Sticker Situation
24 4/23/2021 Summer Science Penguin
23 4/23/2021 Best Pals Pizza Delivery
22 4/16/2021 The Invisible Frog
21 4/16/2021 Backyard Safari
20 3/26/2021 Animal and the Little Accident
19 3/26/2021 Kermit and Fozzie’s Eggcellent Adventure
18 3/12/2021 The Fellowship of the Rainbow Yo-Yo
17 3/12/2021 Lone Eagle
16 2/26/2021 Presto Uh Oh
15 2/26/2021 The Ribbiter
14 2/12/2021 The Best Best Friend Beach Day
13 2/12/2021 Muppet Space Camp
12 1/22/2021 Fozzie Can’t Bear It
11 1/22/2021 Gonzo’s Bubble Trouble
10 1/8/2021 Animal Loses It
9 1/8/2021 The Copy Club
8 1/7/2021 Rowlf Gets the Blues
7 1/7/2021 The Mystery of the Missing Pearls
6 1/6/2021 Farewell, Statler and Waldorf
5 1/6/2021 Summer’s Disaster-Piece
4 1/5/2021 Interplanetary Kickle Ball
3 1/5/2021 The Legend of El Tomahto
2 1/4/2021 Fozzie’s Boo Boo Patrol
1 1/4/2021 Oh Brother
Season 2
Episode Date Title Description
42 8/21/2020 Block Busters
41 8/21/2020 Sherlock Knows
40 8/7/2020 Friend-a-versary Summer and Piggy search for the perfect gift to give each other on their “friend-a-versary.”
39 8/7/2020 Rise of the Pickler Gonzo never says thank you when Animal helps him out, leaving him feeling unappreciated.
38 7/24/2020 A Tale of Two Twins Scooter and Skeeter secretly switch places to go to each other’s play groups.
37 7/24/2020 Secret Agent Double-Oh-Frog Kermit turns into super spy Kermit Pond to sneak back his Froggy’s First Banjo.
36 7/10/2020 The Friends of Zorna Club When Gonzo starts a Zorna Club, he insists only those who have proven they truly love Zorna can join.
35 7/10/2020 Animal and the Magic Mummy Animal accidentally brings a troublemaking mummy to life while at the museum.
34 6/26/2020 Frog Scouts Kermit, Robin, and Carlos are excited for their very first Frog Scouts outing, led by Mr. Manny.
33 6/26/2020 Summer’s Big Kerfloofle When Bunsen and Beaker bring a Floofle to the playroom, it bonds with Summer.
32 6/19/2020 Gonzonocchio When Gonzo loses his library book he makes tall tales to cover the truth.
31 6/19/2020 The Spoon in the Stone Rowlf’s story sets Animal, Gonzo and Piggy off on a quest to become the greatest knight in the land.
30 6/5/2020 Library Leapfrog In preparation for their trip to the library, Piggy and Summer show Robin all the wonderful places books can take readers.
29 6/5/2020 Animal Gets the Sneezies Animal gets a case of the sneezies and can’t stop sneezing.
28 5/22/2020 Skeeter and the Super Girls Skeeter tries to fight crime as superhero, Top Speed, without her glasses.
27 5/22/2020 Win A Twin The Muppet Babies find Scooter a replacement twin when he can’t have fun without Skeeter.
26 4/17/2020 Gonzo’s Coop Dreams Disaster strikes when Gonzo wears a pair of Can’t Lose Shoes to help the chicks win the basketball game.
25 4/17/2020 Best Friends Fixer Uppers Kermit and Fozzie get distracted and never finish their fix-it projects.
24 3/6/2020 Bunsen Honeydew, Show Stopper When Beaker joins Muppet Rockplosion, Bunsen sabotages their concert with science.
23 3/6/2020 Meatball Mayhem Chef visits the playroom with some not-so-tasty meatballs.
22 2/28/2020 Gonzo’s Clean Sweep The Muppet Babies must finish their chores.
21 2/28/2020 Wocka by Fozzie Fozzie can’t wait for the very first Muppet Babies sleepover, but after all the fun slumber party antics, he has second thoughts.
20 1/31/2020 Summer’s Snow Cone Stop Summer opens her own Snow Cone Stop.
19 1/31/2020 Chicken Round-Up After Animal finishes playing with the chicks in the backyard, he gets distracted and forgets to put them back in the coop.
18 1/3/2020 When You Wish Upon a Rizzo The Muppet Babies are visited by Rizzo the Genie and wish for all sorts of neat things.
17 1/3/2020 Beaker 2.0 Bunsen creates a substitute lab assistant, Beaker 2.0, to fill in while Beaker’s away.
16 12/13/2019 My Brother Vinny Rizzo feels a little insecure when his superstar singer big brother arrives at the playroom for a visit.
15 12/13/2019 Run Fozzie Run Fozzie runs away after he accidentally breaks the swing.
14 12/6/2019 Don’t Over Duet Piggy practices her performance for Miss Nanny too hard and loses her voice.
13 12/6/2019 The Karate Cub Fozzie must learn some “Camilla-rate” in order to join the martial arts team The Kickin’ Chickens.
12 11/15/2019 Mister Manny When Mr. Manny steps in for Miss Nanny, Piggy must learn to accept his babysitting style.
11 11/15/2019 Mystery on the Muppet Express Buddy the Bunny goes missing while the Muppet Babies are having a great time on the Muppet Express.
10 10/25/2019 Sparkly Star Switcheroo When Rowlf is sad about not making a wish on a shooting star, Summer paints a sparkly star to cheer him up. When she does make it, Piggy thinks that Summer made it for her causing Summer to lead the others in switching the pictures without Piggy seeing them.
9 10/25/2019 Tagalong Polliwog When Kermit’s nephew Robin visits, Kermit is nervous that he is too small to play such big boy games.
8 9/27/2019 Animal and the Egg Animal learns to be gentle when he catches an egg that falls from its nest.
7 9/27/2019 The Great Muppet Cook-Off When the Muppet Babies like Chef’s homemade cookies more than Piggy’s, she challenges him to a cook-off
6 8/23/2019 Monster Next Door After Potato accidentally ends up with a scary monster, it’s up to the Muppet Babies to rescue him.
5 8/23/2019 Finders Keepers When Rizzo finds emeralds in the sandbox, he must resist pocketing the treasure.
4 8/16/2019 My Buddy Animal lets Fozzie borrow his stuffed bunny, Buddy.
3 8/16/2019 Starship Piggy Piggy takes credit for the spaceship Kermit made and takes the Muppet Babies to outer space.
2 8/9/2019 My Fair Animal Miss Piggy tries to make Animal fancy for her tea party.
1 8/9/2019 The Froginizer The Muppet Babies play super heroes; Piggy and Summer help Kermit discover his superpower, it may not be in time to defeat Gonzo’s evil plan.
Season 1
Episode Date Title Description
40 5/3/2019 No Laughing Matter
39 5/3/2019 Puppy For A Day
38 2/15/2019 Counting Kermits
37 2/15/2019 The Best, Best Friend
36 1/4/2019 Planet Gonzo
35 1/4/2019 Summer the Great
34 11/30/2018 Summer’s Fabulous Holiday Surprise
33 11/30/2018 A Very Muppet Babies Christmas
32 11/9/2018 The Card Shark
31 11/9/2018 Kermit’s Big Show
30 10/5/2018 The Teeth-Chattering Tale of the Haunted Pancakes
29 10/5/2018 Happy Hallowocka!
28 9/14/2018 A Backyard Divided
27 9/14/2018 Grandpa Camp
26 8/17/2018 Doctor Fozzie
25 8/17/2018 Bunsen Knows All
24 7/20/2018 Animal Kong
23 7/20/2018 The Great Gonzo’s Desert Grand Prix
22 6/29/2018 Tooth and Consequences
21 6/29/2018 Upside-Down Day
20 6/15/2018 MuppetRock
19 6/15/2018 The Good, The Bad, and The Froggy
18 5/11/2018 Best Pals Pizza Parlor Palace
17 5/11/2018 Animal Cleans Up
16 5/4/2018 Frogs of a Feather
15 5/4/2018 Kermit Levels Up
14 4/27/2018 You Ought to Be in Pictures
13 4/27/2018 Summer Penguin, P.I.
12 4/20/2018 The Blanket Fort
11 4/20/2018 Playground Pirates
10 4/13/2018 One Small Problem
9 4/13/2018 How Kermit Got His Groove
8 4/6/2018 Piggy’s Time Machine
7 4/6/2018 Super Fabulous vs. Captain Ice Cube
6 3/30/2018 You Say Potato, I Say Best Friend
5 3/30/2018 The Great Muppet Sport-A-Thon
4 3/23/2018 Fly South
3 3/23/2018 Hatastrophe
2 3/23/2018 Animal Fly Airplane
1 3/23/2018 Sir Kermit the Brave
Season 0
Episode Date Title Description
1 3/2/2018 Muppet Babies Show and Tell

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