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Almost 30 years after the Muppet Babies first won the hearts of kids and families around the world, Disney Junior’s reimagined television series chronicles the hilarious playroom antics of a young Kermit the Frog, Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo and Animal – plus a brand-new Muppet Baby, Summer Penguin. Under the watchful eye of Miss Nanny, the Muppet Babies use their imaginations to embark on countless adventures that take them to the farthest corners of the universe and demonstrate to young viewers the power and potential of imaginative play.

Muppet Babies Episode List

Season 1

Episode Date Title Description
20 4/12/2019 Puppy For A Day – No Laughing Matter
19 2/15/2019 The Best, Best Friend – Counting Kermits
18 1/4/2019 Summer the Great – Planet Gonzo Gonzo the Great decides to teach Summer how to perform daring feats of daring! The Muppet Babies hop in a rocket ship and travel to Planet Gonzo where everyone looks just like him!
17 11/30/2018 A Very Muppet Babies Christmas – Summer’s Fabulous Holiday Surprise It’s Christmas in the playroom and everyone loves their secret Santa gifts except for Kermit. When a snowstorm cancels Summer’s trip home, Piggy brings her traditions to the playroom.
16 11/9/2018 Kermit’s Big Show – The Card Shark The Muppet Babies plan to put on a show for Miss Nanny and decide to work together to incorporate their own creative ideas. Piggy has to learn how to win at playing a board game without cheating.
15 10/5/2018 Happy Hallowocka! – The Teeth-Chattering Tale of the Haunted Pancakes During Halloween, Fozzie can’t help but be funny when he’s supposed to be spooky. When Kermit won’t try Miss Nanny’s boo-berry pancakes, Summer tells a mysterious Halloween tale.
14 9/14/2018 Grandpa Camp – A Backyard Divided It’s Grandparent’s Day but Fozzie has never met his grandparents. When Gonzo and Piggy can’t get along, they divide the backyard into two separate kingdoms.
13 8/17/2018 Bunsen Knows All – Doctor Fozzie While playing pretend hospital, Doctor Fozzie quickly gets too many patients. Bunsen is asked a question he doesn’t know the answer to so he fibs and the lie grows out of control!
12 7/20/2018 The Great Gonzo’s Desert Grand Prix – Animal Kong Gonzo decides to make everything a race and challenges the whole playroom. During quiet time, Animal isn’t allowed to play the drums and becomes Animal Kong!
11 6/29/2018 Upside-Down Day – Tooth and Consequences When Summer has a case of bad-day-itis, Gonzo’s cure is turning the whole playroom upside down! Animal loses a tooth but the Tooth Fairy didn’t leave him anything!
10 6/15/2018 The Good, The Bad, and The Froggy – Muppet Rock โ€œThe Good, The Bad, and The Froggyโ€: After Kermit hurts his knee in tricycle race and no longer wants to ride a tricycle, the Muppet Babies go on a Wild West adventure where Galloping Gulch has it’s juice boxes stolen by Gonzo the Kid and Sundance the Potato and Sheriff Kermit must ride the tricycle again and defeat Gonzo the Kid.

โ€œMuppet Rockโ€: The Muppet Babies form a Rock Band in order to perform at Muppet Rock-Splosion. They must get ready to perform by the time night falls. While Animal thinks that they need to practice, Piggy thinks that they should have other stuff for their performance.

Song for The Good, The Bad, and The Froggy: “The Legend of Hopalong Froggy” by Kermit

Songs for Muppet Rock: “Do You Wanna Rock?” and “You Can Be A Star”

9 5/11/2018 Animal Cleans Up – Best Pals Pizza Parlor Palace The gang opens a car wash to help Animal get clean after they’re overwhelmed by his stinky feet. Fozzie and Kermit have a disagreement over how to manage their Best Pals Pizza Parlor Palace.
8 5/4/2018 Kermit Levels Up – Frogs of a Feather “Kermit Levels Up”: As Fozzie gets ready for his comedy show while Nanny starts to make strawberry muffins, Kermit plays a jetpack-themed video game that Mr. Statler accidentally dropped into their yard. The Muppet Babies imagine themselves in the game as Fozzie starts showing concern that they are more focused on the video game.

“Frogs of a Feather”: A blue frog named Carlos (Todrick Hall) appears at Miss Nanny’s house where she has him play with the Muppet Babies. Fozzie imagines him in a frog-themed hotel where he starts giving him treatment related to things that Kermit likes. Though Fozzie neglects to ask Carlos what he really likes causing the other Muppet Babies to take this action.

Songs from Frogs of a Feather: “The Lily Pad Blues” and “What This Frog Likes to Do” by Carlos

7 4/27/2018 Summer Penguin, P.I. – You Ought to Be in Pictures “Summer Penguin, P.I.”: When Piggy and Gonzo’s checker board is flipped, Summer becomes a penguin investigator to find out who is responsible.

“You Ought to Be in Pictures”: During a field trip at the museum, Fozzie’s “Wacky Aardvarks” lunchbox is stolen by a monkey from a picture as the Muppet Babies work to reclaim it before noon.

Song for Summer Penguin, P.I.: “I’m On the Case” by Summer Penguin

6 4/20/2018 The Blanket Fort – Playground Pirates “The Blanket Fort”: Piggy and Summer build a blanket fort which leads to Blanketopia where Piggy is a queen and Summer is a princess. Though there are some rules that Piggy has the chicks enforce like no breaking things, no loud noises, no licking the walls, no saying “no” to the queen.

“Playground Pirates”: When Miss Nanny’s earring goes missing, Kermit imagines himself as Captain Greenbeard as he leads Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Animal, Summer, and Camilla into searching for it while overcoming obstacles like a storm, a giant squid, and some booby traps.

Song for The Blanket Fort: “The Rules of the Kingdom” by Piggy

Song for Playground Pirates: “Muppet Pirate Shanty”

5 4/13/2018 How Kermit Got His Groove – One Small Problem “How Kermit Got His Grove”: As the Muppet Babies clean up the playroom by music time, Rizzo the Rat moves out of the nearby mouse hole and starts making a mess of things. If the Muppet Babies want to reclaim the playroom, they’ll have to bear Rizzo in a dance contest. Though he chooses Kermit as an opponent where Kermit can’t dance. So the other Muppet Babies work to teach him before the dance off.

“One Small Problem”: As Miss Nanny is baking cookies, Summer is tired of being the shortest of the group. To help Summer, Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker invent an Enlarge-O Ray to increase her size. However, it malfunctions and shrinks Summer to a small size. While Bunsen and Beaker work to fix the Enlarge-O Ray, the other Muppet Babies must find a way to have fun with a tiny-sized Summer.

Song for How Kermit Got His Groove: “You Can Be a Dancer!”

4 4/6/2018 Piggy’s Time Machine – Super Fabulous Vs. Captain Ice Cube “Piggy’s Time Machine”: Piggy is impatient for the arrival of her birthday, so the Muppet Babies imagine they have a time machine where Piggy unknowingly has everyone brought to the Mesozoic where they evade a Hug-A-Saurus Rex, the future where they meet Miss Nanny 2.0, the Signing of the United States Declaration of Independence, the Wright Brothers flights of 1909, Mark Antony’s famous speech, the Viking Age, and the theme song of The Muppet Show (footage actually taken from the 2011 movie). They soon get stuck in Ancient Egypt when the time machine breaks down.

“Super Fabulous vs. Captain Ice Cube”: To make Piggy and Summer play together, Kermit has the group imagine that Miss Piggy is the superhero Super Fabulous and Summer as Captain Ice Cube where they must work together to rescue Kermit from Gonzo as Dr. Meanzo, Fozzie as Noodler, and Animal as Dr. Meanzo’s henchman Meanimal.

Song for Piggy’s Time Machine: “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait”

Song for Super Fabulous vs. Captain Ice Cube: “Super Fabulous”

3 3/30/2018 The Great Muppet Sport-A-Thon – You Say Potato, I Say Best Friend “The Great Muppet Sport-A-Thon” – The Muppet Babies put on a sporting competition that is watched by Mr. Statler and Mr. Waldorf. With help from Miss Nanny, Piggy must learn how to be a good sport and get back in the game after losing several events.

“You Say Potato, I Say Best Friend” – When Gonzo becomes best friends with a potato, the rest of the Muppet Babies must learn how to include it in their games.

Song for The Great Muppet Sport-A-Thon: “Get Back in the Game” by Miss Nanny

Song for You Say Potato, I Say Best Friend: “Me and My Potato” by Gonzo

2 3/23/2018 Hatastrophe – Fly South “Hatastrophe”: While playing with Fozzie’s propeller beanie, Kermit accidentally causes it to fall into the yard of their neighbors Mr. Statler and Mr. Waldorf and must lead the others into finding a way to get it back to Fozzie.

“Fly South”: Learning about the migration of birds upon seeing them fly south for the winter, Gonzo suspects that Camilla, Priscilla, and Beep are going to migrate when Miss Nanny plans to take them on a trip.

Song for Fly South: “Never Have to Say Goodbye (To the Summer)”

1 3/23/2018 Sir Kermit the Brave – Animal Fly Airplane “Sir Kermit the Brave”: At the time when he has a secret fear of the dark, Kermit imagines himself as a knight where he has an encounter with a dragon named Dot (Rachel Bloom).

“Animal Fly Airplane”: Animal has expressed interest in wanting to fly an airplane when the rest of the Muppets imagine themselves flying to Paris, France.

Song for Sir Kermit the Brave: “What’s So Scary About the Dark?” by Kermit and Dot

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