New Year’s Eve 2014 at Epcot

Heading into World Showcase this was the view that welcomed us, people laying next to the railing of World Showcase Lagoon 8 hours (thats 2 rides on Soarin’) before midnight, and this was just one photo there were people all the way around already camping out!



Moving toward Canada this sight made me pause and just think these people are waiting at least 20 minutes for a Friendship to take them across the lagoon that can take about 10 minutes to walk.

IMG_0895Heading into Canada we saw two sights that I have never seen, a line out the door for O’Canada and a HUGE crowd for the Canadian Lumberjacks!

U.K. Pavilion not having any attractions had set up a DJ area in the back.

IMG_0899Moving into France this was the Sea of Humanity that would be common place for the rest of the night. Also a sight almost as mind blowing as the line for O’Canada was a line outside Impressions De France.

After escaping France it started to turn a little cold so Morocco has one of the hidden gems that almost no one goes into, the Gallery of Art and History which I have gone into during the busiest of Food & Wine days and sat for an hour without anyone opening the door..well that was not the case this day!

After hiding out for a few minutes it was time to head on to Japan to see, what I think was one of the coolest things of the night, the info on the Silent DJ. The Silent DJ would start playing at 7pm when the evening events really started and they gave us the link to go to on your smartphone and passed out free earbuds to listen to him live.

IMG_0917Oh this was also one of the longest lines for the ladies room for the smallest restroom which took a friend 15 minutes to get through!



After a brief restroom stop it was on to America for the one of two attractions experienced on this day. But first we noticed the American Gardens Stage had a pretty fun DJ already going.

IMG_0919Heading into the American Adventure this was the crowd already gathered for the Voices of Liberty.

IMG_0925The most surprising thing is after the performance not only did everyone stick around for the American Adventure show more came in! This theater holds over a thousand guests and it was very close to full!

IMG_0927After what may have been a brief nap, but I do love that attraction, it was time to pick up our hats and horns. You can tell from my face how much I was done with the horns by the time we headed back into Japan to get our free earbuds for the Silent DJ


IMG_0957One of the best ideas of the night had to be the 6pm IllumiNations to help everyone feel that they saw some fireworks and could be home early (and help clear out some of the guests)

Now that 7pm had hit it was time to pick up our earbuds and enjoy one of the most unique things of the night dancing with a group of people that could hear music while everyone else just looked at us.

After a brief silent dance party it was time for a break and what better place than the 2nd most quite place behind the Gallery in Morocco, the Gallery in Japan…well I saw this and gave up!IMG_0960


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