New Year’s Eve 2014 at Epcot

Now that we had a brief recharge it was time to move on and see the other Pavilions and what they had in store for the night. As we crossed back through America we noticed the DJ had change to a more Latin based DJ and guest were allowed up on the stage.


Something else had changed, Spaceship Earth had become a giant countdown clock with lasers coming for the upper level of the American Adventure.

Moving into Italy we found one of the most amazing sights of the night, this dance party had more lasers than I have ever seen in a small area!

Poor Germany was left out of all the fun on this evening, but plenty of people trying to get a few steins of beer!



China has to win for the most exciting dance party with the “dragon DJ’ as I called him. Besides some great dance fun the added fire effects really made that area alive!



Of course with the closure of Maelstrom a few months ago Norway really was just a decompression zone with a secret path to Future World behind the pavilion.

Mexico while normally one of the more crowded pavilions between the shops, attraction, and tequila bar this evening you had no clue if you were in line for Gran Fiesta Tour or La Cava del Tequila.

Now that a full loop had been done, after about 6 hours, it was time to check out the parties we had missed and get ready to find our spot for the big countdown. First we had to stop by the Fountain Stage in Future World to enjoy that dance party.

IMG_1006As we headed back to World Showcase we saw that indeed guests were taking advantage of the Grassy Knoll area for the midnight fireworks!

IMG_1011First stop was a more relaxed dance party in U.K. with the DJ mostly playing British bands.

IMG_1024Next stop was my favorite part of the evening, the Silent DJ in Japan which again had more people just looking at us like we were strange than actually finding out what was going on, but it was NYE’s so who cared!




After a short silent dance party we headed back to Italy for the laser dance party!

Now with about 2 hours before midnight we decided it was time to find our spot for the big event! This was my view for the next two hours, which was not bad at all!


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