True Love Frozen BroadwayThe fourth and final single from Frozen: The Broadway Musical is here and the show is just one week away from it’s official opening night, having spent the past month in previews. “True Love” is performed by Patti Murin as Anna and it joins “Monster,” “What Do You Know About Love?,” and “Dangerous to Dream” as pre-release First Listens. While an official release date for the full Original Cast Recording has yet to be announced by Walt Disney Records, Broadway World lists an April 6th release while Amazon is offering a pre-order with a release date of June 6th.

When I walked away from seeing the show in Denver during its pre-Broadway run, two of the new songs stayed with me. One of them was “What Do You Know About Love?,” while the other was “True Love.” This heartbreaking piece is sung by Anna after Hans has locked her away in a room without warmth, leaving her to freeze to death. It’s slow, somber, and beautiful.

Like with “Monster,” Disney has recorded a video of Patti Murin singing the song with Rober Lopez at the piano. Kristin Anderson-Lopez introduces the song and proclaims it as her favorite from the show.

In my last review, I provided a playlist mixing songs from the film and songs from the show. Below is an update that includes “True Love,” as well as omits “Frozen Heart” since it isn’t actually in the show (save for a short refrain from it that appears out of nowhere at the end). If you want to listen to the new songs in show order with songs from the film, follow this guide:

  1. “Vuelie”
  2. “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?”
  3. “For the First Time in Forever”
  4. “Dangerous to Dream”
  5. “Love is an Open Door”
  6. “Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People”
  7. “What Do You Know About Love?”
  8. “In Summer”
  9. “Let It Go”
  10. “For the First Time In Forever (Reprise)”
  11. “Fixer Upper”
  12. “Monster”
  13. “True Love”
  14. “Epilogue”

Whether the Original Cast Recording of Frozen: The Broadway Musical comes out April 4th, June 6th, or some other date, all I can say is that I can’t wait to obsess over it. So Walt Disney Records, please thaw our frozen hearts with your love by just releasing the rest of the songs now. Okay? Thanks.