Frozen: The Broadway Musical celebrates one week in previews on Broadway and on this, the second Friday since its debut, we get the second single off the forthcoming original cast recording. The first single launched last week with “Monster” and Walt Disney Records has promised two more over the next two weeks. But how does “What Do You Know About Love?” compare to the power ballad that we’ve already fallen in love with?

To put it simply, they’re too different to really compare. But if this was Wicked (And let’s face it, it kind of tries to be), “Monster” would be equivalent to “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” and “What Do You Know About Love?” is likened to “Loathing.” One is an emotional, brooding ballad while the other is uptempo, boastful, and fun. When I saw the show last fall in Denver, this was the song that I walked away humming.

This boastful duet between Anna (Patti Murin) and Kristoff (Jelani Alladin) also had really fun staging in the Denver production, which I hope was kept the same in its transition to Broadway. The song takes place after Anna and Kristoff meet at Oaken’s and Kristoff decides to help Anna scale the North Mountain to find her sister and bring back summer. As the song builds, so did the sets, with the two crossing a suspension bridge hanging above the stage for a really impressive visual.

You can pick up the single on Amazon and iTunes, but Disney has also released a lyric video for this ear-worm of a song.

Last Friday, Disney released two images from Frozen‘s first curtain call on Broadway. Tonight, they released five images by Andrew Eccles of the principle cast in their costumes against wintery backdrops. The gallery below features Caissie Levy as Elsa, Patti Murin as Anna, Jelani Alladin as Kristoff, John Riddle as Hans, and Greg Hildreth as Olaf.

The next two songs scheduled for release are:

  • March 9th – “Dangerous to Dream”
  • March 16th – “True Love”

Like “What Do You Know About Love?,” I found both of these next two songs to be more memorable than “Monster” and can’t wait to hear them again. The Original Cast Recording is scheduled for a physical release on June 22nd and you can pre-order now on Amazon. For the most recent Disney Theatrical shows, Disney has released the album digitally first and according to Broadway World, the digital release date will be April 6th.

“What Do You Know About Love?” is now on sale at every major digital music provider, as well as streaming on services like Apple Music, Amazon Unlimited, and Pandora.