One month ago, we got a chance to take a peek inside Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as Cast Members and Imagineers celebrated 100 days until the land’s opening. Now, one month later, the area is really starting to take shape with new details being added each day. Among them, the Toy Story Land marquee is now ready to welcome guests to the area, having been installed just hours ago.

Toy Story Land

UPDATE (4/24/18): Today, Sheriff Woody was also added:

Toy Story Land

Not far from this welcoming sight, Green Army Men now occupy the area near Slinky Dog Dash. These brave soldiers have been added to the land since our last visit and seem to be keeping a watchful eye on the test vehicles that go by. Sadly, in related news, it was just last week that we said “goodbye” to actor R. Lee Ermey who voiced Sarge in the Toy Story films and other projects. The 74-year-old former Marine was also well known for his iconic role in Full Metal Jacket.

Toy Story Land

Finally, if you’re not aware, the site has been counting down the days until Toy Story Land’s June 30th debut. While Slinky Dog Stretch game is already available to play on the site, two more games will be arriving tomorrow: The Claw Challenge and Trivia Mania. Like you’d expect, The Claw Challenge gives players the chance to be the infamous Claw and gives them 60 seconds to find and collect as many Chosen Ones as possible. Meanwhile, Trivia Mania will test your Toy Story knowledge and will include a “sudden death” component to add to the challenge. Take a look at some screenshots of these fun, new games:

That’s all for now, but we’re expecting to get another peek at Toy Story Land next month as its opening day draws closer, so stay tuned.

Toy Story Land officially opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios June 30th.

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