Everything We Know About the Incredicoaster So Far

Oh my goodness —it’s almost time for Pixar Pier to open and along with it, the Incredicoaster! Disney Imagineers have worked hard to transform California Screamin’ into something entirely new. The Incredicoaster will tell a complete story from the time the ride begins all the way to the very end. Join us as we discuss the new changes coming to the ride.

The Story:

The citizens of Municiberg truly appreciate the heroic efforts of Supers. In fact, they’re so grateful, they’ve decided to dedicate their brand new Incredicoaster to the Parr family. Guests are invited to join in the festivities and accompany the Super family for a spin on a brand new ride. Unfortunately, Edna Mode and baby Jack-Jack are too small to enjoy the coaster so they’ll have to wait for everyone else in the VIP lounge. Apparently, Jack-Jack is having none of it. Using his polymorphic powers, Jack-Jack escapes from Edna!

That’s when the fun or terror begins. The Parr family is quick to swing into action as they attempt to save the day and catch Jack-Jack. Guests will watch as each member of the Parr family tries to catch Jack-Jack while he continually manages to escape by using a different power.

The Ride:

Join Dash as he counts down the seconds to launch, then splashes you with water as he runs up the hill. At the top of the lift hill, both you and Dash will try to avoid the laser beams that are shooting out of Jack-Jack’s eyes. Brace yourself as, you plummet down the first hill.

The next hill features a giant Elastigirl stretching inside the tube to grab her son. Suddenly, you’ll smell chocolate chip cookies and notice Mr. Incredible has punched through the tube with a cookie trying to lure the baby to him. Meanwhile Jack-Jack is on the other side of the tunnel traveling between dimensions.

The third hill shows Jack-Jack on fire but not to fear, Violet’s there to protect you from the flames with her purple forcefields.

Back on the open track, you’ll be wowed by the sight of 14 Jack-Jack’s floating around as the ride comes to a close. Edna makes an announcement that the baby is safely back and you return to messy lounge for one final surprise.

Whew! That was a close one! Time to grab a cookie (yes, they’ll actually be selling them) from Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums.

Fun Facts:

Disney shared some surprising facts about the redesigned coaster.

  • Incredicoaster is the fastest ride at the Disneyland Resort, some might say it’s super fast!
  • It’s also the longest ride at the Disneyland Resort with almost 1 1/8 miles of track.
  • The Elastigirl figure in the second tube stretches herself to 53 feet long as she tries to grab Jack-Jack.
  • It took eight people to haul the Mr. Incredible figure up the coaster track to his final position on the Incredicoaster, in the second tube.
  • The original cast recorded their voices for the characters in the attraction.
  • Each of the characters in the tubes are dimensional sculpts that are enhanced by other effects.
  • Guests will encounter at total of 19 Jack-Jack’s throughout the ride.
  • Michael Giacchino kindly returned to the world of the Incredibles to compose the score for the ride. He created the original scores for both The Incredibles and Incredibles 2.  Giacchino also wrote original music, inspired by The Incredibles for the queue area of the Incredicoaster.
  • Artist Teddy Newton worked with Walt Disney Imagineers to create a mural for the Incredicoaster load area, the artwork on a wall of Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums kiosk, and the arch at the entry of Incredibles Park, one of four neighborhoods in Pixar Pier. These designs feature a bold, abstract, hyper-colored style to contrast with the monotones of the mid-century modern architecture in the rest of the neighborhood. Newton was a character designer on The Incredibles.

The Incredicoaster opens along with Pixar Pier on Saturday, June 23rd. Fans anxious to check it out the day before can purchase tickets to the VIP Preview.

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