Super Saurus is back for another adventure in a new book, Super Saurus and the Egg. In his debut book last year, he discovered that school wasn’t so scary in Super Saurus Saves Kindergarten. This time around, his parents have returned home with an egg and this kid hero is cautious of what could be inside it.

Arnold’s imagination still finds him taking on the alter ego of Super Saurus whenever his imagination runs wild. His parents interrupt one of his play sessions with the arrival of an egg. When they tell him it contains his baby brother or sister, his head becomes full of thoughts of other things that could be inside, mostly super villains. He unleashes many farfetched possibilities before discovering the truth when the egg hatches.

Deborah Underwood has written another charming and funny story about powerful experiences many of us go through as kids. The first book explored the anxiety and fear that can come from starting a new school. This book covers the range of emotions kids go through when expecting a new sibling. Not only is this book a follow up to another Disney Hyperion release, but Underwood has written several other books for Disney including the delightful Part-Time Mermaid.

Ned Young returns as Illustrator for the second Super Saurus installment. His character designs are cartoony and fun, but most impressive is the way the styles change between Arnold’s real world and his imaginative Super Saurus visions. The artwork becomes so epic and detailed with dinosaur-inspired gadgets and shapes.

What I love most about Super Saurus and the Egg is the way Arnold responds to his new sister once the egg hatches. One of my earliest memories is running around the house behind my big brother, him dressed as Batman, me as Robin. I didn’t know that I was in a role, these were just themed pajamas, but when Arnold puts a cape on his sister and shares his love of superheroes, it brought me right back to those earliest memories.

It was fun seeing Arnold, aka Super Saurus, on another adventure to conquer his fears. Kids will loves Super Saurus and the Egg for the combination of dinosaurs, super heroes, and real-life situations they can relate to. I recommend it for all kids, but especially those who are about to have a new sibling enter their world.