The Incredicoaster Debuts at Pixar Pier

For months now we’ve been hearing all about the updated ride that now features the Incredibles. What sets this version apart from California Screamin’ is the detailed story element. Instead of just cruising on the track, guests will join the Supers as they race around the Pier to catch the elusive Jack-Jack. But that’s not all, Disney Imagineers have created a full story for that begins when guests enter the queue.

On-Ride Interview with Imagineer Chris Thornton

Incredicoaster Point of View Video

Preshow Queue Video

Incredicoaster Pictures

The Incredicoaster is full of amazing surprises and details. While we couldn’t capture it all, we’re excited to share these photos with you.

Queue Photos

Ride Photos

All About the Incredicoaster

A lot of time, energy, and creativity went into redesigning the ride, giving it a theme, and a score. Here’s what the creative minds behind the coaster had to say:

  • Jeffrey Shaver-Moskowitz, Producer, Walt Disney Imagineering: “We had a unique experience as we worked on the Incredicoaster because we worked right alongside the Pixar team on the production of the new feature film, Incredibles 2. We worked closely with director Brad Bird and the Incredibles 2 team to bring to life these characters that everyone knows and loves. It’s exciting to know that our guests will be experiencing the movie sequel this summer at the very same time that they’re experiencing the Incredicoaster for the first time.”
  • Tracey Noce, Creative Director, Walt Disney Imagineering: “We already had a fantastic coaster that everyone knows and loves, and now it has a really fun and compelling story tied to the Incredibles! Trying to tell a story on a high-speed coaster can be difficult, so we had to get creative with storytelling that can be read really quickly.”
  • Steven Mason, Associate Creative Director, Theme Parks, Pixar Animation Studios: “Working with Walt Disney Imagineering on Pixar Pier, including the Incredicoaster, has been an amazing experience. The Incredibles Park neighborhood is a great example of immersive placemaking with wonderful design – it feels like it could be right out of the films. The Incredicoaster has a really fun story and appealing characters, especially baby Jack-Jack who steals the show. Set to the amazing music by Michael Giacchino, guests will experience the world of the Incredibles in a whole new way!”
  • Steven Mason: “There is gorgeous new art on display and new animation created specifically for the Incredicoaster by the original filmmakers. That, along with some amazing effects and wonderful character moments, help the Imagineers accomplish the incredible feat of telling a great story at 55 miles an hour.”
  • Michael Giacchino, Academy Award-winning composer of The Incredibles, Incredibles 2, and new Incredicoaster attraction and queue area: “The really fun thing about doing an adaption from a film to a park attraction is that I get to take bits and pieces of the score and figure out where are they going to work – the turns, the loop de loops – it’s like getting to score an extra scene in the movie. The Incredibles films have so many action moments in them, so this is like a bonus scene to me. The most fun thing is tying the music to the action, and I feel really lucky to get to do this because I have such a love for Disneyland and this attraction!”
  • Michael Giacchino: “Having music like this on the Incredicoaster is going to give the attraction an identity and personality that it hasn’t had before. When people are riding it, they’re going to have an emotional connection with it and feel like they’re actually in the movie.”
  • John Dennis, Executive Creative Director of Music, Walt Disney Imagineering: “Michael Giacchino wrote incredible musical themes for The Incredibles feature films. To take the sounds that guests know and adapt them into the Incredicoaster strengthens the storytelling and makes you actually believe you are in the world of the Incredibles. Michael’s music takes you back to those moments you’ve experienced in the films and gives a whole new experience while onboard the Incredicoaster.

For more about the brand Incredicoaster and the Pier, check out our Complete Guide to Pixar Pier.

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