Radiator Springs Racers FastPass Distribution Moves to Carsland

As of Thursday, June 28th, distribution of physical FastPass reminder cards for Radiator Springs Racers has shifted to a new location inside Carsland. Guests arriving at the location near the entrance to Bugsland will find that location closed, with minimal signs announcing the change.

The new location is behind Ramone’s, halfway down Route 66. Guests will find a small sign posted at the cross street, directing them to the right, between Ramone’s and Flo’s. The exit is to the immediate left, and the entrance is at the end of the street where it begins to curve. Three portable machines, themed to Radiator Springs products, are currently used for the distribution. Each accommodates two guests at a time, for a total of six distribution points. The change has no effect on guests using MaxPass.

Those familiar with the original system will find that the line-up before rope drop is in the same place, just beyond the Carthay Circle
Restaurant, opposite the waterfall on Grizzly Peak. At rope drop, guests should now move directly to the Carsland entrance, make a left down Route 66 and then a right at the cross street.

The original FastPass location is still part of Ramone’s retail shop

Readers will recall that when Radiator Springs Racers opened, FastPass distribution was at the far end of Route 66, to the immediate right of the entrance marquee for the attraction. The machines were in a specially designed building with custom signs. Due to the popularity of Racers, the area was immediately congested every morning as guests queued up for FastPass. The machines for the Bugs Life theater were largely unused at that time, so the switch was made.

Disney has made no official announcements of a timeline for closing “a bug’s land” in preparation for a new Marvel-themed area. The closure of this FastPass location would seem to be a part of that larger program. Current speculation is that “a bug’s land” will remain open through the end of Pixar Fest on September 3rd. By that time, guests seeking Radiator Springs Racers FastPasses will be completely familiar with this new location and procedure.