Toy Fair 2019: Just Play (Mickey Mouse, Muppet Babies, Vampirina, T.O.T.S.)

Just Play caught my attention last year with their wide range of Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary toys, including the animated Steamboat Willie plush. That’s why I was so excited to visit their showroom at Toy Fair this year. With licensees for some of the biggest Disney Junior shows in addition to Mickey Mouse, I was not disappointed. If you have kids, you’ll want to pay close attention as many of these products are sure to be on birthday and holiday wish lists.


A variety of toys are coming soon that pair classic Disney characters with sweet treats. Disney Candy Cuties will feature flattened plushies rolled into balls of candy that kids pop open to reveal the mystery character inside. Disney Soda Pops is a similar concept, but features round soda-colored plushies in a can that pops open, blasting the mystery character out like a soda explosion. Disney Twisty Treats like like milkshakes and frappuccinos and have plushies hiding inside as well. Best of all, the packaging can be used to store more figures or as pretend play items. Already available are Disney Peek-A-Plush, stuffed characters that come rolled up in a translucent ball with their ears sticking out, as well as slow-rising plush in a variety of characters and colors.

Muppet Babies

Just Play has a variety of Muppet Babies products available now, including action figures, plush, and Wocka Wocka Electronic Fozzie. New this Spring are a few playsets that interact with the figures. The Muppet Babies Schoolhouse Playset has 2-sided play and working playground pieces that the figures can ride on. The Muppet Babies are also ready for bathtime fun with Kermit’s Tubtime Cruiser. Later this year, kids can add the Friendship School Bus playset to their collection, as well as superhero versions of the plushes. An electronic microphone allows kids to become superstars and also plays the show’s theme song.


A variety of Vampirina toys are already available from Just Play, including figurines, play sets, talking dolls, and plush. This year, Vampirina and the Ghoul Girls will be traveling to Transylvania where they will stay at Spookelton Castle. A new Spookelton Castle playset will debut this Fall, offering two stories of action figure fun, double-sided play, and interactive elements including a dance floor, a transformation stage, a magical dining room, and a bedroom with options for sleeping in bed or hanging from the rafters. In addition, a new wave of Vampirina plushies will be available, including a few new characters from the show.

Mickey Mouse

Just Play has been making products inspired by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Mickey and the Roadster Racers for years, including the Mickey Mouse Cash Register. The hot new toy this fall will be a full size Clubhouse playset that comes with Mickey and Minnie figures and features the Helping Hand elevator, a flying hot air balloon, spinning door, plus lights and sounds. This battery operated toy lights up and plays music and even comes with Toodles! From Mickey and the Roadster Racers, a collection of diecast vehicles and figurine/vehicle playsets will also launch this year.

Minnie Mouse

Moving on to something totally pink, Just Play has an even bigger line of products aimed at Minnie Mouse, including three hot toys coming this Fall. First up is Minnie’s Wal & Dance Unicorn, an interactive plush set. Minnie comes with a rainbow dress and plays music from Minnie’s Bow-Toons. She can walk alongside her unicorn friend Penelope when her hand is connected and pressing Minnie’s hand will make Penelope dance. This battery-operated toy will retail for $39.99. A figurine playset will debut this Fall, offering kids the chance to play inside Minnie’s Bowfabulous Home. This two-level playset features lights and sounds, furniture to decorate, and surprises that include an elevator, doors that magically open, a flipping dining room table, and a slide. Minnie is also getting ready to travel with Minnie’s Bow-Liner Jet, which includes 12-pieces of furniture to customize her luxury airline. These great items join products already available, including a Happy Helper’s Phone, Bowtique Teapot, Bowtique Cash Register, Happy Helpers Magical Sink, and a singing plush.

Puppy Dog Pals

The appeal of Disney Junior’s Puppy Dog Pals is undeniable and the popular line of mystery figure Travel Pets will expand even further in 2019. New this year are walking talking plushes and new playsets for the smaller figures to play in. The Awesome Care Bus comes with Bingo and Rolly and features lights and sounds. Fun activities inside include a spinning bath, ball pit, and grooming station. Keia’s Treehouse playset offers a similar level of interactive fun, including a kid-powered elevator.


And now for something unfamiliar, T.O.T.S. is an upcoming Disney Junior series that won’t debut until later this year. It stands for “Tiny Ones Transfer Service” and is about storks who deliver baby animals to new parents. Plushies will be available in two sizes, including bigger plush that come with delivery blankets. On-The-Go Carrier sets pair a plush with a pet carrier and accessories. A Nursery Headquarters Playset is compatible with flocked figurines that have color changing diapers, which can be changed at a station inside HQ. It features lights and sounds, an elevator, slide, and an electronic baby monitor. Additional figures can be acquired through surprise boxes that come in golden stork sacks. Themed character sets will be available as well. Just looking at this toyline gave me animal baby fever. I can already tell that T.O.T.S. is going to be a big hit.

It’s a great time to be a kid with so many amazing Disney toys coming soon from Just Play. While the Disney Candy Cuties, Disney Soda Pops, and Disney Twisty Treats have the widest appeal from their showroom, parents or preschoolers should now have some great gift ideas for their child’s next birthday or gift giving holiday. All of the releases this Fall sound spectacular, but there are great Just Play products available right now to give kids a taste of what’s to come.

Alex Reif
Alex joined the Laughing Place team in 2014 and has been a lifelong Disney fan. His main beats for LP are Disney-branded movies, TV shows, books, music and toys. He recently became a member of the Television Critics Association (TCA).