Greg Pizzoli’s newest picture book from Disney Press is silly and fun, but has a message for kids that can be hard to learn. In The Book Hog, they’ll learn about the benefits of sharing with their friends. And parents can ask them to remember the silly hoarder of a pig when they’re having a hard time sharing toys with siblings or friends.

The Book Hog loves books so much, especially ones with pictures. He selfishly grabs as many as he can and keeps them all to himself. The only problem is, he doesn’t know how to read. But when a helpful Librarian offers to share her time to help him read, he discovers the stories within the pages and finds a newfound joy in sharing them with friends.

The signature style of Greg Pizzoli is on display here, with various shades of pink and turquoise as the primary colors used. This style is reminiscent of Dr. Seuss books, and it's no wonder that Pizzoli is a Geisel Award Winner. Fans of his work will find a few of his other books and characters scattered throughout The Book Hog like Easter Eggs.

Pizzoli’s Book Hog really wants to share his love of books with your kids. And in turn, he might inspire them to share the things they love with their family and friends. He’s a fun character that will ride his scooter full of books right into their hearts and minds.

Whether you’re already a Greg Pizzoli fan or experiencing one of his books for the first time, The Book Hog is guaranteed to make you and your kids smile. Best of all, it will inspire them to want to explore other books. If you liked what you saw here, be sure to check out some of his other books including Good Night Owl and This Story is for You.