Greg Pizzoli has won the Theodore Seuss Geisel Award twice for his books The Watermelon Seed and Good Night Owl. His latest story is for any kid who needs a reminder that they are unique, special, and one of a kind. For any kid who needs to hear this message, This Story Is For You is for them.

Two unnamed kids are putting on a show as the story unfolds. The one has written a story for his best friend about how unique she is. Although time and distance may one day separate them, they will always be friends and value each other’s special qualities because they’re the only one in the world exactly that way.

Pizzoli’s signature illustration style is on display here, with fun uses of color and shapes. Fans of his other work will notice a few Easter Eggs, including the watermelon from The Watermelon Seed. The message inside the book is touching and parents will have their hearts warmed while reading it to their kids.

This was my third time reading one of Greg Pizzoli’s stories and he has a special gift and vision with his illustrations. The majority of his work has been published by Disney Hyperion, who has produced animated promos for some of his past works. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up working on an animated series for Disney Junior one day.

This Story Is For You would be a perfect way to boost the spirits of a child who needs some encouragement. Whether they have a friend they won’t see as much anymore or just need a little reminder that they are special and unique, this book is a perfect gift for them.

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