Last month, Hasbro gave us the honor of having the exclusive announcement of a new collectible doll line called Disney Style and today we received a very special package. Inside this classy white box with gold foil accents was the entire first wave of dolls, sent to use for review purposes. The collection is now available exclusively at Target stores.


Not only do the dolls create a big impact, but the packaging does too. Rather than the typical pink color associated with the Disney Princess brand, Hasbro has given fans a classy experience with a sleek white box with embossed gold foil accents. The sides are numbered to increase the collectability of the entire series and the back of the boxes feature great artwork of the characters in their modern trendy looks.

Each doll features rooted eyelashes and deluxe accents, retailing for $24.99 each. Their ensembles feature sparkly glitter accents and each doll includes a handbag and shoes to complete their look.


The first doll in the series is Ariel with a look inspired by her iconic mermaid form. Her headband looks like a string of pearls with a purple seashell. Her top uses a pearl beaded design to suggest the pattern of her iconic seashells. Her purple mermaid skirt pairs well with her purple seashell bag, and a seafoam green translucent layer features bubbles and starfish.


Mulan’s look is inspired by her matchmaker ensemble. Her cobalt blue headband is tied together with a purple flower and that floral theme extends to her blue and pink striped translucent skirt, which has flower petals cascading around it. The top bodice has a glittery design, with a fuschia fan handbag and gold elaborate shoes.


The most thrilling aspect of this Belle doll is that her dress is gold, not yellow, the way it was meant to be. The material is shimmery and metallic, a very hot trend. Her layered skirt also features rose motifs in rose gold, with a rose-themed handbag and necklace.

I was excited about the Disney Style Series, but now that I’ve had the opportunity to interact with them, I’m eager to continue collecting the series. While the three dolls in the introductory wave happen to all be princesses, it’s worth noting that the branding is not princess specific. This opens the door for plenty of non-royal Disney heroines to join the collection. My fingers are crossed for characters like Tinker Bell, Giselle, Megara, and Esmerelda. The possibilities are endless and if you’re a Disney doll collector, you won’t want to miss your chance to start collecting this great new series.



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