“Barely Necessities” Presents: Sensational Seven Merchandise Selections for February 23rd

Welcome back for another edition of the “Sensational Seven” segment from Barely Necessities: The Disney Merchandise Show. This week, Rebekah’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs inspirations are centered around those oh, so necessary keychains.

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Sensational Seven

Every week on Barely Necessities, Rebekah selects seven items loosely inspired by the unique personalities of the dwarfs. Some items will have obvious connections, others will require a bit of creativity and imagination but, all of them will be fun. Today, we’re having the dwarfs over for a keychain exchange and each brought an item that matches their personality. Ready? Let’s take a look at this week’s selections:


Sleepy is sharing a Sleeping Beauty Castle keychain and this combo feels like a perfect fit. The dark blue background gives off an evening vibe at the park, meaning it’s time to say goodnight.


Spending time with Lilo, Stitch or listening to “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride” is enough to put us in a happy mood! This keychain captures all of the joy of the film and the song is sure to put a smile on your face.


Apparently Grumpy wasn’t really thrilled with this keychain exchange so he brought a various serious item: an Inquisitor Lightsaber. This intense looking keychain is also practical as it comes with an LED light!


For Dopey’s pick, we have this adorable keychain of the classic Dumbo attraction—with Minnie Mouse along for the ride. We love the overly large Minnie and the small Dumbo  


This zip around wallet can easily be attached to your keys, and has room to hold plenty of tissues for when something starts to tickle your nose.


While he may be quiet and sometimes unnoticed, Eeyore is still very much a part of Hundred Acre Wood friends, so it’s no wonder why Bashful would make this brass keychain his pick.  


Someone as iconic as Doc would surely be drawn to another “D” icon! And this keychain is full of colorful “gems” that likely remind him of the treasures in mine.

That’s it for this week’s Sensational Seven! For more from Barely Necessities, follow us @DisneyMerchShow on Twitter and Instagram and head on over to our merchandise round up which features all of the topics we covered on the show. Thanks for joining us, and see ya real soon!