Avengers Assemble for New Team Marvel Plush Collection from shopDisney

Avengers, assemble! Your favorite superheroes have taken on a new challenge and are now available as adorable plush characters! Marvel fans visiting shopDisney can purchase this fantastic plush bundle of super powered beings that include Spider-Man, Black Panther, Groot and more.  

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Team Marvel Plush Collection

Marvel's mightiest heroes come to life in a stylized assortment of soft plush with a contemporary design, print uniform, and embroidered accents. The Team Marvel Plush Collection features five characters that are only available as part of this set that sells for $59.99. Each plush is wearing their signature costume and measures 10” tall.  

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man just might become your best buddy.

Better beware, or Black Panther may just pounce into your heart.

Don't make Hulk angry, or he just might smash into your heart.

If you aren't careful, Captain America may just capture your heart.

Baby Groot is so super cute, you'll want to become his guardian.

Team Marvel Plush Collection – $59.99

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