TV Recap: “Big Shot” – Marvyn Korn Reevaluates the Importance of Basketball in HIs Life in “Everything to Me”

Are you ready, Sirens? Division 2 is just around the corner in “Everything to Me,” the eighth episode of the Disney+ original series Big Shot. This week’s episode is full of some big twists and reveals and we’ve got you covered with another play-by-play recap.



It’s 11:46 pm and Marvyn Korn’s phone keeps pushing alerts. Waking up, he sees that he’s been tagged in a post by an account called @KalmK0rn. Opening his sleepy eyes, he sees a doctored photo of his statue in a Japanese-style garden. He rolls back over, but another wakes him up. His statue is now surrounded by cartoon woodland creatures. The alerts keep coming and he can’t sleep.

Emma finds her father looking haggard the next morning as he pours himself some coffee, telling Emma about the account. “The Kalm Korn thing? Hilarious,” she texts him, vowing not to speak to him until he allows her to talk to Lucas again. The next @KalmK0rn photo is his statue surfing, which makes Marvyn think Lucas is behind the account. “Lucas isn’t Kalm Korn,” Emma texts him, revealing that she and Lucas have been texting since they can’t talk. He tells her he can’t concentrate on her and Lucas right now because he needs to be focused on getting the Sirens to D2. The next alert on Marvyn’s phone is a text from Sherilyn, telling him to be in her office in a half hour.

The principal of Westbrook is angry with Coach Korn and makes him guess why. He asks about @KalmK0rn and she tells him she finds that funny. It turns out the board members heard that his agent was pressing colleges to hire Korn and they now see him as a flight risk. He confesses to trying to leave, but confirms his resolve to stay at Westbrook through the end of the season. “With Larry Gruzinsky gone, you don’t have a lot of friends left here,” she warns him. “I’m here and all I care about is getting these girls to D2.” He promises her that they will beat Point Linda, their next game, which will get them to D2. Asking why he’s not at practice, he tells Sherilyn that he has let Holly take over practices on Monday. She puts two-and-two together and realizes that he made that plan when he was planning to leave early. As he gets up to leave, she tells him to work harder on getting the court fixed.

At practice, Holly scolds Samantha for not having the playbook memorized as the point guard. The girls think this practice is unnecessary because Point Linda is a performing arts school and they’ve always beaten them. Marvyn enters the gym and overhears Louise calling the upcoming game ka “Gimme.” He butts in, telling the girls there’s no such thing. Holly lets him try to motivate the girls and he tells them not to have any distractions, be totally focused on the game. Another @KalmK0rn post goes up of his statue doing ballet and the girls laugh, all having seen the account. He asks if they know who’s behind it and they say no. “As long as it’s none of you because if you’re focused on this, you’re not focused on the game.” As he walks away, another post shows his statue in a bathtub wearing a pink shower cap.

On their way to the teacher’s lounge, Holly tells Marvyn that he’s overreacting by not letting Emma talk to Lucas. Inside, Maggie pours Marvyn a cup of strong coffee, thanking him for their wine flight last night at Angelini’s. Ms. Grint mentions @KalmK0rn in a condescending tone, then adds “I never received my invitation to your Friday soirée, or is Club Korn strictly 17 and under?” He tells her the party just happened and she tells  him as the adult of the house, the responsibility lies with him. Holly comes to Marvyn’s defense, saying they were out to dinner and got there to stop the party as soon as they found out about it. Ms. Grint implies to Maggie that Marvyn and Holly were on a date, Maggie says she trusts Marvyn completely, adding that they just had their third date, which means they’re now officially dating. Marvyn hesitates before agreeing with that statement.

Maggie walks out with Marvyn and he tells her he’s a private person in defense of his hesitation, adding that he can’t be distracted right now. She asks if she can borrow the gym for the school play next week, saying she needs a bigger venue than the cafeteria. He begins to object, but she talks over him, saying “I thank you and your daughter thanks you.” Maggie gets an alert on her phone and rushes away.

In play rehearsal, Ms. Goodwyn (Maggie) reveals that the star of “Beth MacBeth” broke her femur slipping on an empanada. “She literally broke her leg?,” Emma says sarcastically. The director announces that they have just one week to find a new lead and Harper raises her hand, annoyed at the suggestion of another audition. “I am her understudy, so I am the obvious replacement.” Emma raises her hand and says she joined the school after the play was cast, so she never got to audition. Harper calls it “Nepotism” that Ms. Goodwyn is considering it because she’s dating Emma’s father, but then reveals that Maggie is her mother (Harper took her father’s last name). Maggie announces that Harper and Emma will both audition for the lead role.

Out in the hallway, Harper calls Emma “Judas” as Emma walks away. Mouse sees that Harper is upset and goes to console her, offering to help her run lines after school. Samantha overhears the conversation, including the part where Harper calls Mouse a “Friend.” Knowing that Mouse has feelings for Harper, Samantha encourages her to tell her.

Marvyn finds the construction crew taking a coffee break in the gym and he interrupts them with Holly in tow. He asks the foreman, Jerry, for an update and states that he’s confident they will get the job done before the game, but that his assistant coach wasn’t sure. Holly looks frustrated as Jerry tells Marvyn that Holly is right, adding that he’s not a fan of his. “Those that can’t do coach, and you’re barely even that anymore,” Jerry insults Marvyn. “Are you a fan of getting paid, Jerry?,” Marvyn asks as Jerry tells him to keep everyone out of the gym for 48 hours. Walking away, Holly tells Marvyn that he threw her under the bus and asks where they will practice now. He tells her that finding a new place to practice is her job.

At lunch, Samantha studies the playbook while the rest of the Sirens encourage her to relax, still not stressed about their odds of beating Point Linda. Olive is buried in her phone and it comes out that she’s half of the team behind @KalmK0rn, the other half being Samantha. They got the idea when they saw how angry he got after the party.  “We figured we could show him how to live his best life and have fun,” Olive justifies. They were only planning to do a few posts, but the account went viral and they kept going. Louise adds that Jake from Carlsbad has been sharing the posts and thinks it’s brilliant, adding that Coach Korn couldn’t be mad about it.

Holly shows Marvyn an outdoor basketball court in a public park and suggests that it not only be their practice space, but also a backup plan in case the gym isn’t ready. Marvyn tells her he doesn’t believe in backup plans. She tells him her threw her under the bus and undermined her to Jerry and she would like to take over dealing with him since Marvyn did such a poor job.

Louise and Destiny work on their calculus homework at Destiny’s house and make plans to head out together. Destiny runs upstairs to grab her jacket and Louise hears her name mentioned from the kitchen, where Destiny's aunt Angel is talking with her mom. Angel is worried that Louise is putting all her problems on “Our girl,” which makes Destiny’s mom scoff. “If you wanted to be her mother then you should’ve made that choice sixteen years ago when you had her.” Louise looks shocked. “You’re right, we made a deal. You raise her, I stay out of it. Far away,” Angel looks hurt. “Angel, that’s not what I meant,” Christine pleads. Louise looks behind her and sees Destiny, who has overheard the conversation, too.

Outside, Louise empathises with Destiny, telling her she knows what it’s like to have the rug pulled out from under you. “They’ve been lying to me my whole life, I don’t even know what to do with it,” Destiny says, asking Louise to keep this a secret until she figures out what to do. “If you need me, I’m here,” Louise tells her friend.

Emma and Louise conspired so she could see Lucas for a moment the next morning when he drops her off at Westbrook. Emma tells him about her audition and that she’s nervous, but he tells her she will be great and will get the part. They hug, saying they’ve missed each other as Harper watches from the parking lot with jealousy. Mouse tells Harper she’s going to get the role, adding that she thinks Emma only wants to do the play to see Lucas since her dad won’t let her see him outside of practice. Harper tells her she thinks forbidden love is romantic. “What could be worse than being in love with somebody and not being able to do anything about it?,” Mouse tells her. Harper says that if her mom knew about their forbidden relationship, she wouldn’t be able to resist. Mouse gets a text from Coach Korn asking all the Sirens to meet him in the locker room.

The girls stand around in a huddle, wondering what Coach Korn wants to talk to them about. He enters, showing another @KalmK0rn post with him and some 1940’s Hollywood dancers. He points out that everyone on the team liked the post, some even commented. He accuses them of concentrating more on the posts than on the game, holding out a box and telling the girls to put their phones in it until after the game. Holly enters, telling Marvyn he’s going too far. “I don’t care about this stupid game,” Destiny angrily says. “Look, I don’t care who you think you are, but some of us are dealing with more important stuff than basketball.” Marvyn erupts back at her, “There IS nothing more important than basketball.” Samantha freaks out and yells her confession, “I’M KALM K0RN!” Olive doesn’t let her take the heat alone, adding that she’s in on it, too. “It was just a harmless, funny joke,” she tells the coach. “Everything’s funny. You guys don’t take anything seriously, do you? Did the rest of you know about this?” Marvyn looks at the guilty faces on the rest of the Sirens. “Alright, I’m done with all of you,” he says as he storms out.

Holly chases after Marvyn into the gym. “Why are you so upset about this? They were just having fun.” He stops, still flustered. “They turned me into a joke.” She asks if he’s so sensitive that he can’t take a joke. He tells her he just wants to get back to college basketball. She asks if this made him feel diminished and he says yes. “Well I don’t think it does. I think it humanizes you.” Looking at the construction crew on another coffee break, he asks her about the floor. She tells him she’s working on it, but can’t focus on the floor if he’s done with the girls. “I’m not done, I just need a break from them.” Holly smirks. “Alright, I’ll take care of the girls,” he says defeatedly.

The Sirens stand dejected in the locker room, wondering if Coach Korn is coming back in. Samantha is freaking out until they get a text from the coach. “Practice after school. Address to follow. Don’t be lat” (late misspelled as in previous episodes). “I guess we better not be lat,” Louise jokes.

In the audition, Harper sings a ballad with intensity, having choreographed movement to go along with it. When it’s Emma’s turn, she sits on a stool with her acoustic guitar and sings the same song, but in a much different style. Harper leans into her mother’s ear and whispers that she thinks Emma is really just singing to Lucas because they have a forbidden love. Indeed, Emma’s eyes are locked on Lucas’ as she sings. “What a Sophie’s choice you’ve given me,” Ms. Goodwyn announces before revealing that Harper has the lead role. Emma looks annoyed by the decision, rolling her eyes.

The Sirens show up at the outdoor basketball court where Coach Korn told them to meet. Samantha starts to apologize but Olive takes over. “If we’d known you would be that sensitive about @KalmK0rn, we wouldn’t have done it.” Marvyn stops the apology tour. “Okay, you guys are missing what I’m trying to teach you here. We’ve got one game, what if you lose to Point Linda? Then what? You’ve got one more game to win to make it, beat Carlsbad. You really want to take those chances?” Marvyn points to a girl on the next court practicing solo and tells them that if they played five-against-one, there’s a 99% chance that they beat her. “But what about that 1%?” He walks over to the girl as the Sirens stare and he returns with her, introducing the team to Chelsea and saying they’re going to play against her, first to five baskets wins. In the montage, the Sirens get clobbered by Chelsea, who it turns out was planted there by Korn. “I would’ve given anything to be coached by him. You don’t realize how lucky you are. Listen to him,” she tells the girls. Samantha pulls out her phone and hands it to Coach Korn. “I want to win, coach. Let’s practice.” This inspires the rest of the girls to toss in their phones, even Destiny. “Alright, if you ladies are willing to sacrifice, so am I.” Marvyn’s phone goes on the top of the pile as he gets a text from Emma that he doesn’t see, which reads “Can we talk later? Real talk?” He heads towards the team and says “I hope you don’t have dinner plans because we’re going to be here a while.”

The next morning, Marvyn inspects the finished gym floor as Holly enters, telling him the crew worked overnight to get it done. “I apologized for what you did and then I let Bianca’s pizza do the rest of the work,” she explains when he asks how she did it. She tells him she has some gifts to pick up for the girls to celebrate their entrance into D2 after the game. Marvyn asks if one of the gifts is for him and she smiles. Before she leaves, she tells him that Maggie was looking for him. “She said she’d be in the teacher’s lounge.”

Marvyn finds Maggie in the lounge and presumed she wanted to press him again about the gym. She cuts him off as he begins to tell her why she can’t use it, asking why he won’t let Emma and Lucas talk. “Emma and Lucas are as innocent and sweet as they come.” She then reveals that she cast them as husband and wife in the show and he asks if she did that to spite him as George Pappas walks in. “Marvyn, children are a do over, our chance at redemption. We can’t let our failures fail them. You’re welcome, you can thank me later tonight.” Maggie exits and George tells Marvyn he thinks it’s wonderful that he’s in a relationship. Marvyn goes off on a rant about how the timing isn’t right and his life is a mess outside of basketball. “It’s funny, what you call a mess most people call life. Life is about basketball. Guess who understands that better than you?” Marvyne shoots him a warning look, saying “If you say @KalmK0rn…” George grabs a cookie and says “I didn’t have to. See you at the game.” Marvyn looks like he just got an idea.

Before the game, Marvyn has a pep talk with the girls in the locker room, congratulating them on their renewed enthusiasm. “Let’s go win a basketball game,” he says, before realizing that Holly hasn’t returned yet. “Has anyone heard from Holly?” The girls remind him that he still has their phones and he opens his door for them to grab them. Marvyn calls Holly and her number goes straight to voicemail. His phone alerts him that he has a voice message and it’s from Holly. She tells him her car broke down on the side of the freeway and she’s in a car with a driver. She then sounds panicked, trying to point something out to the driver and we hear a crunch. The message cuts off. Marvyn returns to the locker room to tell the girls that Holly was in a car accident and he called the hospital, but they won’t share information about her.

Marvyn enters Holly’s hospital room where her left wrist is bandaged and a monitor on her finger is recording her heartbeat. He tells her they forfeited the game to come see her. “What? Why would you do that?,” she asks. “Well, I’ll let your team tell you.” The Sirens stream into the room, surrounding Holly, who tells them she’s fine but the doctors want to monitor her in case she has a concussion. “This was our big game, this was going to get us to D2,” she reminds the girls. “Well, you were such a big part of getting us there,” Samantha says. “We wanted you to be there when we clinched it,” Louise adds. “And we have one more game,” Destiny concludes. Holly reminds them that the last game is against Carlsbad and that they’ll have to face Coach McCarthy again. She then smiles, thanking the girls for being there. “It means the world to me.”

Asking the girls to step out, Marvyn talks privately to Holly. “I’m just so happy you’re in one piece. It was… It changed everything. Suddenly, I didn’t even care about basketball… When people are so focused on winning in life, sometimes they forget to look around and see the people that are helping you. You said I diminished you and I will not make that mistake again.” She’s touched by his apology, saying “I can’t believe you forfeited.” Jokingly, he says “Holly, how many times have I had to tell you, there are more important things than basketball.”

Marvyn arrives home with a pizza and Emma asks him if Holly is okay. “You’re talking to me now?,” he smiles, apologizing for missing her text. Emma tells him about the audition and how Ms. Goodwyn is now trying to fix her love life. “I wanted that part, dad. If I was you, I would have found a way to win it because that is who you are.” He tells her she’d be surprised, sayin he’s happy she is passionate about acting “Be careful. I’ve given my love to basketball my whole life and I don’t think it ever loved me back.” They agree to never not talk again and Marvyn promises to be a better dad, admitting that he blamed Lucas for changes in Emma when in reality, she’s just growing up. He agrees that Emma can see Lucas again and jokes that Lucas and Maggie should both come over and they could hang out together. Soon after, Emma is out with Lucas, snuggled up to him as they look at the stars.

Destiny comes home to find her mom alone, learning that Angel left town. “She didn’t leave a note or a message?,” she asks, confused. “You know your aunt,” her mom replies.

Mouse and Harper are hanging out and Mouse pulls out her guitar, revealing that she wrote a song about Harper and wants her to sing it with her. The main refrain of the chorus says “It’s just because you are everything to me.” Harper picks up her guitar and joins in. Harper becomes misty eyed by the end of the song and as they finish, she leans in for their first kiss with Mouse.

Maggie is over drinking wine with Marvyn in the living room. She asks about the statue and when Marvyn denies that he has it, she points to the bronze hand sticking out of the closet. “Come on, three’s a crowd, let’s go outside.” As they walk towards the patio, Marvyn’s phone rings and he sees that the call is from Randy, the USCB scout. “It’s some scout I know, I’ll call him back,” he tells Maggie. ”Yeah, but you’re curious now. Take it,” she tells him, letting herself onto the patio as he answers the phone. “USCB has an opening for a head coach. They want to talk to you,” Randy tells him. He adds that his name came up in a meeting because everyone was talking about @KalmK0rn. “I’ll keep you posted,” Randy says as the call ends. Marvyn looks out at Maggie like he’s thinking hard about his options.

Big Shot returns Friday, June 11th with “Beth MacBeth.” Here’s the official episode description from Disney+.

UCSB expresses interest in hiring Marvyn, while his team grows suspicious. Beth Macbeth premieres.

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