Marvel Must Haves Week 21 Round Up – “Loki” Episode 1

Welcome back for another edition of Marvel Must Haves. This is the twenty-first week of a year-long merchandise campaign, and Marvel is currently focusing on Loki on Disney+.

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Ready to dive into the new series? Read Mack’s recap of Episode 1, and catch up on all the news about Loki on our guide page. Plus, check out the other twenty weeks of Marvel Must Haves for all of your merchandise needs! 

Episode 1 – “Glorious Purpose”

And we’re back on track! Loki kicks off right where we left him in Avengers: Endgame and quickly moves on. The tesseract delivers him to the Gobi Desert where he’s quickly intercepted by the Time Variance Authority (TVA) and learns what his actual fate should be.


Is your wardrobe missing a TVA jumpsuit button up or windbreaker? Hot Topic has got you covered! And for fans wanting something a little more Loki, there’s a mock neck dress designed after his signature Asgardian attire.

Terrific Tees

Loki’s new pals Miss Minutes and Mobius M. Mobius have joined the latest assortment of tees available at Amazon and Hot Topic.

Around the House

Finally, here’s a sampling of the Loki merchandise that fits your lifestyle at home or on the go.  

More Marvel Fun:

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