TV Recap – “WandaVision” Wraps Up With Explosive Series Finale

For the past eight weeks, Marvel fans have been running through crazy theories and analyzing every last detail as they tried to figure out what would happen to Wanda and her family. Now, that has all come to an end as the series finale of WandaVision is finally here.

Spoilers ahead!

The episode picks up right where last week’s left off, with Wanda trying to free her children from the magical grasp of Agatha Harkness. Wanda reminds Agatha that her powers will work out here again and Agatha tells her she is counting on that. Wanda quickly learns that Agatha has the ability to “take power from the undeserving.” She absorbs some of Wanda’s magic and Wanda notices her hand starting to turn black.

Agatha offers to take Wanda’s power and let her keep Westview in return. Wanda refuses and instead hits Agatha with a car. As Wanda follows up to investigate the wreckage, we see Agatha’s boots coming out from under the car in what seems to be a fun nod The Wizard of Oz.

As she investigates, Wanda sees the reflection of the newly rebuilt Vision landing behind her. Confused, she approaches him and asks if its really him. He touches her face and seems to remember her but instead and begins to crush her head. Wanda’s hex Vision interrupts and launches the new vision into an RV, causing an explosion.

Wanda apologizes to Vision and admits she should have told him everything from the start. She tells him she can fix everything and he questions her. Before she can explain, the big boss battle starts lining up as Hayward’s Vision emerges from the fire and Agatha reappears. Wanda tells Vision this is there home and he agrees to fight for it. Vision takes… Vision and Wanda goes off after Agatha.

As Wanda flies away, we see Monica in Agatha’s house knocking on the window and calling out for help. Fietro tells her no one can hear her from in there. Monica tries to make a run for it, but of course the super speedy Fietro stops her.

Good Vision asks Bad Vision (those are the names we’re just going to go with from here on out) if they can resolve this peacefully. Bad Vision tells him Wanda has to be neutralized and he has to be destroyed, while reaching for the fake Infinity Stone in Good Vision’s head. The two continue to fight with neither really gaining an advantage.

Outside the hex, Woo is brought to Hayward in handcuffs. It’s unclear how or why he got here because the last we saw of him, he was with Major Goodner after Monica ran back into the hex. He (not so) sneakily grabs a cell phone off a table as Hayward explains his whole evil plan, in true bad guy fashion. His whole plan seems to simply be eliminating Wanda with his Bad Vision, putting an end to the hex. Woo threatens that the FBI will arrive inside the hour.

Agatha gets the drop on Wanda in the middle of town, knocking her down with a magic blast. She then explains that there is a whole chapter on The Scarlet Witch in the Darkhold, the book of the damned. She magically makes the book we saw in her basement appear and begins to flip through it and explain the lore of The Scarlet Witch. Wanda interrupts, saying she is not a witch and no one has taught her magic. Interestingly, Agatha goes on to explain that Wanda’s power exceeds that of the Sorcerer Supreme, of course referencing Doctor Strange. She follows up by telling her it is her destiny to destroy the world.

As Wanda continues to deny that she is a witch and Agatha decides to show her what she has done by freeing Dottie from the mind control. Dottie approaches Wanda and explains that her name is really Sarah and she has a daughter. She pleads with Wanda to let her daughter be a part of the story so that she can leave her room. Wanda blames Agatha for what she’s saying but Agatha explains that she’s Wanda’s puppet and begins to free everyone else.

Back at Agatha’s house, Monica digs for information on Fietro and learns that his real name is Ralph Bohner. This is his house, not Agatha’s and Monica begins looking for a way to free him from her control. She takes him down, rather easily, and uses her new power to see that the necklace he is wearing has some kind of magic signature. She removes the necklace and Agatha’s control over him is broken. It’s an anticlimactic ending for what was one of the biggest shocks of this whole show.

The battle of the Visions continues and we see that the boys are watching all the action from their bedroom window. Billy gets another flash of his powers and sees Wanda screaming in pain. He tells his brother they have to go and the twins run off.

Back in the middle of town, the citizens of Westview approach Wanda, complaining about what she has put them through. They explain that they have been having her nightmares and Wanda tries to explain that she’s kept them safe in the hex. As they all plead for her to let them go, Wanda becomes overwhelmed and lets out a scream, which puts magical collars around all of their throats and chokes them. She regains control and releases them all from the collars before promising she will let them go.

Agatha asks Wanda what’s stopping her and tells her to use her powers to release them now. Wanda begins to dismantle the hex, creating an opening in the border. She urges the citizens to run from the town. They’re not the only ones who plan to take advantage of the opening though, as Hayward tells his team this is their chance to move in.

The Visions continue to fight but, due to the hex being opened up, Good Vision glitches, giving Bad Vision the advantage. Good Vision crashes to the ground near Wanda and begins to be torn apart by the dismantling of the hex. The boys show up and the same is happening to them. Wanda looks on in horror as Agatha explains that the fate of her family is tied to the fate of the hex.

Wanda stops dismantling the hex and Vision and the boys recover, rushing to her side. Agatha takes the opportunity to attack and steals more of Wanda’s power, turning both of her hands black. Bad Vision shows up along with S.W.O.R.D. and Wanda, Vision and the boys take a second to strike a pose. It’s a whole family of supers!

Vision fight continues with Bad tackling Good into a library. When Good Vision asks why Bad Vision is doing this, he explains that his “programming directive is to destroy the Vision.” Good Vision tries to logic his way out of the fight by explaining that he is not the true Vision.

Outside, Agatha lifts up all of the S.W.O.R.D. agents and tries to drop them to their deaths before Wanda catches them. She tells the boys to handle the military and goes off to fight Agatha. The agents turn their guns on the boys before Billy freezes them and Tommy takes all of their weapons. As they celebrate their small victory, Hayward steps out of the truck and shoots at them himself. Luckily, Monica steps in just in time and takes the bullets, with her new light powers absorbing them so she is unharmed. Billy stops the last bullet with his powers. They acknowledge each other’s abilities before Hayward drives off in his truck. He doesn’t get far though before Darcy slams into hi with the funnel cake truck she’s been driving for two and a half episodes.

Back in the library, Good Vision continues his logical approach by explaining the Ship of Theseus. The experiment is a metaphor representing the fact that neither Vision is the real Vision. This convinces Bad Vision long enough to allow Good Vision to unlock his memories. And just like that, Bad Vision is restored to be the original Vision. He looks back at Good Vision, says “I am Vision” and flies away.

Wanda sneaks up on Agatha in an uncanny valley way that calls back to her debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron. That allows her to create an illusion in Agatha’s head, putting her back in the 1600s where she was put on trial by her own coven. The witches she killed begin to wake up and Agatha begs for mercy. They turn their attention to Wanda though and Agatha’s mother calls Wanda The Scarlet Witch. They cuff Wanda to stake and Agatha tells her she cant win. Suddenly, the familiar Scarlet Witch headdress appears on Wanda’s head and Agatha asks again for Wanda to give up her power and live peacefully in Westview. Wanda instead breaks free and tackles Agatha back into reality.

She tells Agatha to take it and begins blasting her with magic as they fly high above Westview. Vision launches into action but Wanda blocks him, returning him to the ground. Agatha absorbs more and more of Wanda’s power and we can see that she is fading. Agatha seemingly takes all the power from Wanda and informs her that the deal they made won’t work because her spell and this world will always be broken. She tries to blast Wanda with magic but it fails. Wanda recovers and we see behind her that there is a rune on the border of the hex. More of them are revealed around the hex. Turns out Wanda is a fast learner and has used a quick lesson from Agatha against her. This is a nice nod to the comics, in which Agatha serves as Wanda’s magical teacher.

Wanda takes the power back from Agatha and finally takes the form of a fully-realized Scarlet Witch. We finally get to see her full costume and Agatha says “you don’t know what you’ve done.” The Scarlet Witch is responsible for some dark days in Marvel Comics, and it appears we might be in for some in the MCU as well.

Wanda calmly lowers a defeated Agatha to the ground and approaches her. She explains that she’s going to leave her in Westview as the character she’s been playing all this time. Agatha pleads and tells Wanda she’s going to need her. Wanda turns her back into Agnes and says she’ll know where to find her.

The boys and Vision come back to Wanda for their happy ending. It’s short lived though as Vision tells her he knows she’ll set everything right, but not for them. She tells him he’s right and they had off into the sunset, but not before Wanda and Monica share a look.

The hex begins to shrink, freeing the old S.W.O.R.D. camp and the town sign. The family returns to their home as day becomes night. Wanda and Vision put the boys to bed and tell them they are very proud of them. Wanda assures them that a family is forever and they could never truly leave each other. Knowing what’s about to come, it’s heartbreaking line she delivers as she kisses her sons goodnight. Before they leave the room, they look out the window to see the border of the hex approaching. Wanda thanks the boys for “choosing” her to be their mom and they close the door.

Downstairs, Wanda and Vision share yet another goodbye. Vision asks what he is and Wanda tells him he is the piece of the Mind Stone that lives in her. She does on to say that he is her sadness and her hope but mostly her love. This plays off of the fact that she created him in her grief, making him a combination of an array of emotions. Vision points out that they’ve said goodbye before, so it stands to reason they’ll say hello again. The hex reaches them and Vision disappears, leaving Wanda in the empty lot where their home once stood.

Wanda puts up her hood and walks through the town. The citizens all stare at her, silently judging for the pain she put them through. Wanda finds Monica, who tells her “they’ll never know what you sacrificed for them.” Wanda explains that it wouldn’t change how they see her. Monica says if she had her power, she would bring her mom back. Wanda apologizes for the pain she caused and says she doesn’t understand her power, but she will. The FBI arrives, and Wanda flies off as Monica wishes her good luck. She looks back at Westview one last time and the episode comes to a close.

Of course, the finale wouldn’t go by without a couple of post-credit scenes. In the first, Monica and Woo are reunited as they see Hayward being arrested. Darcy has already run off as Monica tells us she said “debriefs are for the weak.” An agent tells Monica someone is asking for her in the theater. As she goes to be debriefed, Monica is surprised to learn that the agent who summoned her reveals herself to be a Skrull who says she was sent by an old friend of her mother’s. When Monica asks where this friend is, the Skrull simply points up and Monica smiles. Could it be Nick Fury who is summoning Monica?

Finally, we see small cottage in the mountains. Wanda is sitting outside before she goes in to grab a tea kettle. However, as we move deeper into the cottage, we see that the real Wanda is actually still in full Scarlet Witch garb, studying from the Darkhold. We can hear Billy and Tommy crying for help from their mother as the episode and this series comes to its true end.

WandaVision was an absolutely wild ride. This series finale felt as though it could have been stretched out a bit. More time could have been given to characters like Fietro, Hayward and Darcy. We’ve also been left with some loose ends, like the aerospace engineer and new Vision. There was also the absence of that big cameo some of the cast talked about. Still, this show was an emotional journey that made us further love some of our favorite characters and fall in love with some new ones. We know this story isn’t done being told just yet, and we can expect to see it continue in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. So, time to start counting down the days.

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