TV Recap: “Secrets of Sulphur Springs” Season 2 Episodes 3-8

Disney surprised Secrets of Sulphur Springs fans by premiering the entire second season today on Disney+ and DisneyNow. Episodes will still broadcast on Disney Channel on Fridays, but since the full eight-episode season is now available, we’ve decided to offer a truncated recap of the rest of the season. For a detailed recap of the first two episodes, click here. And now, sit back and enjoy the spine-chilling recap of the rest of season two.

Episode 3 – Time Out



Griffin and Daisy race to the hatch to swap places with Harper in 1930, but the hatch won’t open. Griffin soon discovers that the blue glowing stone is missing from the radio and believes it may have been taken by the ghost that haunts The Tremont. Griffin prepares Daisy to continue playing Harper by giving her modern clothes and a smartphone. On their way back upstairs, she sees her mother’s old mirror in the basement and Griffin tells her its how the ghost communicates with them. Griffin believes the ghost is Daisy’s mother Grace and she asks the mirror where they can find the stone. It fogs up and the word “Home” appears. Griffin thinks it means that Daisy should go look in Harper’s home.

When Daisy gets to Harper’s home, Jess asks her to make dinner while she goes to the diner to take care of an emergency. She relays a message to Topher to stop playing on his laptop and do his homework and Topher tells her it weirds him out how their mom always knows what he’s doing. Daisy tells him that some women in their family have “The sight,” the ability to see the future, but that the visions are usually bad omens. When Topher heard Harper coming, he hid the blue gem in a bag.

Back in 1930, Harper paces in Daisy’s room when she gets an idea, taking out some paper and a pencil and writing a note. Savannah finds the note in 1960 when she goes to place a message under the floorboard in the basement for Griffin. She included a photo of Sam in her letter, asking if it could be Daisy’s younger brother all grown up. Savannah is now aware that Harper is trapped in 1930.

Griffin searches all over The Tremont for the blue stone, returning to the basement and finding that the floorboard is shaking. He finds Savannah’s letter along with the picture of Sam, the source of the Moss Man legend. The letter also explained that she found him in the secret room. Griffin video calls Daisy to show her the photo of Sam and she agrees that it looks like her brother.

At the Dunn Cafe, Wyatt and Zoey get scared when they see the elderly woman with the grey hair who was looking up at The Tremont in the previous episode. Jess tells the twins that her name is Mrs. Barker and she comes to the coffee shop all the time. She is accompanied by a medical assistant and doesn’t seem to notice them.

That evening, Harper goes to the springs and puts her hand in the water. She suddenly sees flashes of red, just like a nightmare she had in a previous episode. Sitting down to dinner with Elijah and Sam, Daisy’s dad announces that he is considering selling the farm so that the kids can go back to school, which upsets Sam. Dinner is interrupted by smoke coming from the kitchen, a result of Harper not knowing how to cook with the 1930s appliances. She has the vision of red again. The next day, Sam starts to realize that something is wrong with his sister, who seems to have lost sight of their future plans for Harper to take care of the farm while Sam travels the galaxy. She tells him about the fiery red dreams and he suggests that she inherited their mother’s gift of sight, adding that it’s supposed to skip a generation, so it should be her daughter who gets it instead. He adds that their mother’s visions were never about good things.

Topher is up late watching a scary movie that features a glowing orb. His bag shakes and he opens it to see the blue stone glowing. It freaks him out and he runs out to get rid of it in the middle of a thunder storm. He trips on his way to The Tremont and the stone goes flying in the woods. It glows on the ground where it lands and water begins to bubble up around it.

Episode 4 – Wrong Place, Wrong Time



Ben and Sarah hear noises in the woods and go investigate, finding a couple playing in the springs, which have mysteriously returned. Sarah asks Ben if the rain could’ve done it and he says no, scratching his head, but grateful for the fact that this will bring in tourists.

Daisy wakes Topher up for school and notices that his shoes and clothes are full of mud. He tells her he must have gone sleepwalking and begs her not to tell mom. Daisy meets Griffin at school and tells him about Topher being covered in mud. She’s nervous about going to school and Griffin tells her to just stay quiet and not talk to anyone, but her first class is history and there’s a pop quiz on World War II, a major event that hasn’t happened yet in her lifetime. After school, Mrs. Roth asks to meet with her because she got every question wrong and she’s usually a good student. She tells her she can do a make up quiz tomorrow.

At The Tremont, a reporter stops by to ask Ben and Sarah a few questions about the springs returning and rumors that contractors won’t accept jobs there due to hauntings. As they try to dismiss her, they are surprised by the arrival of Ben’s dad Bennet. He’s had a change of heart and wants to help his son renovate the hotel and restore it to its former glory. As they talk, the electric Sander Ben was using turns on all by itself and almost hits Bennet.

Harper returns to the springs in 1930 and has another vision that’s a little clearer now, seeing windows and picture frames through the red imagery. Back home, Sam works on sketches for his time machine when a car pulls up and Judge Walker gets out with an offer to buy the farm and springs, leaving the family with the house and the ability to stay on the property. He leaves with a threatening warning that it just takes one bad season for a farmer to lose everything. Harper tries to talk to Grace through the mirror, hoping to get some guidance on what she should do. But before the mirror can respond, Sam interrupts, saying he knows she’s not his sister and asking who she is and where she came from.

In 1960, Savannah asks Sam about the radio and he accuses her of spying on him. When she tells him she knows he’s building a time machine he laughs, but he becomes serious when she tells him that she’s used it. She tells him that her friend is trapped in 1930 and she shows him the letter she found from Harper. His eyebrows raise when the letter tells him that she’s been pretending to be Daisy. “This might actually answer some questions,” he says. “Questions I’ve had for a very long, long time.”

Episode 5 – It’s About Time



Savannah has convinced Sam to finish building the time machine, promising to meet him in the basement after dinner. Later, Savannah learns that Sam returned to the springs because his mother thought the crystals in the springs had healing properties and he thinks they extended her life. His goal for the time machine is to visit the future when they have a cure for her so he can go back in time and save her life. When he powers on the radio, the power goes out.

In the present, Ben goes to the springs and finds the blue crystal inside, picking it up. He brings it home and shows Wyatt and Zoey, who think it could be from space. Ben tosses it to Wyatt, but it drops on the floor and a crack forms in the surface. Bennet has hired contractors from another town to work on restoring the hotel and as he talks to Ben about his dreams of adding a parking structure, a floorboard buckles underneath and he hurts his ankle.

Griffin waits for Daisy after school and she is frustrated by all of the information she didn’t know, including that there are now fifty states. Griffin believes Topher must have the blue stone and thinks Daisy needs to do a more thorough search of his room. When she does search his room, Topher finds her and accuses her of snooping. It doesn’t matter anyway because the stone is now in the hands of Wyatt and Zoey, who search for more at the springs. Griffin calls Daisy to tell her that the twins have the stone and Topher overhears. Daisy comes over to help Griffin search for the stone in the Zoey and Wyatt’s rooms, where they find Topher already digging through their stuff. He confesses to taking the stone and says he can’t find it anywhere.

In 1930, Harper and Sam are in town Judge Walker approaches them, saying he wishes their father would let him help their financial troubles. Harper says that Elijah just wants the farm to stay in their family and Judge Walker says that’s what he wants too, handing her the paperwork for the deed transfer. When she touches the papers, she has another fiery vision, believing it to mean that if Elijah doesn’t sell the land, Judge Walker will burn down the house. Harper brings the paperwork to Elijah and tells him about her premonition. Later, Judge Walker comes over and Elijah signs the papers.

Ben apologizes to his father for not being more appreciative earlier about his offer to help restore the hotel. “Now we just need to find a way to brighten up this old fire trap,” Bennet says, which seems to upset the ghost because all of the lights burst in their sockets. Bennet blames the contractor and runs to find him.

In 1960, Sam has restored the power, but the radio still won’t work. He gets frustrated and gives up, which makes Savannah angry. Left alone, she pounds her fist on top of the radio and it suddenly powers up. Savannah races to 1930 and finds Harper on the porch of the farm house. Their reunion is cut short when the sheriff arrives and notifies Elijah that they have 48 hours to vacate the premises, that the house is now owned by Judge Walker. He hands them a copy of the deed Elijah signed, but the terms of the sale are now different.

Accepting defeat, Griffin sits down on a chair in Wyatt’s room and feels something underneath him. He opens Wyatt’s hat and finds the blue stone. Then he sees the crack in it.

Episode 6 – Crunch Time



In 1930, Sam is furious and he blames Harper for costing the family their house. Elijah crumples the paper, in defeat and says he has to go get their things in order. Sam take off for the town and Harper and Savannah chase after him. Sam in 1960 is also in emotional turmoil, believing his time machine doesn’t work as he tosses his copy of Tales of Time and Space into the springs. Savannah’s mom finds him and tells him that the guests in room 205 are complaining about a draft.

In the present, Griffin and Daisy return the blue stone to the radio and power it on, heading through the tunnel towards the hatch. The Tremont is experiencing electrical surges that cause Sarah to order the whole family outside. Bennet tells them that the workers have been upgrading the electric system and he and Ben go downstairs to check the fuse box. As Bennet works on the fuse box, he tells his son that he’d like to be the first guest to stay at The Tremont when it reopens and he is suddenly electricuted. Griffin can’t get the hatch to open because it doesn’t work without power. Ben rushes back outside and asks Sarah to call an ambulance, his dad was shocked and temporarily lost consciousness. Wyatt notices smoke coming from the back door and realizes there’s a fire. Griffin and Daisy emerge from the house coughing.

As the firemen check The Tremont to make sure its safe, one of the men notices that room 205 is unusually cold and has fog on the floor. A medic determines that Bennet is fine, but should go to the hospital if he has a headache, nausea or dizziness. When the medics leave, Bennet decides to go home and no longer wants to fund the hotel restoration, believing that The Tremont is haunted and a lawsuit waiting to happen. He also informs Ben that the contractors have backed out.

Harper and Savannah find Sam pacing in front of the courthouse waiting for Judge Walker. Harper stops him from rushing at the judge and he yells at her, saying “If you were really Daisy, you’d be fighting this too, right alongside me.” Savannah sneaks in and overhears the judge talk about switching the documents, hiding the real one in his desk drawer. She rushes back to Harper to tell her where the real document is and that night, they sneak in and take it.

Ben has come to the realization that The Tremont is haunted, talking to the ghost about how much they just want to reopen the hotel. “We’re good people, you hear me?” he yells to the ghost, promising not to give up. The power suddenly comes back on. Daisy sneaks over that night and goes through the portal back to 1930.

Savannah and Harper hear a rustling through the trees and are surprised to see Daisy emerge. They tell her that Judge Walker stole the farm and that the stole the real deed back. Daisy thinks Harper will give it to her, but she says she says she can’t.

In 1960, Savannah’s mother is looking for her and she asks Sam to help. He thinks she might be down in the bunker, but on his way downstairs, he trips and falls down, hitting his head and passing out.

Episode 7 – Check-out Time



Harper tells Daisy that the future will be altered if she gives her the deed, which could mean that she never exists. Daisy worries that her mom will be trapped in the hotel forever and Harper promises that this won’t happen. They hug each other goodbye. Griffin finds Harper in the bunker and thinks its Daisy at first, getting mad at her for not having switches places and telling her how much Harper means to him. Harper rushes to hug Griffin as he realizes what he just said. She fills him in on everything that happened in the past and he tells her that it was Topher who took the stone from the radio, trapping her in 1930. As they leave the bunker, they see Sarah talking to the mirror, asking the ghost if there’s anything she can do to help it move on. When she leaves, Griffin tells Harper about the fire and she tells him about her fiery visions.

When Savannah gets home, her mom tells her that Sam is in the hospital after falling down the basement steps. The rush to the hospital to see him and while her mom talks to the doctor, Savannah goes to Sam’s bedside and whispers that the time machine works and she used it. The doctor tells them Sam can’t have visitors and kicks them out. As they leave, we see Sam’s eyes open.

Harper and Griffin use the school library to look up newspaper articles about The Tremont, learning that it took Judge Walker 14 years to open the hotel because of construction delays, which they believe were caused by Grace’s ghost. Harper believes that Grace is haunting the hotel because it was stolen from the family, with herself and Topher being the rightful owners. “One hotel, two owners,” Griffin realizes. “What are we going to do?” When they return to The Tremont, they see Jess’ car there and Harper thinks it’s the perfect time to break the news. With both families together, she shows them the deed and explains about how the house was stolen from her ancestors. Ben agrees that the right thing to do is for them to have it, but Jess has an idea. She’s been saving up to open an upscale restaurant and says she would go into business with Ben and Sarah as a 50/50 partner, allowing her to open her restaurant inside the hotel. Harper says she hopes Grace is listening and the lights get brighter.

Savannah returns to the hospital and finds that Sam disappeared in the middle of the night. She runs back to the hotel and goes to the bunker where she finds a letter from Sam saying that he’s gone on a journey through time and if he’s not back in three weeks, she should destroy the radio. She looks at the radio and sees that it’s set to 2024.

Griffin and Harper go to the basement and tell Grace that she can rest easy now. The mirror shatters and a glowing orb surrounded by fog rises up through the ceiling. Harper and Griffen race upstairs and Wyatt, Zoey, and Topher are staring at it too. It moves outside and they follow it into the woods and to the spring. They hear a woman’s voice singing “Amazing Grace” as the glowing figure ascends up to the starry sky. Returning home, Harper is elated that Grace’s spirit has been set free. The twins go inside and Topher heads home, leaving Harper and Griffin alone together. Griffin tells Harper how much he missed her when she was gone and they begin to lean close together, but both freak out when they realize they’re about to kiss. Harper goes home and Griffin heads inside.

That night, we see the door to The Tremont open and close all on its own. A key to room 205 floats off the hook and travels upstairs to the door, unlocking it all by itself. The door swings open and slams shut. A red light emits from the peephole, growing brighter and leaking through the frame of the door.

Episode 8 – Time Is Not On Our Side



It’s been twenty days since Harper and Griffin almost kissed and they have barely hung out since then. The grand opening of The Tremont forces them together as they stuff goodie bags for guests attending the ceremony. Inside, Ben sees Sarah adding names to a waitlist for a reservation and he brags that he found the missing key to room 205, so they can book that room now. He already has Wyatt, Zoey, and Topher working to clean up the room. Upstairs, the kids look at a website they created and see comments from guests staying there saying they hope to see a ghost. Topher believes they can give the people what they want through trickery. As they leave the room, mist oozes out of the closet door.

Griffin and Harper are approached by Mrs. Barker, who Harper recognizes from the cafe. A car pulls up from Shady Acres and as a man gets out to pick her up, she grabs Griffin by the shoulders and says “Don’t do it. Don’t go forward.” Harper thinks the woman is confused, but Griffin thinks she’s warning them not to time travel to the future. They head to Shady Acres Assisted Living Memory Care Home to see Mrs. Barker and are turned away because it’s after visiting hours, but they see Mrs. Barker in the community hall and rush to her. “Harry, Hermione, it was good to see you again,” she tells them. Griffin realizes it’s Savannah and Harper can’t believe she never recognized her before.

Jess places menus for her restaurant on tables by the springs and notices that the water is brown and smells bad. She races back to the hotel to tell Sarah, who has just checked in the reporter Allison. Ben takes her to her room so Jess can share the bad news about the springs. After Ben leaves Allison in her room, he notices a pile of goo on the floor outside of room 205, followed by a scream from Allison’s room. The twins and Topher have set some traps to make guests think The Tremont is haunted. Ben tells them to get downstairs.

The ribbon cutting ceremony takes place outside, with Jess, Sarah, and Ben all speaking about how their families came together to restor the Sulphur Springs landmark. During the reception, Wyatt and Zoey see a girl who looks just like Savannah and believe it’s one of Topher’s tricks. Griffin and Harper see her too and as they go to apprehend her, Harper has a stronger vision. This time she sees Griffin in the flames begging for help. She tells hiim what she saw and Griffin thinks it means they have to go to the future. They find Savannah upstairs and she tells them that Sam went to 2024 and told her to destroy the radio tonight if he didn’t return. Griffin tells her about the crack in the blue stone and that it gets worse each time they use it. Savannah worries that when she goes back, she will never see them again. They both smile, knowing that they just saw Savannah in the present. Griffin gives Savannah a Mardi Gras mask to hide her face when they go back downstairs.

On their way back to the basement, Griffin pushes Savannah outside to avoid being seen by Wyatt and Zoey. She bumps into Ben, who seems to recognize her, but doesn’t believe what he’s seeing. Inside, the party is interrupted by water pouring over the banister from upstairs. Harper finds Savannah in the basement and neither of them know where Griffin is. They go to check the bunker and Savannah drops her mask on the ground. They find that the radio has been set to 2024 and Savannah believes Griffin went to the future to find Sam, but Harper realizes they won’t be coming back as she picks up pieces of the broken blue stone.

Sarah and Jess try to clean up the water, which is coming out of room 205. The water smells like the springs and she can’t get the door open. Topher is about to try when the wood seems to be expanding, like the room is taking a breath. Black sludge begins to leak from the top of the door frame.

Ben rushes to the basement to grab some tools and sees that the mirror has shattered. He then notices the mask on the ground and when he bends over to pick it up, he sees the fallout shelter logo through the shelves. He finds the bunker, with Harper and Savannah inside.

Griffin is in 2024 and The Tremont is on fire. He is about to rush inside when hands grab him and hold him back. It’s Sam, who tells him the hotel is empty and has been for a while. “It’s that room 205,” he says. “Something evil took hold up there and wouldn’t leave. There’s no choice now.”

Season 3?

That’s the end of season 2. Disney hasn’t yet announced a third season of Secrets of Sulphur Springs, but with a cliffhanger ending like that, I feel pretty confident that we will hear news of another season soon. Until then, you can relive all the excitement of both seasons on Disney+.

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