Photos: What’s New at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Earlier this week, I stopped by Six Flags Magic Mountain to see what’s new, and there's quite a bit going on. Let’s take a look!

We’ll start off right at the front of the park, where both Revolution, the world’s first modern looping coaster, and Tatsu, a flying coaster, were closed for refurbishment.

Tatsu is receiving a vibrant new color scheme in bright green and orange, very reminiscent of Nickelodeon colors.

According to the park’s Twitter, Tatsu reopened to guests today, Saturday, March 12th.

Revolution is closed for some routine maintenance.

With both coasters closed, the iconic fountain nearby was turned off, which was quite a shame. It really adds a lot of life to the area.

At the top of Samurai Summit, we can get a closer look at the wonderful new colors of Tatsu.

You can’t take a trip to the top of the mountain without taking a trip on Ninja, the West Coast’s only Arrow Dynamics suspended roller coaster.

Construction has gone vertical on the park’s newest roller coaster, Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage, a Rocky Mountain Construction single rail coaster set to open this summer!

This coaster will be the tallest and longest single-rail coaster from Rocky Mountain Construction on the planet. Riders will fly through over 3,300 feet of track, at 13 stories and up to 58 miles-per-hour.

With the construction currently going at full-speed, the DC Universe area of the park, including Batman: The Ride, is closed off.

You can still get your DC fix over in Metropolis, where the sun shines brightly over the Hall of Justice, home to the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark ride.

That’ll do it for this quick trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Thanks for following along!