“Moon Knight” Hides Fun Easter Egg That Leads to a Free Digital Comic

The first episode of Marvel’s Moon Knight debuted on Disney+ yesterday and fans are buzzing over the new series. As expected, the episode hides a few Easter Eggs here and there, but one in particular has really caught our eye as its not your typical Marvel nugget.

  • During the scene in which Steven provides tour guide-like services to the young girl in the museum, you can spot a QR code on the wall in front of them. You can see it in the top left of the image above.
  • It’s only on the screen for a few short seconds so it can be tricky to get it just right, but if you manage to scan the code, it will link to the Marvel website where you can take advantage of a free “Werewolf by Night” comic.
  • In fact, this comic is the debut of Moon Knight and has heavily influenced the new series.
  • You can get to the free digital comic here or find the QR code for yourself at about the five-minute mark of the first episode of Moon Knight on Disney+.
  • The Marvel site also instructs fans to “Check back weekly as we provide more exclusive Moon Knight comic books!”
  • The free comic is presented by Marvel Unlimited and fans can also take advantage of a special offer by entering the code “KHONSHU” to get their first month for only $1.99.

About Moon Knight:

  • Moon Knight made his first Marvel Comics appearance in 1975.
  • Mohamed Diab, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead direct the show.
  • Diab is an Egyptian director behind the Middle Eastern drama Clash.
  • Benson and Moorhead are an indie filmmaking team behind sci-fi horror movies The Endless and Synchronic.
  • Moon Knight was first announced at the D23 Expo in August 2019 along with Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk.
  • Moon Knight will debut on Disney+ on March 30th. Check out Mack’s review of the new series as well as a recap of the first episode.

You can watch Moon Knight on Disney+ now.

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Mike Mack
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