The Riordan Report: April News from the Rick Riordan Literary World

April is packed with news from all aspects of the Rick Riordan literary world. Here is all the latest from the page to the screen.

From the Page

Roshani Chokshi has released the latest and last book in her Pandava saga Aru Shah and the Nectar of Immortality. While Aru and her fellow Pandava sisters struggle to prevent The Sleeper from destroying the world, readers will not want to sleep on this incredible story. Chokshi published the first Aru Shah book in the Rick Riordan Presents and now five years later her novel series may have concluded but the Rick Riordan Presents imprint is going strong.

Chokshi’s first Pandava novel Aru Shah and the End of Time comes back to the publishing world in graphic novel form on April 19. A fresh look at a great book is always a welcome resident on any bookshelf.  

May brings the first YA entry to the RRP imprint. Daniel José Older’s Ballad and Dagger is set to be released on May 3. Only a few weeks until the world gets to meet Mateo Matisse. This will be an adventure unlike anything readers have seen before.

To the Screen

A milestone was reached with the announcement of Walker Scobell being cast as Percy Jackson in the upcoming Disney+ series. For months, (who am I kidding, years) fans around the world have prayed for another chance at seeing their favorite hero on the big screen, and with the announcement of Scobell’s casting, the series is one more step closer to filming this June.

What does this mean for the show? Everything. Scobell is taking on an iconic role that is beloved around the globe. Stepping into the shoes of Percy, Scobell is now an international megastar, and not one minute of the show has been filmed yet.

This week is being celebrated as Percy Jackson Week with all the attention on the lead role, his history on the page, and the hope of what is to come. Fans may wonder about casting for Annabeth and Grover, but Rick and Becky Riordan are holding their cards for another day.

Knowing that the creator of the written work is heavily involved in developing the best possible adaptation for tv, fans, and newcomers are in for a treat with the Percy Jackson series.

Bill’s Take

I didn’t have a favorite, nor did I have a list of potential actors who would be great in the role. Riordan has been very honest about the process in casting, and the dedication that Rick and Becky Riordan have committed to do the best possible job was enough for me.

Walker Scobell is PERFECT casting. Having watched The Adam Project, Scobell was not only compelling in his role but held his own in humor and the actions scenes with costars like Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, and Ryan Reynolds. Watching The Adam Project, you can’t help but know that Walker Scobell is just getting started.

This is a tough role that he takes on, and the internet community is generally not a welcoming place whenever fan ideas are not realized perfectly on the big screen. I have hope that in this new decade with the Riordan’s leading the way, that Scobell will thrive and bring his own brand of charm and humor to Percy.

Fans need to appreciate the fact that Percy Jackson gets to live again on the screen. The cast, creators, and everyone working on this show deserves to be respected as they bring their best effort to the show. I can’t wait for the premiere.

I’m rooting for you Walker. Good luck and enjoy the ride.

Bill Gowsell
Bill Gowsell has loved all things Disney since his first family trip to Walt Disney World in 1984. Since he began writing for Laughing Place in 2014, Bill has specialized in covering the Rick Riordan literary universe, a retrospective of the Touchstone Pictures movie library, and a variety of other Disney related topics. When he is not spending time with his family, Bill can be found at the bottom of a lake . . . scuba diving