Quiz: Hoedown Showdown – The Return of the Main Street Electrical Parade

The Main Street Electrical Parade returned to Disneyland on Friday. In its honor, our first contest during Saturday’s Disney Trivia Live was The Hoedown Showdown (the musical theme of the Electrical Parade is called The Baroque Hoedown). How well do you know the history of this classic parade? Find out below in the online version of the quiz.

Hoedown Showdown - The Return of the Main Street Electrical Parade

How well do you know the history of this Disneyland classic?

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1) In what year was the first "final" parade held at Disneyland?

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2) When it ended its initial run in 1996, what character led the parade?

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3) What character currently leads off the parade?

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4) What two parades preempted the Electrical Parade's inital run at Disneyland?

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5) In the Snow White segment, who drives the mine cart?

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6) What nighttime parade initially replaced the parade at Disneyland?

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7) What movie had a custom version of the Electrical Parade run one time on Broadway in the 90s?

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8) Which of these people were integral in creating the parade as we know it today?

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9) In the Pete's Dragon segment, who is riding Pete's Dragon?

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10) What channel showed the "final" parade live on November 25, 1996?

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11) In what year was the parade added to Disney's California Adventure?

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The average score is 54%

You can watch Saturday’s Disney Trivial Live below which includes a special guest during our second quiz, Edith from Down Under. And you can play along with Disney Trivia Live or just watch every Tuesday and Saturday at 7:30p Pacific Time on our YouTube.com/LaughingPlace.

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