Taste Test: Trying Some of the Ice Cream from Salt & Straw at Disney Springs

Disney Springs is the place to go for delicious food options when visiting Walt Disney World. There have been plenty of new additions to the shopping and dining district in recent years nad one of the newest is Salt & Straw. This ice cream shop has everything from classic favorites to truly unique flavors and we recently tried a little bit of both. Ok, maybe a lot of both.

Located on the West Side of Disney Springs, Salt & Straw opened in April and offers a wide variety of flavors and an ever-changing menu. In fact, the shop’s menu currently offers 12 different flavors and five more seasonal ones. Guests can for a simple flavor like Double Fold Vanilla or try something more adventurous, like Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper.

We tried eight different flavors, some classic and some unique. Here’s a quick rundown of what we tried and what we thought about each flavor:

Gooey Chocolate Brownie

Mack – “If I wanted chocolate ice cream with brownie and everything, I’d go with this. This is really good.”

Jeremiah – “It is a rich chocolate and the brownies are very good.”

Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper

Mack – “I really like it actually.”

Jeremiah – “Nope.”

Salted Malted Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Mack – “The ice cream itself is really good. The flavor is, I think the salt adds a lot to it.”

Jeremiah – “It’s not as sweet, it’s more the salt.”

Honey Lavender

Mack – “On a hot day if I’m going to walk around Disney Springs and eat ice cream, I’m going to go with this one and not the Chocolate Gooey Brownie.”

Jeremiah – “It still tastes like cleaning supplies.”

Cinnamon Snickerdoodle

Mack – “Oh… mmmhmmm”

Jeremiah – “That’s definitely my go-to here.”

The Salty Donut Guava + Cheese

Mack – “There’s like a sour, tartness to it. It’s a very different flavor.”

Jeremiah – “That is a very interesting flavor. Like, I can taste the guava the most.”

The Ice Cream of Moo

Mack – “It’s mostly just chocolate ice cream and then you get that caramel afterwards. It’s good. I like it.”

Jeremiah – “It’s an easy go-to.”

Arbequina Olive Oil

Mack – “This is an experience. It’s not a scoop, it’s an experience.”

Jeremiah – “It’s not high on the ‘like’ list, it’s not low on the ‘like’ list. It kind of falls under ‘yeah, I had it.’”

Check out our full taste test in the video below:

Salt & Straw is open now at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World.

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