“The Ghost and Molly McGee” Shows It’s Hard to Haunt a House With Nobody In It

Though some of the events that take place in this week’s episode of The Ghost and Molly McGee seem like season finale, there are still two more episodes this season, but that doesn’t stop the McGee family from losing their home today. Or do they?

Out of House and Home

The McGees have not officially moved into their forever home in Brighton, at least not by their usual standards considering they still have one last box to unpack. So while they do that, Pete answers a knock at the door. Turns out, the local magician is a little tight on cash and is going door to door offering to help around the house (namely, the gutter cleaning) with great showmanship. However, that service comes with quite the hefty price that is beyond the reach of the McGee family and Pete rejects his services in favor of doing them himself. Apparently, he felt the need to take care of those gutters right away and climbed up onto the roof.

As the family is unpacking the box inside, we see Pete comically fall off the roof and dangle in cables in various positions before crashing to the ground in agonizing pain. The family rushes to his aid, and Pete is sent to the hospital. Remember, Brighton is in the American midwest, so any adult watching this knows that whatever bill the McGees are about to get is surely going to be far more expensive than a $300.00 gutter cleaning.

Sure enough, the comical antics of Pete falling off the roof turn serious when they get that bill and start listing off the services and prices. Insurance? Yeah, these amounts due are AFTER insurance.

The McGees are a resilient clan, and Sharon sets out to do triple the Gig Pig work, Molly sets out to sell cupcakes at the school, and Daryl realizes he can sell his carnivorous plant collection, after suggesting they all skip town with the fake identities (complete with dossiers) he has already created.

Scratch, finally realizing he is part of this family as well says he’ll even pitch in and help out where he can too, mentioning that it will be “Easy-Peasy-McGeezy. “

Thanks to this episode’s musical number, which is strikingly similar to Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5,” we learn that all this work is not so “Easy-Peasy-McGeezy,” with Pete’s constant cries of pain in need of aid, Molly’s accidental replacement of salt in lieu of sugar in the cupcakes, and Sharon’s late nights Gig Pig-ing. In fact, it seems the person who has had the easiest go of making money during this whole time is Daryl and his carnivorous plants.

Scratch essentially takes over Sharon’s role in the house while she is gone, whipping up breakfasts, taking care of the cleaning, and taking care of Pete. Luckily for him, their savings jar for the medical bill is now full, and they can take care of the bill. As they mail out their payment, the family is gathered together and laughing with the usual jokes to wrap up the first half of the episode before the musical theme —- wait….what?

The moment was interrupted at just the right moment by a realtor knocking a For Sale sign into their lawn. Turns out, they were so focused on the medical bill that they missed their mortgage payment and the house has gone into foreclosure and is being sold.

Home is Where the Haunt Is

The second half of the episode kicks off with what I think is the first title card in the series that breaks the traditional format, with the title being emblazoned on the realty sign. We then see the McGee family and all their belongings living out in the woods, pretending the whole situation is essentially a camping trip. The kids still have to go to school, and Libby suggests going to Molly’s house after class since her mom is practicing her slam poetry again. Embarrassed, Molly tries to hide that she no longer has a home and says they can’t go to her house since she has Geode Club today. Covering up the McGee family homelessness, Molly and Libby both show up to Geode club, surprisingly led by Andrea, who says that despite their rough exterior, geodes are beautiful on the inside. Libby continues to probe, investigating what’s really wrong with Molly, who is frustratedly crushing her geode into dust.

This prompts the musical number for this episode, which is really a continuation of Molly joining afternoon clubs at school with Libby to keep her from realizing she has no home.

While all of this is going on, Scratch is doing his best to deter the realtor from selling the house to anybody else. He’s pulling his greatest scares, frightening away any buyers. Eventually, the realtor catches on and starts using the fact that the house is haunted as a selling point, eventually finding a new family who will put an offer in on the house. Eventually, Scratch breaks and talks with the realtor begging for some way to get the McGees back into his home. The realtor sympathizes as best she can, and says even though they have no offer from the McGees, she can still let them see the house one last time.

Back at the “campsite,” Molly is there when Andrea just happens to come by and discover what was going on. Molly, desperate to find Andrea to keep her from telling everyone about her situation. Scratch comes by to tell her that he couldn’t stop the sale of the house, but they can go back and see the place. When the family gets there, the episode goes full clip show as Molly remembers all the adventures they had in the house. Afterward, the family is surprised to discover Libby on the porch with most of the residents of Brighton outside. Since the McGee family has done so much for Brighton (cue another Clip Show montage), they all banded together and donated what they could to help save the McGee’s home. As Molly thanks Libby for this effort, all eyes point to Andrea, who was the one who actually told everyone what was going on. Andrea is out there with her social media handle, referring to Molly as her BFF (much to Libby and Scratch’s chagrin) which prompts another recap of everything Molly and Andrea have done this season, saying that their friendship on the exterior is rough around the edges, but deep down it’s quite beautiful. Like a geode! WHAT A CALLBACK! Seriously, I didn’t see that coming.

As the family heads back inside, Molly seems sad with Scratch and asks him that now that the curse is broken if he’ll still be around. Oh yeah, that whole thing. Technically, the McGee family had to leave the house, so yeah. That should break the curse. Scratch says no the curse isn’t broken and pretends to be pulled back to her. Since this wasn’t the season finale (though it sure felt like it), I can’t help but wonder if this will come back in the next two episodes.

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