Event Review – Sample Some Fall Flavors at Kennedy Space Center’s Taste of Space: Fall Bites

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is inviting guests out to sample some seasonal flavors during their Taste of Space: Fall Bites event from now through November 6th. We were lucky enough to be invited out to check out some of these new offerings today.

To summarize Taste of Space: Fall Bites, it is essentially just some new menu items available at the restaurants around the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. You won’t find any mention of the event on signs or anything like that, but when you visit one of the four designated dining locations, you will see the new offerings on the menu.

And since these new offerings don’t necessarily stand out on their respective menus, here is what you can get only during Taste of Space: Fall Bites:

  • Space Bowl Bistro
    • Cranberry Smoothie
  • The Orbit Cafe
    • Cheesy Potato Casserole with Bratwurst
    • Citrus Jell-O with Lemon Foam
    • Black Forest Cupcake
  • Moon Rock Cafe
    • Beer Cheese Soup with Pretzel (pictured above)
    • Pumpkin Cheesecake
  • Milky Way
    • Apple Blossom (with or without ice cream)

My first stop was the Moon Rock Cafe, which is located in the Apollo/Saturn V Center, meaning you will have to take the bus tour to get there. Not only is this offering found in what is probably the most must-see attraction in the whole complex, but it is also delicious. Of the two savory options on the Taste of Space menu, this one is my easy winner.

My next stop was the Orbit Cafe to try the Cheesy Potato Casserole with Bratwurst. This one will be a favorite for anyone who really likes sauerkraut because that is the dominate taste in this dish. It is certainly a very heavy option so if you’re hungry, you may want to fill up with this one.

The winner here though was the dessert. Not being a big fan of lemon desserts, I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the Citrus Jell-O with Lemon Foam. First off, as you can see in the image above, it looks like a little beer when it is served, which is great. As far as taste goes, it is like and refreshing and that lemon foam is surprisingly sweet and delicious.

The Cranberry Smoothie can be found on the menu at the Space Bowl Bistro, which is located in the new Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex. However, you can see in the image above just how hidden these new offerings are, so if you’re not looking for Taste of Space options, you would never know the even was happening.

I opted to pass on the Cranberry Smoothie and move on to one last dish for dessert.

The final stop was the Milky Way Ice Cream Shop to try the Apple Blossom with Ice Cream (of course). This offering won the day. The pastry itself is flaky and delicious and combining it with ice cream and caramel just puts it over the top. It’s also worth noting that you can choose any flavor of ice cream to add to this dessert.

Overall, Taste of Space: Fall Bites brings some delicious new offerings to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. They really nailed it specifically with the desserts, which tells me the Pumpkin Cheesecake and Black Forest Cupcake are likely also delicious. However, if you’re looking for something more substantial, that Beer Cheese Soup is also a winner. Taste of Space probably isn’t going to be the thing that draws you to Kennedy Space Center, but it does add some tasty new options to what was already going to be an incredible visit.

Mike Mack
Mack is the Editorial Director for Marvel and ESPN content and he has covered comic cons, theme park events, video game showcases and other fun events. He is a fan of theme parks, sports, movies, Marvel Comics and is a self-proclaimed "nerd."