Superhero Secrets and Supervillain Secrets Populate This Week’s “Hamster & Gretel”

Well, now Bailey knows Gretel’s secret, AND their new babysitter also has a secret of her own in the latest episode of Hamster & Gretel.

My Invisible Friend

Bailey is participating in a spelling bee, and there is no better support for her in the competition than her bestie, Gretel. After the first round though, Gretel has to help catch the Rat Burglar, who has apparently broken into a novelty toy warehouse.

The gang arrives on scene and Gretel challenges the super villain while she tries to steal a barrel of invisible ink. While in their scuffle, the barrel breaks open and douses Gretel in the liquid while the villain gets away. After all, it was the first 90 seconds of the episode.

The finals of the spelling bee are about to begin and Bailey is going up against another student who wins every competition he enters, whether it be spelling or even ribbon dancing. This makes her more nervous and Gretel, who had to mysteriously disappear (in more ways than one) needs to be back in time for emotional support and encouragement.

Gretel, who can’t be seen, and Kevin are trying to figure out more about the Rat Burglar and a new way to make Gretel visible so she can go back to the spelling bee and save face. In what is one of the most hilarious moments of the series thus far, Kevin tries to literally paint a face on Gretel that gets wet in a sprinkler as he enters the school.

Meanwhile, Fred and Hamster are researching more about the invisible ink and discover that the effects will wear off anywhere between 20 minutes and two hours after the spill. But, in the meantime, the toymaker gives them a special flashlight that will reveal anything in the invisible ink (including his accountant) AND informs the pair that someone dressed as a giant rat was there earlier inquiring about the invisible ink. Hamster reminds us that there’s no such thing as coincidences, and we head back to the school.

Gretel sees the competing student’s mother helping him backstage and investigates – she is the Rat Burglar, and they are scheming so that she will stay invisible while she gives her son the answers on stage. Gretel sheds her disguise and the two begin to invisibly fight, which is probably a challenge for effects animators and those dealing with the environments and the props, but a nice break for the character animators of the show.

The fight moves on stage during the spelling bee and much of the theater is damaged, including support trusses above. Fred and Hamster arrive on scene and shine their special light on the Rat Burglar and she is apprehended, but Bailey must still spell “Xylophone” in order to win. Which, despite Gretel’s absence, she does. Noticeably upset, Bailey can’t believe that her bestie picked something else over here. Luckily, just in time, the ink wears off and Gretel quickly apologizes, even though she was there the whole time. Bailey is still upset that she keeps disappearing (again, literally and figuratively) and while arguing, that aforementioned truss finally breaks loose and is headed right for Bailey. Revealing her powers, Gretel saves the day and catches it, and then Bailey faints, realizing her favorite hero has been her best friend this whole time.

The Bitter Sitter

Bailey is waking up after fainting, and Gretel tries convincing her that what she saw was all a dream, but to no avail. Bailey is now more upset that Gretel didn’t just tell her that she was THEE Gretel in the first place. Back at home, Gretel is upset that her bestie no longer wants to talk to her but guess what! Both of their parents and Kevin are going to a dinner murder mystery party! Now, Bailey and Gretel must spend the evening together with the babysitter…who seems oddly familiar.

While the two are at odds, with Hamster playing middleman—um…hamster, Lauren the babysitter is trying very hard to impress the girls. After all, it’s her first babysitting job. Her phone rings and it’s her brother Lyle – THAT’S HOW I KNOW HER! – Who has gotten himself caught in a freezer, as Fistpuncher, trying to destroy a themed Hamster and Gretel popsicle supply, and their molds, simply out of spite. Lauren, who is trying to make money legitimately as she says “Crime doesn’t pay,” must now babysit and rescue her brother. She takes the girls over the warehouse where the freeze pops are made, and helping him break out of the freezer, sets off an alarm. This leads Gretel to investigate, and she discovers her recurring enemies, The Destructress and Fistpuncher inside. Again, all the Destructress was doing was trying to save her brother, but now she is caught redhanded herself. Gretel doesn’t realize who she is yet, and tries to stop her from taking the ice pops (that she was actually stealing for her and Bailey). Fight and Song ensue, and Fistpuncher is taking the brunt while the Destructress is simply trying to get back to the car to resume her babysitting job. Gretel stops her and pieces it all together. She lets Lauren get away but keeps Fistpuncher in a block of ice. As they are about to leave, he breaks free and steals the molds for the ice pops when Bailey chases him down. Lauren, trying to stop the situation from escalating, chases them down, and Hamster and Gretel, now in superhero mode, follow. No need though, Lauren (as Lauren!) gets past Bailey and tackles her brother, locking him in the freezer once again promising to come back for him later.

Bailey and Gretel make amends after the freezer situation while cops arrive and apprehend Fistpuncher, a harder breakout for Lauren later I guess, but Gretel shares the information she has learned with Bailey, and now knowing that their babysitter is a supervillain is a secret that they both can keep.

It also seems that it might be a recurring plot since their parents come back home and find that the girls loved Lauren, giving her a five star review.

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